Pune Culture, History And Nightlife

Pune Culture

Pune is a cultural capital of Maharashtra and this city shows its cultural and traditional importance to every visitor. Pune is rich in its heritage and is blessed with the lifestyle of Maharashtra. The modern education reflects its culture. The city is renowned for celebrating all the festivals with enjoyment. Some of the festivals that are celebrated in Pune are Osho festival, Ganesh Chaturthi, Sawai Gandharva festival, Chaturshringi festival, etc. Pune will provide you the facilities of meditation and Yoga as well which attracts foreign visitors. The city has alluring surroundings which will cheer your mood. It’s a perfect destination where you will definitely get mixed with mind tracking atmosphere of Pune. The city has lip smacking food items like Kolhapuri dishes and Maharashtrian dishes namely bhakri pitla, bhelpudi, vada pav, kacchi dabeli, missal, puran poli, karanji, soonth panak, coconut potali, chakli etc. You will surely enjoy all these dishes which represent Maharashtrian culture.

Pune History

Pune had faced the period of many rulers and kingdoms in its land. The first kingdom to gain access over the city was Maratha Empire. They gave city the capital of Maratha Kingdom. The great ruler Shivaji’s childhood was spent here. The city also faced the period of Rashtrakutas in 8th century, Yadava Empire in 9th centuary, Mughal Emperors and Britishers. The resources of this city were developed after British era. Pune contributed its efforts in doing struggle for Independence. It’s a land of social and religious reformers like Bal Gangadhar Tilak. Today, Pune is a perfect example of historical importance and modernization. To now more details about Pune you have to visit this city.

Nightlife Of Pune

Colorful nights, adorable surroundings, lovely weather and modernity make this city beautiful. Its nightlife is really amazing. People of Pune love to move around during nights. This metropolitan city has also gained growth in bars, clubs, discotheques, lounges and pubs. Hangouts with friends or family members during nights will be full of enthusiasm and enjoyment. Pune also serve its delicious cocktails, mouth watering beverages and foot tapping music.
You can also attend a musical or rock concert during nights in Pune. Movies in PVR or other halls can be seen and enjoyed during nights. Movies can be Bollywood or Hollywood and is enjoyed a lot. Night shows are always available. Pune has really developed and it attracts masses of visitors towards it and they love to move around the place during nights. Don’t ever miss this opportunity otherwise you will always regret to enjoy in Pune during nights. These nights will color your life as well.