Lucknow Shopping And Some Best Market Places

Shopping in Lucknow

Best Market Place And Shopping Places In Lucknow

Hazratganj Market In Lucknow On Mirchi Travels

Hazratganj Market In Lucknow

Hazrat Ganj Market is one of the popular markets in the city of Lucknow. Hazratganj comprises of branded as well as local clthes, restaurants, jewelry stores, handlooms etc. this city is upcoming metro city which has been developed a lot. The reputation of this market reflects branded and classy stores. You can shop various items from pantaloons, Jini and Johny, Meena Bazaar, Titans, Reebok etc. This area easily attracts people and is a perfect place for hangouts. Hazratganj also houses chicken materials, British Council Liberary, Universal Book Store, Sahara Ganj Mall, Mr. Brown, Blue Launge, Royal Café etc.

Aminabad Market In Lucknow On Mirchi Travels

Aminabad Market In Lucknow

This is one of the oldest and popular shopping area in Lucknow where flock of people can be seen. It's a crowded area and it becomes more crowded on Thursday Markets. It is alive since Nawabs era. Aminabad has bylanes and narrow lane where number of items can be shopped. From a safety pin to a hairdryer, everything is available on this market. You can buy every type of cloth, fabric, books, food items, jewelry, footwear, etc. one of the famous places in Aminabad in Tunday ke Kababs and Wahid Biriyani which serves the lavish non vegetarian food.

Alambagh Market In Lucknow On Mirchi Travels

Alambagh Market In Lucknow

This region is Lucknow is known for its fresh vegetables. The vegetable are bought from this area to different places of Lucknow. It's a whole sale market. Many other items can be bought from here like clothes, jewelry, footwear etc.