Ranchi Weather, Best Places To Visit In Ranchi With Tour Package Of Ranchi

Ranchi Tourism, Best Places, Hotals And Resorts And Ranchi Tour And Travel Packages

Ranchi is an irresistible city is situated within the beautiful state of Jharkhand. This scenic town is situated on Chota Nagpur Plateau. Its name had been originated from a Nagpuri word known as ‘Archi’ which means ‘Bamboo forest’. Ranchi is situated above the sea level at about 2,140 feet of height. This city is bounded by eye catching reddish soil which is its specialty. It's a paradise that houses remarkable waterfalls, valleys, rocks, hilly regions, and so on.

Ranchi has endless beauty will definitely take your breath away. The town is known for its hilly safaris and natural environment that refreshes and gives a feeling of relaxation. Some of the exotic places where you can visit in Ranchi are Jonha falls, Ranchi hill, kanke dam, Ranchi Lake, Tagore Hill, Hatia museum, Hundru falls, Tribal research Institute and museum and Jagannath temple. The hospitality, tribal culture, flora and fauna all together make this city complete and charismatic. This city has hub of industrial network like Usha Martin, Garden Reach, CMPDI etc. The city is blessed with cool and enchanting climate.

Ranchi Airport

Ranchi can be reached from Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Patna, Mumbai, Kolkata and Jammu through Birsa Munda Airport.

Ranchi Railway Station

The main and prime railhead of Ranchi is Ranchi Railway Station. Other railways stations within city are Tatisilwai Station, Namkom Station and Hatia Station.

Best Time to Visit In Ranchi

Ranchi Transport System

Ranchi is seen with its sub-tropical climatic conditions where summers are hot and appealing, winters are cool and delightful and monsoons are pretty. Let us see its temperature in different seasons which are as follows:

---- Winters (December to February) ----

In winter weather, They are cool, bedecking and easy on the eye. Travelling will be loved during this season. Winters lie between Novembers to February. The maximum temperature is about 22°C and minimum 2°C. Bring woolens. Days are not so cold but nights are coolest.

----Summers (March to July)----

In Summer weather, They are hot and lie between March to June. The maximum temperature is noted to be as 37°C and minimum is 20°C. Travelling can be enjoyed during this season. Be comfortable with your attire and footwear.

----Monsoons (August to November)----

Monsoon Weather is the most lavishing seasons of Ranchi. It lies between Julys to September. Average rainfalls make this place look stunning. Visiting could be done but travelling should be avoided. Thus, come with full preparation before travelling in Ranchi during monsoons because rainfalls are unpredictable.

How to Travel In Ranchi and Around The City

Ranchi is a superb city for travelling around. This beguiling city has many means of transports from which you will be able to travel within the city. This city of state Jharkhand is linked with railways and airways as well.

---- In Bus ----

They are frequent and mostly opted vehicle to move around the city. They will help you to migrate from one place to another with ease and enjoyment. The fare is cheap and it’s worth spending money on such ride. It includes Rs. 3 to Rs. 8 only.

---- By Auto Rickshaw ----

They are fast and will serve you its best service by its punctuality. Hence, they do not have a fixed amount. During emergencies they are very helpful. There are no extra and separate fares for nights. The basic fare in include is between Rs. 15 to Rs. 20.

---- By Auto Rickshaw ----

They are luxurious, gives comfort and negotiable rides of Ranchi which are mostly opted for travelling long distances. They are expensive but it’s worth as they will carry your luggage and you with ease. They give their best to make a traveler happy and satisfied. Thus, the fare lies between Rs. 600 to Rs. 700.

Best Places To Visit In Ranchi City

Ranchi Attractions

There are many places in Ranchi where you can visit. Places in Ranchi will really blow your mind. Some of the places to see in Ranchi are as follows:

Sun Temple In Ranchi On Mirchi Travels

Sun Temple In Ranchi

Sun temple in Ranchi is the most gorgeous and famous site for tourism. Its eye popping architecture is its pride. You can see a mammoth vehicle adorned with eighteen wheels carried by seven elegant horses. It is situated admist soothing lush green nature at a lawn. There is a beauteous calm pond situated nearby where devotees take a holy tip whenever they visit the temple. It’s an amazing spot to chill out.

Ranchi Lake In Ranchi On Mirchi Travels

Ranchi Lake In Ranchi

Ranchi Lake in Ranchi is situated at the base of Ranchi Hill situated above sea level at an attitude at about 2140 feet. It was created by a national British Colonel Onsely in year 1842. The lake is calm and neat where people love to spend time. Many migratory enchanting birds can be seen at this site. Boating can be enjoyed within the lake. Visiting at this site will be memorable. Ranchi Hill adds beauty to this lake and both looks charming together. There is a temple placed nearby which was made in memorization of lord Shiva situated atop hill.

Tagore Hills In Ranchi On Mirchi Travels

Tagore Hills In Ranchi

Tagore hill is also called as Moradabad Hill is a stunning and handsome hill whose views will take your heart away. The hill is situated at Albert Ekka Chowk is about 300 feet high. The name of this hill was given after thinking about the name of a Nobel laureate and a popular poet namely Rabindra Nath Tagore. People believed that this hill was liked by Tagore family because of this beauty and charm. Ramkrishna Mission Ashram and Agararian and Divyayan center of Vocational Institute are placed at the base of this hill. Climbing can be enjoyed on this hill along with trekking.

Deer Park In Ranchi On Mirchi Travels

Deer Park In Ranchi

Deer park in Ranchi is one of most stunning regions which are full of entertainment. This tourist destination comprises of eye popping characteristics. Various deer species can be observed and remarked. There are about 100 species of deer resided within the park. The nature and picnic spot within the park makes this place more beautiful. People often choose this place for being relaxed and refreshed. Park safaris can be provided and enjoyed.

Angrabadi Temple Complex In Ranchi On Mirchi Travels

Angrabadi Temple Complex In Ranchi

This is a famous temple of Ranchi where tourists attract like a magnet towards its lavishing architecture and sacred atmosphere. The temple is situated at Khunti close to Ranchi. The temple was renamed by a famous sage known as Shankaracharya Swami Swarupanada Saraswathi as Amreshwar Dham. The temple houses many gods and goddesses like Lord Ram, Lord Shiva, Ram-Sita, Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesh. The eye catching natural surroundings cover this temple.

Birsa Zoological Park In Ranchi On Mirchi Travels

Birsa Zoological Park In Ranchi

This zoological park is also known as Birsa Jaivik Udyan. It’s an eco-friendly site where admist flora and mammalian fauna you will feel recharged and enthusiastic. The park is placed on NH of Ranchi-Patna near Ormanjhi. You can see the various animals within the park which will blow your mind like tigers, monkey, deer, lion etc. the park organizes an adoption program for them who want to adopt animals and also aware people about conservation and protection of wildlife.

Dassam Or Dasam Waterfalls In Ranchi On Mirchi Travels

Dassam Or Dasam Waterfalls In Ranchi

Dassam or dasam waterfall is located within a beautiful village known as Taimara close to Ranchi. The waterfall adds charm to the village is a main tourist attraction of Ranchi. The fall has total height of about 144 feet and it’s a breath taking site where water falls from a great height into a water stream. The splash of water along with lush green surroundings will take your heart away. the site is also known as Dasham Bagh.

Kanke Dam In Ranchi On Mirchi Travels

Kanke Dam In Ranchi

This panoramic dam is so gorgeous that its charming beauty makes every visitor attractive. It is situated on Gonda Hills. The dam has peaceful, unpolluted and picturesque surroundings. Such a calm and tranquil atmosphere with beauty of nature and astonishing weather will blow you mind and you will become curious to visit this spot again and again. Rock garden is situated nearby.

Hundru Falls In Ranchi On Mirchi Travels

Hundru Falls In Ranchi

Hundru falls is another exotic and superb site in Ranchi where maximum visitors throughout the year can be viewed. This eternal charm will take your breath away is a perfect site to move around. The water which falls is situated on Subarnarekha River that comes from Ranchi. The water fall is about 320 feet high. It’s a great destination and a picnic spot for chilling out.

Jonha Falls In Ranchi On Mirchi Travels

Jonha Falls In Ranchi

Jonha Falls is an exotic site for passing a great time. It is also called as Gautam Dhara. The name of this fall was originated after the name of great Gautama Buddha. It is situated on Kanchi River. Dassam or dasam falls, Johna falls and Sita falls are situated nearby. Tourist rest house is situated nearby with a Buddhist shrine where the main deity is Lord Gautama Buddha. Chamghati valley is also situated nearby. The waterfall is surrounded by pretty forest that looks charismatic.

Panch Grah Falls In Ranchi On Mirchi Travels

Panch Grah Falls In Ranchi

Panch Gagh falls is the most refreshing site where relaxation could be gained. The splashing water seems to be awe inspiring. The place contains a cascade in a row. The waterfall is situated in Khunti village where five falls all together can be seen splashing into the water at its bottom. The waterfall is situated admist beautiful flora that will blow your mind.

Pahari Mandir In Ranchi On Mirchi Travels

Pahari Mandir In Ranchi

This Mandir is totally ausom and it was made in dedication to lord Shankara. Lord Shiva is also known as Lord Shankara. It is situated at the top of Ranchi Hillat a height of about 2140 feet above sea level. Earlier, Ranchi Hill was known to be as Phansi Tongri. It is an exact location where freedom fighters were hanged and dead. Our Indian national flag is raised at this place on every Republic Day and Independence Day. You have to cover at least 300 steps to reach this beautiful temple from the hill’s base. The temple is situated admist panoramic natural beauty. People believe that the wishes and aspirations of people come true after visiting this temple Many devotees visit this place to make their wishes and different species of trees and plants around this temple make this place charming and adorable. During monsoons, the place looks astonishing and mesmerizing. The Jal and flowers are offered to the main deity of this temple during shravan season.

Rock Garden In Ranchi On Mirchi Travels

Rock Garden In Ranchi

Rock Garden is one of the lovely locations of Ranchi is a perfect place for nature lovers too. It is situated on a hillock admist bestowing natural vista. It is located close to Albert Ekka Chowk. It’s an amazing place where you can spent some of your precious time under the shade of beautifying nature and appealing environment where you will feel relaxed and relived. Don’t miss this opportunity and visit this place.

Best Hotels in Ranchi City

1. Landmark Hotel: It is in Lapur Chowk, Ranchi.
2. Capitol Hill Hotel: It is in main road at Ranchi.
3. Park Inn Hotel: It is in Birsa Chowk, Ranchi.
4. Raddison Blu Hotel: It is in main road in Ranchi.
5. Elite City Hotel: It is in Harmu road, Ranchi.

Ranchi Tours And Travels Packages

1. Ranchi tour package: Rs. 3,000 to 11,000
2. Ranchi holiday packages: Rs. 2,000 to 12,000
3. Ranchi hotel packages: Rs. 1,000 to 13,000

Important Distances From Other Major Cities

Distances between Ranchi and its nearby cities

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Tips To Visit In Ranchi

1. Wear comfortable clothes while travelling.
2. Do no wear heavy and expensive accessories during travelling.
3. Do not wear heels during travelling.
4. Keep your phone recharged properly.
5. Carry change and a water bottle.
6. Check in your hotel properly.
7. Check all amenities provided properly.
8. Keep locked your luggage and bags after leaving your hotel room for travelling.