Ratnagiri Tourism And Precautions To Visit In The City

Ratnagiri Introduction, Tourism And Precautions To Visit The City

Ratnagiri is a gorgeous city situated within state Maharashtra, India. Ratnagiri was an administrative capital of Bijapur and it was also its important port. The city is blessed with amazing places to visit is considered to be the alluring tourist destination in Maharashtra. Arabian Sea and Sahyadris adds beauty to this place. The city is blessed with appealing seashore, fascinating waterfalls, lavishing rivers, relaxing hot water springs, eye catching hills, virgin beaches, awesome monuments and splendor forts. Ratnagiri is situated on coastal belt at Konkan coastline.

The history of this city marks a significance of freedom fighters that lost their lives in freedom struggle. Thus, its rejuvenating environment is breathtaking. It an awesome tourist destination so plan for visiting this hill station which will really make your holidays wonderful. You will love to visit the city as due to good amount of tourism you will love to visit here and you will find tourist here in every season and weather. You will easily found the way to come here too as it has better connectivity with all near stations of people arriving possibility.

Tips To Visit In Ratnagiri And Precautions

1. Never trust any stranger.
2. Wear comfortable clothes.
3. Carry a bag including all the important things.
4. Carrying a water bottle, first aid kit and money change is important.
5. Keep calm and be conscious during travelling.