Shillong Tour Package And Their Hotels And Resorts With Weather In Shillong

Shillong weather, best places to visit and hotals and resorts with shillong tour packages

Shillong is an adorable part of Meghalaya and its capital. The name of his city was originated after the name of Lie Shyllong or Shyllong deity. Earlier Shillong was the capital of Assam since 1874 and later when Meghalaya formed, Shillong was kept the capital of Meghalaya state. The city is situated above sea level at an elevation of about 1500 meters. The city is blessed with natural aura and panoramic views. You will definitely feel ausom in this place. The city is placed on the northern side of Umaim Ravina and north western side of Diengiei Hills. This is the best place to explore in Meghalaya. The ausom place with ausom features will steal your heart.

It comprises of majestic waterfalls, eye catching lakes, lovely mountains, fantastic golf courses, knowledgeable zoo and museums. Shillong has a specialty of celebrating Behdienkhlam festival is one of the popular festivals of Meghalaya usually celebrated on the town of Jowai during June and July. You can take a view of an oldest church of Shillong named as Presbyterian Church. You will feel happy to meet the frank and friendly people of Meghalaya. People of Shillong offers beauteous products with their ausom creativity like hand woven shawls, handicrafts, cane works, orange flower honey and so on. These products are handmade which attractions many visitors. They reflect the culture of Meghalaya as well.

Shillong Airport

The airport is Shillong Airport is located at a distance of 30 km away from Shillong in Umroi in Meghalaya, India which is well connected to many parts of India as well.

Shillong Railway Station

The nearest railway station in Shillong is Guwahati which is 105 km away from the city is also connected to many parts of Meghalaya.

Best Time to Visit In Shillong

Shillong Weather

Temperature in Shillong is usually cold and lovely throughout the year. The city brings ausom climate and weather where tours and trips planning can be made and travelling can be done. An ideal time to visit this astonishing place is between the months of September to May.

----Summers (March to June)----

In Summer weather, the city is refreshing and appealing which is an ausom time to visit and move around the place. During this time the maximum temperature is noted to be around 24°C and minimum 15°C. This is also the perfect time for enjoying adventurous activities.

----Monsoons (July to September)----

In Monsoon season, the city faces heavy to average rain falls along with heavy windy weather. Do not prefer to visit in this season of Shillong. Stay safe in your homes. One thing you can enjoy in rains and that is waterfalls and the beauty of nature. If you are visiting for any official or any other personal work then be careful of bad weather and visit with full preparation.

----Winters (October to February)----

In winter weather, the weather is noted to be very cold but the best and ideal time for hangouts. It's the perfect time when you can enjoy your honeymoon and holiday tours. Thus, carry woolens and protect yourself from unhealthy food and dirt. Keep yourself clean and carry a first aid box. The temperature is found to be 2°C. Foggy surroundings can be seen. October is the best time to travel in Shillong.

How to Travel In Shillong and Around The Shillong City

Shillong Transport System

The capital of Meghalaya and a city of wonderful nature, Shillong can be travelled through many modes of transport that will let you know the features of the city and will give you the view of heaven. Some of the vehicles that will help you to move around are:

---- In Bus ----

You can hire Buses for main areas and bus stops. They are comfortable and no other transport will provide you a perfect view of nature like buses does. They will carry you luggage as well. They will offer only Rs. 5 per destination. They are budgeted and is the best transport for moving around.

---- By Taxies ----

Taxis will let you a comfortable ride to you desired destination. They did not have meters so they will not charge for meters. They will give an ausom view of surroundings. When you are travelling with your friends, relatives or family, no other vehicle or transport could compete with Taxis. Taxis can either be shared or private. Thus, shared taxis will only charge around Rs. 5 – Rs. 10 and private taxis were charge around Rs. 500 – Rs. 700.

---- By Foot ----

Walking on foot is the best option to explore and discover surroundings. A perfect trek will be enthusiastic and full of excitement. Walking on foot can be done especially during winters because due to the extreme cold season it will give you warmth and will make you energetic.

Best Places To Visit In Shillong City

Shillong Attractions

Shillong Peak In Shillong On Mirchi Travels

Shillong Peak In Shillong

Shillong Peak in the city of Shillong is the highest peak in Meghalaya. The height of this peak is about 2000 meters situated above sea level. This is a lovely picnic spot where one can see the ausom views of nature and feel the beauty of weather. There are many villages around the peak which can be seen. There is a U Shulong located near the summit of this peak which is a sanctum. During springtime, Mylliem State offers prayers within the sanctum. The peak looks totally amazing during day and night. The beautiful view of stars in night with the panoramic views of nature and surrounds will take your breath away.

Umiam Lake In Shillong On Mirchi Travels

Umiam Lake In Shillong

Umiam Lake in Shillong also called as Barapani or Big water. This lake is spread over the length of 15 km. the huge hydro-electric dam is constructed across this stream. People visit this spot to enjoy water sports like boating, kayaking, scooting etc. Meghalaya Tourist Department has developed these kinds of facilities in this spot. People love to enjoy in this glitzy spot if they are in Meghalaya or Shillong. There is a Orchid Tourist Home situated near the lake which serves a perfect accommodation facilities.

Sweet Falls In Shillong On Mirchi Travels

Sweet Falls In Shillong

Sweet Falls is a lovely name given to a waterfall. It is also known as 'Weitden' and its name is really sweet. Thus, Sweet Falls are situated close to Happy Valley has a height of about 96 meters. The splendor water from that height falls on the eye catching black rocks that are situated below. The flawless crowd can be seen in this spot of Shillong. This famous place invites huge amount of people in its exotic located by its attractive beauty. you can get good and better facilities in this tourist spot in an affordable price.

Mawlynnong In Shillong On Mirchi Travels

Mawlynnong In Shillong

Mawlynnong is a pretty small hamlet also known as "Cleanest Village in Asia" is situated in Khasi Hills of east at a distance of about 90 km away from Shillong in Meghalaya, India. This village is so amazing that it will make your heartbeat fast. The hamlet has dustbins made up of bamboos and other recycled things made up of waste materials like polythenes, wood etc. smoking is not allowed in this village. This village is so clean that it will take your heart away.

Bara Bazaar Of Shillong On Mirchi Travels

Bara Bazaar Of Shillong

Bara Bazaar of Shillong is also known as Lewduh Market. It's a large colorful party place. This place is surrounded by flock of visitors and this spot is famous for its festivals and other activities. You can shop many decorative and creative handmade products of Meghalaya here with affordable prices.

Meghalaya State Museum In Shillong On Mirchi Travels

Meghalaya State Museum In Shillong

Meghalaya State Museum in Shillong in situated in State Central Library in Laichumiere. It was earlier a part of Assam. After separating from the state of Assam, Meghalaya had made many efforts to create its own identity by displaying its own traditions and cultures. The museum displays the different tribes of Meghalaya especially of Khasi tribes. You can get every information and knowledge about tribes, cultures, heritage and structures of Meghalaya within the museum. The museum is open every day except on Sundays.
Timings of visiting: 10 am to 4 pm

Beadon Falls In Shillong On Mirchi Travels

Beadon Falls In Shillong

Beadon Falls in Shillong is a glorious waterfall in Meghalaya. The waterfall has a height of about 100 feet and it looks really lovely. The waterfall is surrounded by a greenish forest. The moment when water falls down it touches the rocks situated below, it looks awe strucking. This site will take your heart away. The water below the fall gives picturesque scenery of a landscape. It's a perfect place where you can spend time with your family and friends in a picnic and you can even trek. You can see a Hydroelectric Operational Powerhouse placed below the Beadon Falls.

Lady Hydari Park In Shillong On Mirchi Travels

Lady Hydari Park In Shillong

Lady Hydari Park in Shillong is a beautiful park where many visitors can be seen. The name of this park was originated after the name of Governor's wife of Assam. The park is attached with an attractive zoo where abundance of fauna and flora can be seen. The park has a specialty of having different colors of blossoming roses. This is a perfect place for chilling out as the park with zoo and flower beds all together makes this place charismatic.

Bishops Fall In Shillong On Mirchi Travels

Bishops Fall In Shillong

The Bishop's fall in Shillong is a beautiful and majestic spot which is the populous region of this city in Meghalaya. It is often called as the twin brother of Beden waterfall. This waterfall sometimes forms an eye catching rainbow. The spot invites people to trek on the hills situated nearby. Emerald Pool of the waterfall is a fantastic place to see and catch a glimpse of marvelous natural beauty in your eyes. You can get many budgeted hotels near the spot where you can have a lovely stay.

Wards Lake In Shillong On Mirchi Travels

Wards Lake In Shillong

Wards Lake in Shillong had a great importance as a great story is attached to this place. It is situated near Raj Bhavan. The story is that this fantastic lake is built by a Khasi prisoner as he was bored with his everyday routine so he requested warden to release him to create something. She agreed and he created the beautiful Wards Lake. This artificial lake is now a populous spot that also houses a garden and boating arrangements. This Lake is also known as Polok's Lake. The lake was made in a shape of horse and lake comprises of different bird species. The lake is also surrounded by lush green beauty.

Butterfly Museum In Shillong On Mirchi Travels

Butterfly Museum In Shillong

Butterfly Museum in Shillong is situated in Riatsamthiah. This museum displays the rarest, finest and eye catching species of butterflies and moths. The museum is a breeding center for butterfly species. The museum has also organized a program for breeding butterflies. It also displays the lifecycle and habitat of moths and these butterflies.
Timings of visiting: Monday to Friday (10 am to 4:30 pm); Saturday (10:30 am to 1 pm)

Shillong Golf Club In Shillong On Mirchi Travels

Shillong Golf Club In Shillong

Shillong Golf Club is known to be the first golf course for having 18 holes in India. It is situated at an attitude of about 5200 feet. The course is sometimes admired by Glen Eagle Course of United States because of its exotic location and wonderful beauty. This course is situated near a valley that comprises of rhododendron trees and pine groves. Earlier the course had 9 holes but now it has been converted into an 18 holed golf area made in 1924 by Capt Jackson. You can see the splendor snowy peaks Himalayas at the background of this golf course.

Crinoline Falls In Shillong On Mirchi Travels

Crinoline Falls In Shillong

Crinoline Falls in Shillong is a glorious and graceful waterfall that will take your breath away. the waterfall creates a swimming pool where flock of visitors are seen taking the bath in pure and enjoyable water. A bath and a dip into the water will make you forget everything. There is a restaurant situated nearby which will give you relaxation, comfort, relief and satisfaction. The restaurant also provides cultural programs for the entertainment of visitors.

Elephant Falls In Shillong On Mirchi Travels

Elephant Falls In Shillong

Elephant Falls is situated at a distance of about 10 km away from Shillong city. This waterfall is unique and a gigantic stream can be seen. The water of this falls is like a pump which throws water and recollects it again and again to throw it again. We are sure that it will take your heart and breathe away. This is a joyful place surrounded by flora beauty and houses a lovely picnic spot for chilling out.

Best Hotels in Shillong City

---- Asian Confluence Hotel In Shillong ----

Asian Confluence Hotel In Shillong On Mirchi Travels

Asian Confluence Hotel in Lachumiere provides a good quality accommodation, quality service, private bathrooms attached to rooms, well furnished rooms, exotic food and room service.

---- High winds Hotel In Shillong ----

High winds Hotel In Shillong On Mirchi Travels

High winds Hotel in Lady Hydari Park offers well furnished rooms, private washrooms, good room arrangements and facilities, hot/cold water amenities, front desk and room service.

---- Alpine Continental Hotel In Shillong ----

Alpine Continental Hotel In Shillong On Mirchi Travels

Alpine Continental Hotel in Police Bazaar gives a comfortable stay for each and every person. It accommodates and gives a quality service. It offers exotic and yummy food, well furnished rooms, seating area, laundry, currency exchange and room service.

Shillong Tours And Travels Packages

1. Shillong tour packages: Rs. 9,000 to Rs. 15,000.
2. Shillong holiday packages: Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 15,000.
3. Shillong hotels packages: Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 10,000.
4. Shillong resort packages: Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 12,000.
5. Shillong honeymoon packages: Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 15,000

Important Distances From Other Major Cities

Distances between Shillong and its nearby cities

2067 Km
32 Hours 30 Minutes

Shillong to Bhutan
611.3 Km
11 Hours 00 Minutes

2020.3 Km
30 Hours 00 Minutes

Shillong to Mumbai
1076 Km
20 Hours 00 Minutes

1409.2 Km
24 Hours 00 Minutes

Tips To Visit In Shillong

o The city has ausom weather throughout the year but remember that do not visit during monsoons because of its heavy rains.
o It's a best honeymoon flocking place.
o Holiday tours must be done in Shillong.
o Carry woolens.
o Carry first-aid kit.
o Trekking must be done during winters.
o Be happy and enjoy your tours in Shillong.