Rameswaram Weather, Temples And Their Hotels And Resorts With Tour Package Of Rameswaram

Rameswaram weather and best places to visit in Rameswaram temples with holiday and tour packages

Rameshwaram is another holy place after Kumbakonam is situated in Tamil Nadu, India. It is in southern part of India where pilgrims can be seen roaming everywhere. The town is separated by a small channel of Pamban located at southern tip of India near Sri Lanka. Hinduism is the main factor in Rameswaram. People visit here to offer their prayers and incomplete dreams in front of main deity so that they could get fulfilled. The town is a peninsula and falls on Gulf of Mannar. It is believed that Lord Rama had created a bridge between Rameswaram and Sri Lanka to save his beloved wife Goddess Sita from Ravana.

This is a town where Ravana was killed by Lord Rama. That’s why the town is well admired and appreciated by every visitor. The cultures of Hindus are still seen in this town which gains importance by people from all over the world. It houses one of the precious Jyotirlingas which are spread in all over India. the creative and gorgeous architectural temples are the pride of this town. The town also contains maximum number of wells. The town must be visited as it contains spirituality, hospitality and serene surroundings.

Best Time to Visit In Rameshwaram

Rameswaram is a city which faces tropical climate. Winters are ausom, summers are hot and moderate and monsoons are average with humidity. Thus, the suitable time to visit Rameswaram is between Octobers to April.

----Monsoons (July to September)----

During monsoon season, the city gains average rains with humidity. You can see the panoramic view of coastal region and is a perfect time to take a visit to Rameswaram.

----Winters (October to February)----

During winters weather, the city become astonishingly cold the temperature is noticed to be 17°C. The most beautiful season of Rameswaram is winters where outdoor activities and sightseeing can be enjoyed.

----Summers (March to June)----

During summers season, the city faces an average temperature which a hot weather. This season is ideal for visiting various temples within Rameswaram. The temperature in this season is used to be 35°C

How to Travel In Rameshwaram and Around The Rameshwaram City

Rameswaram is a well maintained, organized, traditional and a hot spot of Tamil Nadu where travelling becomes easy through various modes of transports:

---- By Bus ----

1. Buses are easy to hire.
2. They will move on main roads.
3. They can be hired from Bus Stand.
4. Semi deluxe buses are also available.
5. A/c and non a/c buses can also be available.
6. Local buses cost Rs. 3 to Rs. 5.

---- Auto Rickshaw ----

I. The auto rickshaws within city never acquire meters.
II. They can be helpful only if you are in hurry.
III. Sightseeing can be perfectly done.
IV. They are never crowded.
V. They include Rs. 15 to Rs. 40.

Rameswaram History

Rameswaram is a sacred town related to interesting tales of lord Rama. The name of this city was originated after the name of lord Rama only. This city was visited by lord Rama, lord Lakshman and goddess Sita. They came here in order to perform a Puja and that Puja had a fixed time so he asked to bring lingam to Anjaneya from Mount Kailash. Anjaneya was unable to bring lingam on time so goddess Sita made a lingam with the use of sand and they completed their sacred Puja.

After completion of this sacred Puja which is known as Brahmahata Dosham Ceremony, Umadevi and Lord Rama announced Danudkodi as a spot for taking a bath and offering prayers to Shivalinga and he kept its name as Ramalingam. Hence, from that day this city was known to be as Rameswaram. After this incident, Anjaneya came back taking a lingam in his hand and he got to know that the Puja is completed with sand lingam. He made many attempts to remove that lingam but he was unsuccessful and he came to know that it is not happening due to goddess Sita’s divinity so lord Ram again announced that this lingam will also worshipped with the sand lingam.

How To Go To Rameshwaram Town

---- Rameshwaram Railway Station ----

The efficient terminal of south railway zone which is associated with Madurai Railway division is Rameswaram Railway Station. It is located on the district of Ramnad in Tamil Nadu, India.

---- Rameshwaram Airport ----

The closest airport of Rameswaram is Madurai Airport which is situated at a distance of 177 km away from city Rameswaram serves both domestic and international flights. Another major airport of Rameswaram is Tuticorin Airport which is situated in Thoothukudi which is 188 km away from Rameswaram.

Best Places To Visit In Rameshwaram Town

Five Faced Hanuman Temple In Rameshwaram On Mirchi Travels

Five Faced Hanuman Temple In Rameswaram

Five faceted Hanuman Temple in Rameswaram is a well known place acknowledged by lord Hanuman. People believed that in this spot lord hanuman showed his five faces profile accompanied by Senthooram. It is also a belief that when the lord showed his five faces then the statues of various gods like lord Rama, goddess Sita and lord Lakshman got alive. This place has an interesting historical and mythological significance. You can see that eye catching floating stone placed outside the temple which was used to make a bridge when Ravana captured goddess Sita and lord Rama ordered to place that floating stone on river to make a bridge and to reach Sri Lanka.

Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge In Rameswaram On Mirchi Travels

Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge In Rameswaram

The bridge in Rameswaram is one of the longest bridges in Tamil Nadu which is linked between Rameswaram and main land above the Bay. The distance between this bridge and Rameswaram is about 7 km and it is situated near a sacred spot related to a story of lord Ram and Sita known as Pamban. The bridge holds an important historical importance and that’s why the bridge is popularly known in Rameswaram.

Badrakaliamman Temple In Rameshwaram On Mirchi Travels

Badrakaliamman Temple In Rameshwaram

Badrakaliamman Temple in Rameswaram in South India is a splendor temple that gathers attention of majority of visitors for its architecture. Thus, this temple was made in dedication to Goddess Badrakali. The remarkable tomb added with gold can be seen in its top. The temple is managed by several organizations. The temple was a pride of every past year as it was renovated many times. It is the huge temple of goddess Maha Kali in Tamil Nadu.

Hanuman Temple in Rameswaram On Mirchi Travels

Hanuman Temple in Rameswaram

Hanuman Temple in Rameswaram is another eye popping temple. The temple represents the role of lord Hanuman in saving Goddess Sita from the capture of Ravana. The statutes within this temple are beautifully carved which are made of wood and it moves like a puppet is an eye catching feature of this temple. The temple displays the characteristics of lord Hanuman. You will able to explore many more things about the lord so you should visit.

Nambu Nayaki Amman Temple In Rameswaram On Mirchi Travels

Nambu Nayaki Amman Temple In Rameswaram

This temple in Rameswaram is another awe strucking spot which was founded in 14th centuary. It was made in memorization of lord Rama. The temple was made by people who belonged to the district of Ramnad. There are bedecking gardens and scenic surroundings that cover the temple and make it a wonderful; place to spend time. The temple has big bells. Being giant is its specialty so does not miss the change to visit this temple.

Villondi teertham in Rameswaram On Mirchi Travels

Villondi teertham in Rameswaram

Villondi teertham in Rameswaram is the sacred spot where the bow of lord Rama was buried. It is located at a distance of about 7 km away from Rameswaram temple. The temple is architecturally beautiful and gains attraction of masses of visitors. It is situated on the road which goes to the spot of Pamban where the thirst of goddess Sita was quenched by lord Rama.

Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple In Rameswaram On Mirchi Travels

Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple In Rameswaram

This temple in Rameswaram is a wonderful temple which was made to support Hindu mythology in dedication tom lord Rama. The temple is the best place for acquiring salvation. This temple is renowned for its feature of salvation. This pilgrimage spot is seen crowded by devotees and visitors. This myth logically important place looks smashing with is picturesque surroundings and its flawless pillars adds charm to the temple. The temple has the longest corridor in southern India.
Timings of visiting: 5 am to 11 am and 3 pm to 8 pm

Agnitheertham in Rameswaram On Mirchi Travels

Agnitheertham in Rameswaram

Agnitheertham in Rameswaram is a pilgrimage center. People believe that this place is only renowned or taking a holy dip that purifies soul and a person attains salvation. The temple is east faced and the temple houses a lake as well which is believed t be holy. The temple also houses 22 wells and a Jyotirlinga. The water in the well is believed to have medicinal properties from which one can get rid of threatening and dangerous diseases.

Dhanushkodi Temple in Rameswaram On Mirchi Travels

Dhanushkodi Temple in Rameswaram

Dhanushkodi Temple in Rameswaram is now ruined by cyclone. Thus, the surroundings which used to gather this temple were panoramic and now also it is superb. The temple was located near India Oceana and Bay of Bengal.
Now, the seas can be seen on the shape of an arrow and a bow. The spot of arrow head is believed to be holy and sacred.

Gandhamadhana Parvatham in Rameshwaram On Mirchi Travels

Gandhamadhana Parvatham in Rameshwaram

Gandhamadhana Parvatham in Rameswaram is another spot which gains pilgrims attention. The temple houses a chakra and two storeyes. The footprints of lord Rama can be seen on chakra that is placed inside the temple. This pilgrimage site is visited by masses of devotees and they offer their prayers in front of deity and chakra. The temple holds great historical; and mythological importance.

Popular Teertham In Rameswaram

Rameswaram consists of about four types of teertham that gains a focus of visitors throughout the year. The spots are namely Jada Teertham, Jatayu Teertham, Lakshman Teertham and Rama Teertham.

Jada Theertham In Rameswaram On Mirchi Travels

Jada Theertham In Rameswaram

This theertham in Rameswaram is situated on Kaveri Theertham. This temple is important to see as it holds mythological significance that should be known. It is situated close to a large peepal tree trunk. This place is believed to be the resting place of lords during their banvas. The temple is made in lattice work and it is known for its uniqueness in architectural designs and styles.

Jatayu theertham in Rameswaram On Mirchi Travels

Jatayu theertham in Rameswaram

Jatayu theertham in Rameswaram is another sacred temple which was dedicated to Jatayu. He is nown to be the most trustful and loyal eagle of lord Rama. Jatayu sacrificed his life to save the life of lord Rama which is unforgettable. He was buried in soil and this temple was created in this place after his death.

Lakshman Theertham In Rameshwaram On Mirchi Travels

Lakshman Theertham In Rameshwaram

Lakshman Theertham was made in memorization of lord Lakshman. The temple is the proof of lord Lakshman who helped and was standing with lord Rama in each phase of his life. A lovable brother named his life to his brother lord Rama. The temple houses remarkable sculptures and images of lord Rama, goddess Sita and lord Lakshman.

Rama Theertham Or Gandamadana In Rameshwaram On Mirchi Travels

Rama Theertham Or Gandamadana In Rameshwaram

Rama theertham is also known as Gandamadana is a holy teertham which is located on Gandamadana Parvata. It is known to be as the most popular pilgrimage site of Tamil Nadu and south India. The chakra with prints of lord Rama can be seen clearly. The sculptures and images related to lords and goddess can be seen here and which should not be missed.

Best Hotels in Rameshwaram Town

1. Brindavan Residency Hotel In Rameshwaram: It is close to Ramanathaswamy Temple.
2. pearl Residency Hotel In Rameshwaram: It is placed near Railway Terminus.
3. Harish Hotel In Rameshwaram: It is located near Ramanathaswamy Temple.
4. MCM Towers Hotel In Rameshwaram: It is situated near Ramanathaswamy Temple.

Rameshwaram Tour Packages

• Rameswaram tour packages: Rs. 2000 to Rs. 8,000.
• Rameswaram holiday packages: Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 9,000.
• Rameswaram hotels packages: Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 6,000.
• Rameswaram honeymoon packages: Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 12,000

Important Distances From Other Major Cities

Distances between Rameswaram and its nearby cities

170 Km
03 Hours 40 Minutes

Rameswaram to Chennai
566 Km
10 Hours 30 Minutes

577 Km
10 Hours 25 Minutes

Rameswaram to Trivandrum
401 Km
07 Hours 30 Minutes

Rameswaram to Kanyakumari
325 Km
06 Hours 20 Minutes

Tips To Visit In Rameshwaram

• It will be easy to travel in this city through auto rickshaws and buses.
• These modes are in cheap rates.
• Carry change.
• Price of hiring auto rickshaws can be budgeted.
• The ideal time to visit this city is between Octobers to April.
• Enjoy your holidays in Rameswaram.