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Terms And Conditions Of Mirchi Travels

We are only concern with the term and conditions related with Mirchi Travels website and uses of the Mirchi travels by you. Our main motive is of education and information about the beautiful and incredible India, so in fulfilling this motive mistakes can happen. We use our website for some feedback from customers and to knowing the view-point from customer.

When you open our site, we understood that you agree with the following terms or if you don't then you should not read or refer to the any page or pages to anyone.

Becoming an account holder on MT

When you create an account and become account holder, you must have to fill all the information about you and that should also be correct. When you become a member of the MT you should be responsible member of MT, whenever you use the services then you should have to provide the username and password.

Login Details Is Your Responsibility

You login details like user name, password and security questions are completely your responsibility. In any unauthorized manner, you can directly contact with us for any modification in your account. But in any unwanted or wrong use of id will be the responsibility of you. But if you contact with us then response only can be done on your registered email id only, which is received during sign up.

Phone Call Agreement

When you made an account on our website, it will always take as you have agreed all the receiving of communication of telephonic from us.

Email Agreement

As we above said that we can use your mail id in some cases and for the benefit of the MT, then you have consent the receiving of any electronic mail by us or from us or it also include any physical telegram etc.

Activity On Website

MT offers other third parties for sponsorship and they can sponsor and co-sponsored with us. With the help of sponsored ads on our website they may obtain information about your privacy for submit on that ads. We want to tell you that we don't have control over third parties for this information collected by them from MT. So before providing your personal information you should check the private policy of the third party.

Any activity on MT just like reviews and comments or any other questions will become the property of MT on which MT has all the right to modify or approve and disapprove suitably.

Viruses or System Contamination

MT will never be liable or responsible for any system contamination or any viruses. We are not responsible or liable for any delays, errors, inaccuracies or any omissions occur while using our website MT or about any subject matter available on our Mirchi Travels (MT).

Third Party Website Linked

We don't have any control on any third party website which is linked on our website so we don't have any responsibility or liability about any changes or update on that website or linked page. And we are providing these links for the information of our users only. We don't have any endorsement about these links.

Cancellation Of Order

We also have a cancellation policy which is helpful to you about the payments to our Mirchi Travels.

We are working as a merchant and when we work as a merchant, we will not be liable or responsible of any damage or loss arising indirectly or even directly out of the rejected of authorization for any transaction by any cause from the bank on Account of the user or cardholder having exceeded the present limit mutually agreed by Mirchi Travels with our acquiring bank from time to time.

You can check our cancellation policy Click Here

Intellectual And Content Rights

We have already given the disclaimer that every picture taking is not possible for any company and individual so sometime we have taken some pictures from internet, so if they are related with you and you copyrighted that imaged then you can contact with mirchitravels@gmail.com. And all the content on MT including any logo, button, text or icon as well and all the Trademark and copyrighted material whether they are registered or not are the intellectual property of the MT.

we have use some pictures about which we have already told you. You can copy or download any material from the website which can be used only for your personal use only and not for any commercial use. You may not selectively download some segment or any data regarding any state or city without retaining the notices of copyright. And we are providing the information on the basis of our best of the knowledge but we are not responsible for the changes in the location and changes in party content.

Limitation of Our Liability

We are trying to fulfill your requirements and need with the information provided on the website Mirchi Travels and the try to provide you best services on the website to our users and customers but we never warranty you we are going to fulfill all the need and requirement of you and about the result which come after analysis of the data of the Mirchi Travels and also not guarantee you that we are fulfilling all the need about our services obtain by you.

We shall not be remain liable for any other or special incident, exemplary or any other special consequential or any other punitive damages or any other profit or any loss arises due to our Mirchi Travels Website or any other difficulty any way to access Mirchi Travels in your inability. We can't be held liable for any way or in any circumstances for any damage on any product and services and/or information provided or offered by us. We never provide you any warrantee which can be expressed or implied about any type of information and content provided by Mirchi Travels either provided to you directly or through the website.

General Terms with Tour Packaage Terms

Read our terms and condition with the notes of the tour packages always with care because some time when you final the cost of the packages there may be any extra charges for any museums/monuments/national park charges, fuel cost, charges of guide, taxes, any other government charges or any other extra charges with is not in package cost will be charged with the customer in extra.

We are providing the rates on our website after the proper bargain and negotiation with the airlines, railway departments, hotels and any resorts owners, so they have all the right to modify the rates of their services without any previous knowledge or any other notice. We have all the right to change the price if such hotels, resorts or any other services which is included in the packages have changed their prices without any prior notice or notification to MT.

We as a MT works as an agent and only in capacity of an agent for any resorts, hotels, transport like railway, airline etc. We (MT and its associates) also works just like a contractor who are rendering services & all exchange receipts, contracts or any other ticket issued are also on the basis of the terms and conditions of the third party who is providing the services. We are performing the role to meet them with the service provider means we are performing only a role between user and services provider so user comes in the direct contract with the service provider when he do any deal with MT.

We reserve all the rights for every content and itinerary including tour package, transportation or accommodation as we have putted them (itinerary) on our website for sample and knowledge purpose only. We reserve the rights to change even before giving the notice or any other intimation etc. in the interest of safety of the participants or any comfort, interest of the trip and general without any allowance or any extra cost, refund or any other rebate, if any, then it will be payable by our client itself.

MT reserves all the right to cancel any of the product or services in any case that the passage, tour or trip is not practicable for any circumstances or for any reason warrant such action which is not refunding the value. We will not accept any claim or will not liable to accept any claim against the company by any reason thereof.

Mirchi Travels reserves all the right to refuse to proceed with any person who is consider to be unrequired in its absolute discretion and no other person have right to ask the reason for this.

MT will not be held liable for any damage or injury which is directly or indirectly – due to flight cancellation, breakdown of any machinery or any equipment, any sickness, natural hazards, accident or any act of God like weather conditions, landslides, floods etc., political closures, perils incident of the sea, fire, any act by the government domestic or international or any other private or public authority, riots, wars, civil disturbance, epidemics, theft, quarantines, medical or custom department regulations, defaults or any other cause which is not in our control or any untoward incidents or any other cause which arise any liability or extra expenses sustained by the Clients. Further, the Clients shall be liable for the liability or extra expenses incurred by him / her as a result of the forgoing causes and also we will not accept any claim too.

MT shall not held liable or responsible for any responsibility or liability towards the user or clients or his/her representative weather legal or personal for any damage or any loss of any type of tangible or intangible assets or property or any type of damages from death or any type of injuries which including loss of any services which the client may negligence or default by any transportation Company or sustain on the account of act, hotel agents or any other person whether they are individual or any body of persons, its services provider or agents render such facility or we can say services which arise or engaged in any travel, means of transportation or other services, can be due to maintenance, ownership, operation, use or control lf any bicycle, automobile, motor, car, boat, bus or any other common vehicle which carry or otherwise and whether due to its or there negligence or regardless or otherwise of how caused. Clients using bicycles, scuba diving gear, supporting equipment, sailing boats, supplied or hired by hotel, resorts or any other private bodies or any other rental bodies will do so on his/ her own responsibility.

We don't have insurance by any policy for any loss or damage of any product or any living thing to any reasons. All the personal property like baggage, jewellory etc. are responsibility of the client. So every person will be personally liable for any Mis -happening to them or you can take any insurance policy for your own.


You agree to hold harmless, defend and indemnify Mirchi Travels, and its employees, officers, agents and any third party knowledge like data and information provider to the website, against and from all actions, claims, expenses, proceedings, liabilities and damages which is the occurred by any way which is related to the using of the any webpage of the website.

Governing Law

After all this description, if you feel that you have any dispute with the Mirchi Travels, shall be referred to an arbitrator which is appointed by Mirchi Travels. If we receive any dispute which is related to our product and services subject to above said disclosure then all dispute will be subject to the jurisdiction of Delhi (India) Court only. The laws of India govern all the construction, validity, interpretation and enforcement of these all terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy

We have privacy policy as like this Click here.