Rishikesh Adventurous Activities In The City

Adventure Activities within Rishikesh City

---- Trekking In Rishikesh ----

Due to its magnificent mountain region and splendid location, Rishikesh is one of the best destinations for trekking lovers. One got to have an experience of trekking in Rishikesh as offers an opportunity to know local people, their tradition, and culture and interact with people.

Rishikesh attracts numerous tourists every year to enjoy trekking in the Himalayan region and offers a fabulous trekking experience. Trek begins from Thalisain via Pauri. Thalisain is a majestic hill station and the view of white Himalaya peaks is worth a watch.

From Thalisain the trek moves ahead from a very dense forest of pine, oaks, deodar, and silver fir, full of wildlife. It is best to enjoy the trek tour especially in winters. Tour of trekking is very lively and gets people close to nature's beauty.

Buwani Neergud is a very condensed track and can be enjoyed over a period of 2 days. Majestic beauty of nature, picturesque environment and splendid waterfall create a magical spell on the tourists. This trek is suitable for people with moderate fitness levels. They can get pleasure from this trek tour as it is very easy and comfortable.

Roopkund trek is another very popular and admired trek in this region. Roopkund is also known as Mystery Lake by the local people of the area. Remains of animals and human skeleton can be seen at the edge of the lake. Therefore, the lake is also known as Skeleton lake.

Rishikesh has many other interesting and attention seeking places for trekking available. Some of the popular trekking routes in Rishikesh are Devi National Park, Kalindi Khal Trek, and Kankul trek.


Canoying is one of those sports which includes a number of outdoor activities and can be enjoyed by people of diverse age groups. The magnificent Himalayan range and narrow river Ganga makes Rishikesh an ideal place for cannoying. Although, the location for cannoying is perfect, it is very important to have right knowledge of routes and navigation skills. Level of cannoying can also be adjusted from easy to difficult as per the physical capacity and body stamina.

To reap maximum fun from cannoying it is very essential to use right cannoying gear and variety of technique.

----Mountain Biking----

Mountain Biking is a favorite sport for all those who love to ride and wish to test their strength. It is another very interesting sport which is emerging and attracting tourists from far and near. This sport involves riding bicycle off the road and through the hills. Best place to enjoy mountain trekking in Rishikesh is Mohanchatti. As this sport requires a lot of stamina and strength, it is mandatory to possess bike handling skills and dedication.