Tripura Tourism, Geography, Weather, Culture, History With Tripura Tour Package

Tripura Geography, weather, tourism, culture, history with Tripura tour package

Tripura State is located in north-east part of India. It is one of the smallest states in India which comes in third position covers the total geographical area of 10,491 km2. The state is also a part of 'Seven Sisters States'. The state was known as the member state of Indian country on 15th October, 1949 after Independence. It has a capital of Agartala and the state was established in 21 January, 1972. The state is surrounded by Mizoram and Assam in east side and Bangladesh in west, north and southern region. The state has the total population of about 3,671,032 in which 177,165 individuals are females and 1,871,867 people are males. Tripura became a 26th state of India in terms of its population. There are 30% of scheduled tribes and other communities which shares the land of Tripura which has around 19 different tribes in Tripura.

People of Tripura generally communicate in Kokborok language. Tripura was ruled by Britishers and it was called as 'Hill Tippera' at that time. It had four districts namely North Tripura (Kailashahar headquarters), West Tripura Agartala headquarters, South Tripura (Udaipur headquarters) and Dhalai (Ambassa headquarters). Four new divisions or districts were added to this state namely Unakoti, Gomati, Khowai and Sipahijala in 2012. Now, the state has developed and it contains 8 districts, 45 blocks of development and 23 subdivisions. Along with these four districts, five blocks and six subdivisions were also added to Tripura. Each and every subdivision has a division of block with it. The largest Indian Highway known as NH 44 connects to this state and to other parts of India as well. The state is covered by beauteous mountain ranges namely Longtharai Hills, Shakhan Hills, Boromua Hills, Jampui Hills and Atharamura Hills. This state is also well known for its largest primate species. Many surprises are waiting for you in this state where you can move around and enjoy.

Tripura History

Tripura gathers a huge attention of visitors for its historical significance. The state has been mention in epic Mahabharata, Puranas and on the inscriptions of great emperor Ashoka. Tripura had faced the control of about 186 rulers. The name of this state had changed many times like Kirat Desh, Manikya, Hill Tippera and so on. The state had observed the control in 19th centuary by King Bir Chandra Manikya Bahadur Debbarma. The earliest kingdom capital of this state was placed in Udaipur and later it was shifted to old Agartala during the period of King Krishna Manikya and after that it was shifted to Agartala.

The state became a part of Indian country in 1949 dated 15th October and was mixed into Assam state. Later, this state was known as the member of Indian Territory in 1956 and governmental authorities were established into the state in 1963. The statehood was given to Tripura in 1972. The state also observed mass migration which led to the war between India and Pakistan in 1971. Finally, the state gained its place and identity in India and is popular all over the world.

Tripura Tourism

Tourism in this ausom state is not a bad idea. The state has abundance of natural beauty which catches the heart of visitors. Thus, it's a beautiful city with a great development but not yet gained the attention of visitors. Due to such condition of tourism, the state faces low GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Therefore, we will suggest you to visit this fabulous state. Visitors can be seen enjoying viewing the wonderful scenery of hills, landscapes and other districts with their own uniqueness throughout the year. The state comprises of various lavishing destinations were you will definitely feel out of this world. They are as follows:
o Amarpur
o Kamalasagar
o Rasu Kami
o Sundari Temple in Tripura
o Hwlwighati
o Neermahal
o Chaturdasha Temple
o Khumulwng
o Jampui hills

Best Places To Visit In Tripura

Agartala In Tripura On Mirchi Travels

Agartala In Tripura

The superb state has a capital known as Agartala. Thus, Agartala is the second largest city of Tripura in India is situated on glamorous banks of Haora River. it is situated at a distance of 2 km from Bangladesh.
How to reach Agartala?
o Agartala Railway Station is located at about 5.6 km away from Agartala in Tripura.
o Agartala Airport is situated in Tripura at about 12 km away from Agartala, India.
When to reach Agartala?
There is a moderate climate of Agartala during winters with appealing monsoons and astonishing and lovely summers. Visiting in this city of Tripura can be done anytime as it has a soothing climate throughout the year.
Places to visit in Agartala
o State Museum
o Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary
o Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary
o Venuban Vihar
o Akhauda
o Chaturdash Devata Temple
o Domboor Lake
o Ravindra Kanan
o Ummaneshwar Temple
o Raima Valley
o Kunjaban Palace
o Jampui Hill
o Gondacherra Wildlife Sanctuary
o Chittangong Hills
o Neermahal
o Ujjayanta Palace
Hotels in Agartala
o Hotel Rajdhani in Agartala: This hotel in Agartala is located on BK road.
o Hotel Ginger in Agartala: This hotel in Agartala is located on Airport Road.
o Hotel Welcome Palace in Agartala: This hotel in Agartala is located on Hariganga Basak Road.
o Hotel Executive Inn Agartala: This hotel in Agartala is located on PO Chaumohani.

Culture Of Tripura

Tripura is a multi-cultural state that's reflects its beauty in all over the world. The state has ethnic groups like Reang, Jamatia, Uchoi, Chakma, Garo, Koloi, Kuki, Mogh, Santhal, Manipuri, Bengali, Oraon, Tripuris, Munda, Mizo, Murasing, Halam and Noatia. The ethno-linguist largest community of Tripura is Bangalis. Tripura is known for cane and bamboo superb handicrafts like baskets, hats, fan, furniture, products for interior decoration etc. The important part of this state is the traditional dance and music which is really lovely.
Musical instruments that are used in this state are sumui, chongpreng and sarinda. There are various dance forms of this state which people enjoys in watching as well as in performing. They are Jhum dance, Mamita dance, Goria dance, Lebang dance, Mosak Sulmani dance, Wangala dance, Bizhu dance, Sangrai dance, Hai-Hak dance and Owa dance. People of Tripura believe in Goddess Tripureshwari who is meant to be a form of Shakti or power. Thus, the people of this state also celebrate the festivals like Durga Puja, Guria Puja, Ker Puja, Ganga Puja, Kharchi Puja, Ashokastami and Kali Puja and so on. The popular sports of this state are Cricket and Football.

Best Time to Visit In Tripura

Climate Condition Of Tripura

Tripura has a relieving weather throughout the year. Monsoons are heavy but charismatic, summers are hot but appealing and winters are cold but panoramic. You can visit here during summers and winters. Before taking a visit to this mind-blowing state you should be well prepared for every season. Thus, let us see the exact weather with temperature and climatic conditions of Tripura.

----Summers (March to June)----

During summers seasons, the weather seems to be amazing with maximum temperature of 36°C and minimum 24°C. Visiting at this season will be full of satisfaction as it will provide you the superb views of stat's places and surroundings properly. This weather should be appreciated in Tripura. On one side it is appealing but on the other side, it has chances that could lead to cyclones.

----Monsoons (July to September)----

Tripura deals with heavy rainfalls that can cause floods. This season also contains post-monsoon season that occur between October-December. If you are in Tripura, they stay wherever you are because travelling in this season is not safe.

---- Winters (November to February) ----

In Winter season of Tripura, the state faces the maximum temperature of 27°C and minimum 13°C. The weather and climate is appealing that is the best time to move around. As you know that Tripura is covered with thick woods and greenery so you should travel in greenish areas during this season.

Geography Of Tripura

The major religion of this state is Hinduism. Thus, the corresponding percentage of other religion in city is covered by about 3.1% of Buddhists, 3.2% of Christians, 85.6% of Hindus and 8% of Muslims. Tripura is located at longitudes between 90°09′ E and 92°10′ E and it has latitudes between 22°56′ N & 24°32′ N. thus, Tripura is located at the north eastern part of Indian territory with a total covering area of 10,481.69 km2. The state is covered by Bangladesh in north, south and west side and Assam and Mizoram in east.

Economy Of Tripura

The state of Tripura has the highest production of rubber. The state has the reserves of Natural gas and is a prime center for mineral resources like limestone, coal, iron ore and kaolin. The industries are developing in this state. Some of the industries like GAIL Marketing and ONGC Natural have been developed in this state. agricultural section of this state provides crops like oilseeds, potatoes, sugarcane, tea, rice and pulses.

Government Of Tripura

Tripura is managed by three branches of government that are legislative which holds Legislative assembly for 60 members. Judiciary contains lowers courts and Tripura High Court. Executives have council of ministers managed by Chief Minister. The governor of this state is elected by India's president. This state sends only 2 representatives to Lok Sabha and one representative to Rajya Sabha. Panchayats functions in villages. Tribal areas Autonomous District Council is a major part of Tripura.

Tripura Tour Packages

Tripura is full of adventure. This is the place from where you feel that you should not anywhere from tripura. You can discuss with your travel agent.

Precautions To Visit In Tripura

o You should only visit this state during winters and summers.
o Beware of frequent floods during monsoons in this state.
o Have healthy food during winters.
o Carry a first aid box with you as it will help you during emergencies.
o If confusion ask locals.
o Before visiting to this state check all the related information.
o Take care and enjoy in the beautiful state of Tripura.