Goa Shopping And Market Places

Shopping And Markets In Goa

Best Market Place And Shopping Places In Goa

Shopping can be done on the following places:

Ingo's Night Market In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Ingo's Night Market In Goa

This market comprises of foot tapping music, beer, delicious food items, anklets, jewelry, ornaments, antiques etc, is an ideal place for shopping. You can see crowd of visitors enjoying shopping at this place. This is the place which is in one of the favorite shopping place in Goa State among all the domestic and international visitor.

Vasco's Municipal Market In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Vasco's Municipal Market In Goa

This market is located on the city of Vasco were we can see regularly visiting people. This market comprises of varieties of material such as leather collection, textiles and jewelry stores, enormous music shops and delicious food items.

Timings of visiting: From 9 am - 6 pm

Flea Market In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Flea Market In Goa

This market is situated on the shores of Goa beaches comprise of beautiful Kashmiri handicrafts, antiques and fashionable jewelries. You can buy your stuff in reasonable prices.

Timings of visiting: From 11 am - 7 pm
Mapusa Friday market – From 8 am to 6.30 pm

Friday Bazaar In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Friday Bazaar In Goa

People are curious about this marketplace as it comprises of variety of household items, fashionable jewelry, enormous electrical appliances, handicrafts and yummy food items.

Rust In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Rust In Goa

Rust in Goa is situated in an idyllic locale comprises of remarkable and magnificent collection of varities of artifacts, furniture, telephones etc with reasonable cheap prices.

Adventurous Activities In Goa

You can make your travelling easy, interesting and most happening by opting for some of the following adventurous activities:

----Elephant Safari and Splash In Goa----

Elephant Safari is a safari which people loves to take. You can directly contact with the picturesque scenery of surroundings. It attracts many people towards it and creates an excitement to travel. Travelling inside the sanctuary is incomplete without Elephant Safari. These safaris are managed and arranged by Elephant Safari tourist department. It not only offers ride but also the shower of water through elephant's trunk. It is full of fun that creates enjoyment and enthusiasm.

----Trekking In Goa----

Trekking makes a journey fabulous. Trekking on the routes of Goa is full of enthusiasm and excitement. You can have the opportunity to view the astonishing flora that will take your breath away.

----Fishing In Goa----

Fishing in the pristine beaches provides so much of fun. You can view many different types of fishes within the water. It is fun and full of enthusiasm. You must try fishing, as it will be great fun.

----Ringo Ride In Goa----

One can enjoy ringo riding on the beach. Ringo ride provides an airy seating area which is pulled by a yatch or a boat through a strong thick thread. Only one person can take a ride at a time. Try this amazing ride.

----Scuba Diving In Goa----

One can enjoy scuba diving as you will be able to view the underwater creatures. You will be amazed to travel inside the water.

----Catamaran Sailing In Goa----

It is so amazing ride. It will take your breath away. try this type of sailing.

----Water Scooter In Goa----

You can see the panoramic views of the beach. This scooter ride seems to be like a magnet which attracts so many people. Never leave the opportunity to have this ride.

----Water Skiing In Goa----

You can have an opportunity of skiing on the lovely water of the beach. It is a great fun. You must try this.