Pushkar Hotels And Tour Packages, Weather With Best Places To Visit In Pushkar

Pushkar Hotels, weather, best places to visit

Pushkar town in Rajasthan is a beautiful and an admirable place in Rajasthan. It is the best town of Ajmer district which should be visited. Pushkar is situated at the distance of 14 km at north western region of Ajmer. Thus, the attractions that are situated within Ajmer are Ana Sagar, Mayo College, Adhai-din ka Jhonpra, Khwaja Moin-ud-din shrine, etc. It is one of the oldest regions of Rajasthan which is situated on the banks of pure Pushkar Lake. People believe that lord Brahma is related to this region. Pushkar houses many holy temples and many of them were renovated after their destruction.

They were destroyed by Muslims earlier. The most amazing temple of Pushkar is Brahma Temple. The most gorgeous Pushkar Lake is divided into 52 sacred ghats which are visited by pilgrims and devotees throughout the year. Another specialty of this region is an annual fair which is celebrated with a joy and fun is known as Pushkar Camel Fair which usually held during Novembers. The best and an ideal time to visit this region of Ajmer are between the months of Novembers to December. You should visit this island and take fabulous memories with you in return.

How To Reach Pushkar

---- Pushkar Airport ----

At the distance of 146 km away from Pushkar in Jaipur, there is an airport situated known as Sangener Airport from where Pushkar can be visited.

---- Pushkar Railway Station ----

Ajmer has a railway station that connects Pushkar Railway station and connects many other cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Lucknow, Kanpur, Trivandrum, Cochin, Patna etc.

Best Time to Visit In Pushkar

When To Visit Pushkar

Pushkar faces sultry and hot climate. Thus, winters are amazing, summers are excessively hot and monsoons are average. The ideal time to visit this place is between Octobers to March.

----Summers (March to June)----

During summers between Marchs to July, Pushkar becomes very hot and scorching. The temperature rises up to mercury level. Maximum temperature is 40°C and minimum is 25°C. You are advised not to visit during this season of Pushkar.

----Monsoons (July to September)----

During monsoons between Augusts to September, Pushkar experiences average rainfalls. There is 80% humidity followed by irregular rainfalls. This season is also not suitable for moving and travelling around.

---- Winters (December to February) ----

During winters between Octobers to February, Pushkar becomes eco friendly and appealing. Temperature calms down and creates ausom weather.

This is the perfect time top visit and travel in Pushkar. Maximum temperature of Pushkar is 22°C and minimum is 8°C. During the months of October to November, Pushkar fair held and thousands of visitors come to celebrate it.

How to Travel In Pushkar and Around The Pushkar City

Pushkar can be viewed on foot as it is a small town. The sightseeing can be done through various modes of transports which are as follows:

---- By Taxi ----

To travel in villages and cities near Pushkar, taxis can be hired. You can get a taxi from the main Taxi stand. They are costly but initial charges of Taxis are Rs. 30 and a general charge of this vehicle is Rs. 15 for a particular kilometer.

---- By Two Wheeler ----

Renting a bike or two-wheeler is also an option for people to travel within Pushkar. It can be hired easily and they charge Rs. 250. They are little expensive but helpful.

---- On Foot ----

As this town is small so many places can be viewed on foot. You can see the popular temple of Brahma on foot and other things can also be explore through this.

---- By Camel Safaris ----

Camel Safaris in Pushkar is a common ride where you can travel on deserted area and can do a perfect sightseeing. Camel ride is full of fun and will let you feel the culture of Rajasthan. It will provide you knowledgeable escorts or guides.

Best Places To Visit In Pushkar City

Brahma Temple In Pushkar On Mirchi Travels

Brahma Temple In Pushkar

Brahma Temple in Pushkar is a popular temple that only exists in Pushkar city. The temple was rebuilt in 1809. A history is related to this temple. Once lord Brahma became curious to perform fire worship or holy Yajnya in this town. He decided to marry a girl after his wife Savitri. His wife disagreed to his marriage. From that day his importance became less. You can see an icon with four faces of lord Brahma adorned with the face of his local wife Gayatri. There is a glitzy turtle made up of pur silver at the entrance of this temple which can be seen along with a maroon spire and a goose.

Aptaeshwar Temple In Pushkar On Mirchi Travels

Aptaeshwar Temple In Pushkar

Aptaeshwar Temple in Pushkar has gained its importance since 10th centuary AD. it was made in dedication to Lord Shiva. Earlier it was destroyed by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. It was later renovated. It comprises of a magnificent shrine which is placed underground. You can see a Shivalinga at the main hall. This precious and wonderful temple can be visited.

Pushkar Lake In Pushkar On Mirchi Travels

Pushkar Lake In Pushkar

Pushkar Lake in Pushkar is a precious lake. people believe that this lake was created when lord Brahma killed demon Vajra Nabha and at that time a petal of lotus flower fallen into the earth. This magistic lake is situated in arid region which is deserted. Visitors and pilgrims are always curious to take a dip into the purified water of Pushkar Lake. People also believed that this water cures all the diseases and bad sins of a person. It contains skin ailment chemicals. There are about 350 temples and 52 ghats that cover and surround this lake.

Varaha Temple In Pushkar On Mirchi Travels

Varaha Temple In Pushkar

Varaha Temple in Pushkar was constructed in 12th centuary. Later it was destroyed by a Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. Later it was renovated in 1727 by a king of Jaipur known as Raja Sawai Jai Singh II. This temple displays a magnificent image house. This temple is one of the great and prime temples in Pushkar along with Brahma Temple and Rangji Temple.

Savitri Temple In Pushkar On Mirchi Travels

Savitri Temple In Pushkar

Savitri Temple in Pushkar was constructed in 1687. It is located at the top of Ratnagiri Hill. This temple was made in dedication to Lord Brahma's desolated wife. People believed that Savitri refused to attend the marriage of his husband to a local girl Gayatri and she rested on Ratnagiri hill after her arrival to Pushkar. This temple is situated at front of Brahma Temple. It is believed that this temple was only built in front of Brahma Temple so that goddess Savitri keep a look on her husband. Pushkar Lake and desert can be seen through this astounding hill.

Rangji Temple in Pushkar On Mirchi Travels

Rangji Temple in Pushkar

Rangji temple in Pushkar reflects the brilliant culture of Rajasthan. South Indian and Mughal architectural styles can be seen applied on this temple. It was built in 1823 by Seth Puran Puran Mal Ganeriwal. It boasts Gopuram which is really attractive. it is one of the populous temples of Pushkar. This temple was made in dedication to lord Rangji, an incarnation of lord Vishnu. You must visit.

Merta City near Pushkar On Mirchi Travels

Merta City near Pushkar

Merta city near Pushkar considered being a holy place where collection of temples and palaces can be seen. It is located in the district of Nagaur in Rajasthan. Some of the favorite attractions of this city are Aurangzeb mosque, Mira Bai Temple, Bhanwal Mata Temple, etc. This city was earlier used to be a major trade center in Rajasthan and faced many fights. It was founded in 1480. It is the p[rime center of Pushkar which should be visited.

Best Hotels In Pushkar City

• Aaram Baagh Hotel In Pushkar : This hotel in Pushkar is situated in Motisar road.
• Bhanwar Singh Palace Hotel in Pushkar : It is situated on Ajmer-Pushkar road.
• Amrutham Hotel In Pushkar : It is located on Chhoti Basti.
• Aroma Hotel in Pushkar : It is near Brahma Temple.

Pushkar Tour Packages

Pushkar Tour And Travel Packages
• Pushkar tour packages: Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 9,000.
• Pushkar holiday packages: Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 12,000.
• Pushkar hotels packages: Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 9,000.

Important Distances From Other Major Cities

Distances between Pushkar and its nearby cities

Pushkar to Ajmer
27 Km
00 Hours 40 Minutes

184 Km
03 Hours 20 Minutes

151 Km
02 Hours 40 Minutes

Pushkar to Indore
553 Km
09 Hours 20 Minutes

Pushkar to Jaisalmer
455 Km
06 Hours 30 Minutes

540 Km
07 Hours 20 Minutes

414 Km
07 Hours 30 Minutes

Pushkar to Bharatpur
325 Km
05 Hours 20 Minutes

344 Km
05 Hours 40 Minutes

Pushkar to Bikaner
251 Km
04 Hours 20 Minutes

Pushkar to Udaipur
294 Km
05 Hours 30 Minutes

280 Km
05 Hours 20 Minutes

Pushkar Travel Tips With Precautions To Visit

• You are advised not to visit during monsoons and summers.
• Winters are ausom and pleasant.
• Visiting can be done during winters.
• Carry a water bottle.
• Carry a handkerchief.
• Carry woolens in winters.
• If you are travelling during summers then carry light clothes like cotton.
• Carry an umbrella/raincoat if you have decided to visit during monsoons.
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