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Vrindavan is a beautiful sacred place located in Uttar Pradesh. This place is situated on the banks of Yamuna River at a distance of about 10 km away from the district of Mathura. The name of the city reminds us about Lord Krishna and his gopis. He spent his amazing childhood and 'Rasleela' in this small hamlet. Vrindavan has been derived from two words known as 'Vrinda' which means Tulsi plant and 'Van' means land. At about 90 percent Tulsi grows in this city. This hamlet is known for its appealing scenic natural beauty and once had beautiful wildlife and astonishing birds. This place can be visited anytime throughout the year.

It has an abundance of fantastic nature, nurture, sounds of chirping birds, cool ambiance and beauteous sky will take your breath away. The place is associated with tales and epics of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha. This is one of the famous pilgrimage centers in India which is a prime region of Hinduism. It houses many temples and shrines which are very old are they are related to Lord Krishna, Goddess Radha and other Gods. The hamlet has an amazing ambiance which attracts flock of visitors. You can even view the picturesque scenery of valleys. Some of its prime attractions are ISCON Temple, Gopinath Temple, Radha Raman Temple etc. Thus, this is an important holiday destination to travel. People from all over the world come and visit here for tourism. October to March is an ideal time to visit. You must also visit.

Vrindavan Airport

Agra Airport is situated at a distance of about 71 km away from Vrindavan is the nearest airport.

Best Time to Visit In Vrindavan

There is cool weather during winters in Vrindavan with a high temperature in Vrindavan during summers. Thus, rains are relieving and relaxing during monsoons. The best time to visit during the months of October to March.

---- Winters (October to February) ----

In winter weather, the place becomes cool and superb is a great time when you will feel relaxed by travelling in Vrindavan. Maximum Vrindavan temperature is about 32°C and minimum is 14°C. Wear woolens properly in this place during winters.

----Summers (March to June)----

In Summer weather of vrindavan, the place becomes tormenting hot and you should avoid visiting during this season. It has a maximum temperature of about 45°C and minimum 30°C. If you are in mood to travel in Vrindavan then keep a water bottle with you while travelling. Summer season will not provide you the ausom sightseeing but do hangouts in evenings or night.

----Monsoons (July to September)----

In the Moonsoon Season, the place observes heavy and medium rain falls is a relieving season and an ideal time for hangouts. Carry an umbrella/raincoat. Muddy roads are sealed on this season. Walk properly and carefully on streets.

How to Travel In Vrindavan and Around The Vrindavan City

Travelling round in Vrindavan city through the following means of transportation:

---- By Bus ----

Buses are cheap to hire and fun to travel around the city. It is the most comfortable mode of travel. Vrindavan buses can be found from the main bus station or from near railway station or an airport. It costs around Rs. 5- Rs. 20 for a particular region.

---- By Auto Rickshaw ----

Auto Rickshaws in Vrindavan city which do not runs on meters are available in many parts of his city. The basic fare is Rs. 20 to Rs. 40. It is negotiable.

---- By Cycle Rickshaws ----

Cycle Rickshaws in Vrindavan will give you a true joy of sightseeing. You can travel during the nights safely through this mode of transport. The basic fare is Rs. 10 to Rs. 20. It is a cheap/budgeted mode of transport.

Adventurous Activities In Vrindavan

Some of the adventurous activities that can be enjoyed in this place are as follows:

---- Boating ----

Boating in glitzy water of lakes in Vrindavan with its scenic surroundings will make you happy and joyful. You will be comfortable while boating and will be relaxed.

---- Trekking ----

Trekking within Vrindavan places will be full of surprises. Doing a trek will give you a fabulous view of visiting places. Trekking is full of enthusiasm and excitement.

Shopping in Vrindavan

Vrindavan is a holy city of Lord Krishna. There is every kind of cloth, metal, stones, leather, embroidery work, handmade bags, footwear etc available for shopping in Vrindavan. Shopping makes a person happy, joyful and enthusiastic. Thus Vrindavan is famous for its fabrics like brocade, printed fabrics, etc. You can find many bazaars and shopping complex in Vrindavan such as:
• Prasada Rasbihari Lal and Sons Shop
• Ganga Bazaar
• Loi Bazaar

Best Places To Visit In Vrindavan City

There are many places to visit in Vrindavan which are as follows:

Gopeshvar Mahadev Temple In Vrindavan On Mirchi Travels

Gopeshvar Mahadev Temple In Vrindavan

Gopeshvar Mahadev Temple in Vrindavan is a lovely spot where masses of devotees can be seen. The temple was made in dedication to Lord Shiva. In this temple lord Shiva is enshrined which symbolizes Gopi. Being as gopi's redeemer, lord Shiva is well known for his anger. There is a little story behind it. Lord Shiva wanted to view the Rasa dance of gopis so he went on that place but he was denied to take entry because he was a male.
Male people were not allowed within the premise. Then, Lord Shiva took a shape of a female after bathing into the water of Mansarovar. He was just entering the premise but Lord Krishna asked him for guarding the entrance. You can read Garga Samhita text for a brief story. Devotees come here to offer their prayers to Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva and pour holy Yamuna water on Shivalinga. There is a papal tree within the premise which is known for fulfilling dreams and aspirations of people. Shivaratri and Jhulana Purnima is celebrated during the months of February to March in this temple with enthusiasm and enjoyment. Its main attraction is a temple of Parvati Devi situated nearby.
Timings of visiting: First shift- 6.00 am to 12 noon and Second shift - 4 to 9 pm

Rangji Temple In Vrindavan On Mirchi Travels

Rangji Temple In Vrindavan

Rangji Temple in Vrindavan was constructed in 1851 by a family of Seth of Mathura. The temple is so amazing that it gains importance from all over the world. Thus, it is made in south Indian architectural styles and designs. The temple is adorned with commendable gopuram and huge walls. The temple was mad in dedication to lord Ranganath. He is one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu.
You can see the main deity of Lord Ranganath in the form of the celestial Serpant retreat known as Anatha Sayanam. This is one of the biggest temples in Vrindavan with beautiful huge walls of about 50 feet along with a construction style of Dravidian. Brahmotsava festival held within the temple for 10 days with celebration during the months of March to April where thousands of devotees can be seen participating in Rath Yatra. People pull the chariot of the lord. Annual Jalvihal is another festival which is celebrated in this temple with full enthusiasm and dedication. In this festival the lord's deity has to bath in the water of kund situated nearby through his devotees. You must visit.

Shyam Sundar Temple In Vrindavan On Mirchi Travels

Shyam Sundar Temple In Vrindavan

Shyam Sundar Temple In Vrindavan is a fantastic spot where a hub of devotees can be seen. People believed that the manifestations from the heart of Goddess Radha with an idol of Lord Krishna are the oldest deities present in this temple about 500 years ago. The place is known for its historical importance. This popular shrine is viewed by flock of visitors per day. People also believed that offering prayers to lord will fulfill your all dreams and aspirations. During the festival of Janamashtami, the place is nicely decorated and the celebration makes everyone enthusiastic. Never miss the opportunity to visit this spot. It will take your breath away.

Radha Damodar Temple In Vrindavan On Mirchi Travels

Radha Damodar Temple In Vrindavan

This temple in Vrindavan has the richness of legacy. The founder of this temple was Jiva Gosvami. This temple was even built by Jiva Gosvami. You can see the magnificent deities of Goddess Radha and Damodar which are beautifully carved by Rupa Gosvami. The carved deities were then given to Jiva Gosvami. The copy of main idols known as Pratibhu Murti is seen in this temple. Some of its main attractions are the idols of Javeda Gosvami, Radha Damodar, Radha Madhava, Krishna Daj Kaviraja, Radha Vrindavana, Bhugarbha Gosvami etc. There is also a sanctum of Govardhana Sila within the premise. You must visit.

Radha Vallabha Temple In Vrindavan On Mirchi Travels

Radha Vallabha Temple In Vrindavan

Radha Vallabha Temple in Vrindavan was founded by Hariyamsa Gosvami. Rdha Vallabh Sampradaya established this popular temple. The temple was destroyed in 1670 by Muslims but later it was again renovated. The temple was mad in dedication to Radharani. The temple preserves the connection of love and affection between lord Krishna and Goddess Radha. The temple is adorned with a prestigious idol of Radharani and a beautiful crown placed nearby. You must visit.

Mirabai Temple In Vrindavan On Mirchi Travels

Mirabai Temple In Vrindavan

This temple in Vrindavan was built by Sri Narayana Singh Bhatti who was a Diwn of Bikaner in 1841. The temple was made in dedication to Mirabai who was a great devotee of Lord Krishna. The temple is adorned with the idols of Goddess Radha, Radha – Manoharji and Miriabai. There is a room in this temple which is said to be the place of meditating Lord Krishna by Mirabai. The main idol of Mirabai is adorned with stones and carvings. There is a snake kept in a box near the idol of Mirabai. People believed that this snake was sent to Mirabai to kill her but it was transformed into a stone when a box was opened. You must visit.
Timings of Visiting: 7 am to 5 pm.

Iskcon Temple In Vrindavan On Mirchi Travels

Iskcon Temple In Vrindavan

ISKON Temple in Vrindavan was built by A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in 1975. It is an International Confederation which is known for the welfare of society by a provision of Krishna consciousness and awareness. This is done by Bhagavad Gita and Vedic scriptures. It is known as International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKON). The temple is adorned with different deities of Sri Gaura Nitai, Sri Krishna, Balaram and Sri Radhashyamasundara. This temple is now worldwide gathers flock of visitors every day. This spiritual centre holds traditions, rituals and customs. There are six rounds of Artis and Bhogas held within the premise. The clothes of deities are changed everyday twice. Sri Krishna is a festival that is celebrated within the temple with great enthusiasm. You must visit.

Vrindavan Chandrodaya Temple In Vrindavan On Mirchi Travels

Vrindavan Chandrodaya Temple In Vrindavan

Vrindavan Chandrodaya Temple is one of the huge, tallest and most attractive monuments of India. The total budget of this monument was about 300 crore. It is built by ISKON covers an area of about 5, 40,000 feet sq. It has a height of 700 feet and has 70 floors. There are about 12 forests which are situated near this beautiful temple covers a vast area of about 26 acres. The forests has lush green astonishing vegetation with sprawling lakes, waterfalls, migratory birds and windy areas will take your breath away. the forest is created in same manner like it is mentioned in Srimad Bhagvatam which is a book of lord Krishna.
There is a parking within the premises which has an area of about 12 acres. It also has a helipad. The temple's marvelous design was designed by TRC Worldwide Engineering Company of Brentwood, Sanrachna consultants of New Delhi and a company from US. The temple has an eye popping entrance which has Nagra architectural style adorned with facades of glass extended in every floor. The premise also houses an accommodation centre, a beautiful park, museums, telescopes, elevator, theme park, planetary systems, light shows, drama shows and thick woods spread at area of about 30 acres. Night safaris and boating facilities can be enjoyed. You must visit.

Hotels In Vrindavan

Some of the Amritsar hotels are as follows:

---- Bharti guest House in Vrindavan ----

Bharti guest House in Vrindavan On Mirchi Travels

Bharti guest House in Vrindavan is situated in Dusayat. It offers good quality rooms, private washroom with a towel, hairdryer and hot/cold water amenities, laundry, Wi-Fi/internet access, safe, seating area, tour guide, color TV, currency exchange, front desk, security and room service.

---- Hare Krishna Orchid Hotel in Vrindavan ----

Hare Krishna Orchid Hotel in Vrindavan On Mirchi Travels

Hare Krishna Orchid Hotel in Vrindavan is situated near Prem Temple. It offers well furnished cosy rooms, seating area, internet access, color TV, laundry, safe and room service.

---- Ananda Krishna Van Hotel in Vrindavan ----

Ananda Krishna Van Hotel in Vrindavan On Mirchi Travels

Ananda Krishna Van Hotel in Vrindavan is situated in Madhuvan Colony. It offers lovely rooms, room service, front desk, room service, private washrooms and dining options.

---- Kridha Residency Hotel in Vrindavan ----

Kridha Residency Hotel in Vrindavan on Mirchi Travels

Kridha Residency Hotel in Vrindavan is situated in Chittkara road. It offers color TV, nice rooms, air conditioning, sightseeing, dining options, front desk 24 hour, room service, tour guide and security.

Vrindavan Tour Packages

Some of the packages of Vrindavan are as follows:
• Vrindavan tour packages: This package costs about Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 15,000.
• Vrindavan holiday packages: This package costs about Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 15,000.
• Vrindavan hotels packages: This package costs about Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 10,000.

Important Distances From Other Major Cities

Distances between Vrindavan and its nearby cities

17 Km
00 Hours 30 Minutes

71 Km
01 Hours 30 Minutes

233 Km
04 Hours 30 Minutes

Vrindavan to Kolkata
1325.3 Km
18 Hours 00 Minutes

Vrindavan to Mumbai
1374.5 Km
21 Hours 00 Minutes

382.3 Km
06 Hours 30 Minutes

143 Km
02 Hours 40 Minutes

Tips And Precautions To Visit In Vrindavan

1. You can travel in Vrindavan throughout the year because it has ausom weather during all seasons.
2. If there is confusion about any place, ask locals.
3. You can opt either auto rickshaws or cycle rickshaws or buses for travelling within the city because they are budgeted.
4. If you are confused about your hotel and travelling places then concern your Vrindavan tourism guide.
5. Follow the instructions of your Vrindavan travel guide carefully.
6. Enjoy.