Bangalore Shopping And Nightlife Of The City

Shopping in Bangalore

Bangalore is a city famous for its silk saris. Bangalore shopping complexes houses beauteous cloths with glorious colors and textures etc. which can be shopped. You can find many bazaars and shopping complex in Bangalore such as:
1. Kaveri Emporium
2. Soul Sante Bazaar
3. Jayanagar Shopping Complex
4. Deepam and Nalli Showroom
5. Kitsh Mandi

Nightlife of Bangalore

Bangalore comprises of beautiful nights which houses over 800 bars, pubs and clubs. Thus, this Silicon Valley has gained a caption of 'Pub Capital of India'. There are no restrictions in travelling in night. You can spend your nights in Inferno club, Kyra Theater, Pecos, Century Club, Golf Club, Bowring Institute, Karnataka Golf Association, Cricket Club etc. You can also go to the pubs, movie theatres, cafeterias, bar etc. Nights in Bangalore will make you energetic.

You can enjoy even in Malls like Orion Mall, Forum Mall, Garuda Mall, Phoenix Market City and so on. It feels simply amazing in roaming in nights. This is a perfect place for hang outs. Never miss the chance of travelling in Bangalore. You will discover many things through sightseeing and experience your spectacular journey in Bangalore. Must come and visit!!!