West Bangal Tourism, Weather, Culture, History And West Bangal Tour Package

West Bangal tourism, culture, weather, history, places and tour package

West Bengal is an aromatic state of India which is situated in its eastern region. The capital of this state is Kolkata which was earlier known to be as ‘Calcutta’. The total area covered by this state in India is about 88,752 km2. The state is in thirteenth position of being as the largest state in India. In terms of this state’s population, the state comes in forth position. The state has total population of about 91,347,736 in terms of 2011 census. There are three countries that are connected with this state with an international border namely Bangladesh in east, Nepal in north-western region and Bhutan in north-eastern region.

West Bengal also shares national borders with other Indian states like Bay of Bengal in southern part, Orissa in south-western part, Bihar and Jharkhand in western part and Sikkim and Assam in north-eastern part. The region of Bengal was formed by two important regions which played an important role in medieval and modern era namely West Bengal and Bangladesh. It had a great significance in history of British. West Bengal contains nineteen districts which are owned and managed by District collector or District Magistrate. Tourism in this state is followed by masses of visitors every year. It has astounding beauty that connects heart of every visitor. So visit this state and capture its bedecking features in your hearts.

West Bengal History

This state has such evidences related to its history that will be awe interesting. The state has Stone Age evidences which are about 20,000 years of age. The state also has evidences and emergence of Tibeto-Burman, Dravidian and Austro-Asiatic settlements which were settled here about 4,000 years before. The state had been ruled by many kingdoms and rulers like Venga Kingdom, Magadha Kingdom, Mauryan Empire, Maurya Dynasty, Gupta Empire, Bengal king Shashanka, Pala Dynasty, Hindu Sena Dynasty, Delhi Sultanate commander Bakhtiar Khilji, Mughal Dynasty and East India Company. The last Bengal Nawab known as Siraj-ud-Daulah was defeated in Battle of Plassey by East India Company in 1757 AD. The taxation system was started by Britishers after this battle in this state.

Earlier Calcutta and now Kolkata was declared as the capital of West Bengal in 1772. The First Was for India’s Independence or Revolt of 1857 was held near Calcutta. There were many revolutionary groups that were found during India’s Independence movement and some of them are Anushilan Samiti and Jugantar. Thus, Indian National Army was founded in West Bengal which was forged by Subhash Chandra Bose. West Bengal had faced an epidemic famine in year 1943, in which about 3 million people died and this was India’s Great Bengal Famine which is significantly remembered. After Independence in 1947, West Bengal became free from East India Company and it was divided into two regions namely East Bengal and West Bengal. Some regions of East Bengal were known to be the part of Pakistan and later they became the part of Bangladesh and West Bengal remained the part of Indian Territory.

West Bengal Culture

West Bengal is rich in its cultural features. In terms of language, religions, folk music and dance, reformist heritage, fine arts, films, costumes, festivals and cuisines. They all together act to represent the beautifying culture of West Bengal. Let us look at the details of different sections that reflect the culture of West Bengal which are mentioned below:

---- Language ----

The official and majorly speaking language of West Bengal is Bengali. Nepali is spoken in Darjeeling and Urdu in central part of Kolkata. Other languages in which people communicate in this state are Nepali, Urdu, Ho, Santali and Rajbongshi.

---- Religion ----

There are many religions within the state and Hindus have majority. Thus, there are about 72.5% of Hindus, 25.2% of Islam and 2.3% of other religions within the state.

---- Folk Music And Dance ----

Bengali Folk Music is famous in West Bengal. The commendable heritage of Baul tradition is well renowned. There are represented by regional musical traditions. There are many other forms of music like Bhawaiya and Gombhira. Folk music in this state is incomplete without a one stripped musical instrument called ‘ektara’. West Bengal is also blessed with classical music of North India. The popularity of Rabindrasangeet and Nazrul Geeti is also there within the state. some of the sttae’s musical forms are Atulprasad, songs of Rajanikanta and Dwijendralal. West Bengal is also known for its Purulia’s Chau Dance which is a form of famous mask dance.

---- Reformist Heritage ----

This state is a workplace of many social reformers namely Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar, Swami Vivekananda and Raja Ram Mohan Roy. Due to these reformers the culture of India is represented to people of India as well as to the world. Social issues like dowry, Sati, Caste discrimination, untouchability, child marriage etc. were abolished. This state is also a residence of various religious teachers namely Prabhupada, Paramahan Sa Yogananda, Chaitanya and Ramkrishna.

---- Fine Arts ----

The modernization and representation of art reflects the cultural heritage and traditions of West Bengal. The father of Indian modern art is Abanindranath Tagore. The school of Bengal art was started by him and this school teaches different styles of art.

---- Films ----

West Bengal is famous for Hindi films. It is a residence for cinema industry. The state houses various Bengali movie studios which are known for dubbed Tollywood industry. The state gave birth to fabulous directors namely Tapan Sinha, Satyajit Ray, Ritwik Ghatak and Mrinal Sen.

---- Costumes ----

Bengali women love to wear ‘shari’ or sari and men wear Panjabi and dhuti. Usually people wear western attire nowadays but shari and dhuti are or any occasion or tradition.

---- Festivals ----

There are various lavishing festivals that are celebrated in this state and one of them is Durga Puja which is the famous festival of this state. Other festivals that are celebrated in this state are Poila Baishakh, Rathyatra, Basante Utsab, Poush Parbon, Buddha Purnima, Kali Puja, Lakshmi Puja, Eid-ul-Fitr, Muharram, Eid-ul-Adha, Saraswati Puja, Christmas etc.

---- Cuisines ----

Fish and rice are most popular dishes of West Bengal. Other lip smacking dishes that represent the culture of West Bengal are hilsa, roshogolla, kalojam, chomchom, sondesh, pitha, til-naru, payesh, moa, aloor chop, kati roll, beguni, phuchka, panta bhat etc.

Best Time to Visit In West Bengal

Climate Condition Of West Bengal

West Bengal has tropical savanna and humid subtropical climate. There are four main seasons in West Bengal namely winters, summers, autumns and monsoons. The best and an ideal time to visit different places within West Bengal are during winters. Let us check out climatic conditions of this state:
During summers, the state faces extreme hotness with humidity. Maximum temperature is noted to be between 38°C to 45°C. Nights are cool during summers. Kalbaisakhi often occur at beginning of summers also known as thunderstorms and squalls.
During monsoons, the state receives rainfalls from Indian Ocean monsoons. It occurs between June-September. Rainfall is usually above 250 cm. heavy rain falls are been seen in Jalpaiguri, Darjeeling and Cooch Behar. In coastal areas storms can be observed.
During winters, the state faces mild climate and it occur between December-January. Minimum temperature can be measured as 15°C. During this season dry and cold wind can be felt. There is low level of humidity. Darjeeling faces extreme cold climate with glamorous snowfalls.

West Bengal Tourism

Tourism in West Bengal is a good option where you can travel and collect precious memories with you. It’s an ausom tourist destination that attracts masses of visitors not only from India but also internationally. This state is blessed with eye popping natural surroundings. Its richness in wildlife will take your heart away. The state comprises of many pilgrimage sites that are aromatic and attractive. Numerous beaches will take your breath away. west Bengal si also famous for enjoying adventurous activities like rock climbing, mountaineering, yatching, trekking, swimming, boating, car rally, kayaking, mountain biking, water skiing, canoeing, river rafting and Para sailing. Some of the tourist destinations in West Bengal are mentioned below:
1. Buxa Tiger Reserve
2. Neora Valley National Park
3. Dooars
4. Gorumara National Park
5. Sundarbans National Park
6. Singalila National Park
7. Kalimpong
8. Siliguri
9. Mirik
10. Darjeeling
11. Kurseong
12. Lava and Lolaygaon
13. Dakshineshar
14. Kalighat
15. Belur
16. Pareshnath
17. Kalighat
18. Bandel
19. Digha
20. Junput
21. Bakkali
22. Shankarpur
23. Sagardwip
24. Frazerganj

Best Places To Visit In West Bengal

Darjeeling in West Bengal On Mirchi Travels

Darjeeling in West Bengal

Darjeeling is the prime tourist destination in West Bengal. This heaven is covered with beautifying mountains, nature and surroundings. The city is situated in Mahabharat or lesser Himalaya ranges. The city is famous for its toy train. Tea industry and tea plantation are famous in Darjeeling. The place is blessed with prestigious Kanchenjunga Mountains.
How to reach to Darjeeling
1. Darjeeling has an airport namely Baddogra Airport which is located in the city of Siliguri at Bagdogra at about distance 16 km away from city Darjeeling.
2. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is a railway station that is situated within this city.
Places to see in darjeeling, West Bengal
1. Kanchenjunga
2. Everest Museum
3. Mountaineering Museum
4. Passenger Ropeway
5. Senchal Lake
6. Darjeeling Toy Train
7. Bengal Natural History Museum
8. Ghoom Monastery
9. Dhirdham Temple
10. Tiger Hill
11. Sandakphu
12. Observatory Hill
13. Bhutia Busty Gompa
14. Aloobari Gompa
15. Japanese Temple
16. Lloyd Botanical Garden
17. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute
18. Birch Hill Park
19. Rock Garden
20. Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park
21. Ganga Maya Park
22. Batasia Loop
23. Japanese Peace Pagoda
24. Tibetan Refugee Self Help Centre
25. Badamtam Tea Estate
26. Glenburn Tea Estate
Hotels In Darjeeling
1. Hotel Crystal Palace Darjeeling
2. Hotel Apsara Darjeeling
3. Hotel Dekeling Darjeeling
4. Hotel Hill Crown Retreat Darjeeling
5. Hotel Dolphin Darjeeling

Geography Of West Bengal

West Bengal is located at eastern region of India and surrounded by Sikkim and Assam in north-east, Bihar and Jharkhand in west, Nepal in north-west, Orissa in south-west and Bay of Bengal in southern region. The total area covered by this state in India is about 88,752 km2. The rivers that flow within the state are Mahanadi, Ajay, Teesta, Torsa, Jaldhaka, Kangsabati and Damodar. This state has richness in biodiversity. About 14% of its land is covered by forests. West Bengal houses Sundarbans which is largest world’s forest of mangrove. The state is also blessed with wildlife and national parks.

Economy Of West Bengal

This is the third largest state with better economy. The primary sector is Agriculture in which majority of livelihood is dependent. The fragrancy and good quality tea is grown in Darjeeling within the state. jute is the major crop grown in West Bengal. The crops that are produced within the state are rice, wheat, pulses, oil seeds, tobacco, sugarcane, potatoes etc. The state has also a well developed Industrial sector. Various steel plants are also housed over the state. there are various manufacturing units in West Bengal like textiles, automobiles, frigates, leather, electronics, engineering, wagons, jewelries etc. Service sector also plays an important role in West Bengal as it has been seen a tremendous growth in this sector.

Government Of West Bengal

Parliamentary System of our representative democracy governs this state. The government of this state is divided into two branches namely legislature and judiciary.

West Bengal Tour Packages

You can discuss with your travel agents about the tour package of West Bengal and about the prices of the Tour Plan but be aweare while you are going on a tour you should make a proper plan for this.

Precautions To Visit In West Bengal

1. Wear comfortable shoes or footwear.
2. Wear comfortable clothes.
3. Carry woolens properly for winters.
4. Avoid visiting during monsoons and summers.
5. You can also visit during autumns.
6. Recharge your phones properly before travelling.
7. Lock your luggage properly while travelling.
8. Carry a first aid kit
9. If you face any problem about any location then talk to locals.