Orissa Tourism, Culture, History With Orissa Tour Package, Weather, Geography

Orissa Geography, weather, tourism, history with Orissa tour package and culture

Orissa is a part of eastern coast of India. This state is surrounded by Bay of Bengal in eastern side, Chhattisgarh in western side, West Bengal and Jharkhand in north and Andhra Pradesh in south. The total area covered by this state is about 155,820 km2 and is known to be at ninth position of being the largest state of India. Orissa is also known as Odisha. This state comprises of total population of about 41,947,358 with reference of the census of 2011 and it holds the eleventh position in popularity in India. The state was known to be as Kalinga kingdom in historic era because it was a region of Kalinga Kingdom in 261 BC in which the great ruler Ashoka the great ruled over the state.

This state was established on 1st April 1936 under the regime of Britishers. The official language of this state is Odia. Orissa has a huge coastline which has a length of about 480 km. the state provides thrilling sea sports which is a main attraction. Most areas of Orissa are covered with cyclones, mountains and Mahanadi River delta region. Tourism in Orissa is a perfect option where you can enjoy water sports. This region comprises of many attractions like Puri’s Jagannath Temple, Konark’s Sun Temple, Bhubaneswar’s Lingaraja Temple, Hirakud Dam, Khandagiri, Udayagiri etc. Tourism in this state will let you forget every stress of your life. You will automatically lose in the beauty of Orissa.

Orissa History

Orissa had suffered a lot under reigns of many kingdoms and rulers. It holds the spectacular history which is very interesting. Earlier, Orissa was known to be as Kalinga which can be found on Vedic age writings. Brahmanical influences failed to hold Kalinga region. It was indicated by Vedic Sutrakara Baudhayana in 6th centuary BC. Customs and tribal traditions played an important role in development of political and cultural structure of Orissa till 15th centuary. Later, Brahmanical influences became successful in holding the regions of Orissa which also influenced the caste discrimination that affected its social mobility.

Mauryan Emperor, Ashoka the great made an attempt to gain access over the state in 261 BC and he was successful in ruling over the state. Eastern regions of Orissa came under the rule of a Jain Emperor known as Kharavela in 3rd centuary BC. The state also came under control of many other kings like Samudragupta, Shashanka, King Harsha, Yayati Kesari-I, Eastern Ganga dynasty, Mughal Empire, Hyderabad’s Nizam and British East India Company. Later, there was a formation of Bihar and Odisha Province in 1912 and in year 1936 the states of Bihar and Odisha were separated from each other on linguistic basis. Later India got independent and this state got freedom from every rule and Kingdom in 1947 and this state was established as an apart of India in 1950.

Orissa Tourism

Tourism in Orissa is full of surprises as you will face and view many beautiful things that will take your breath away. Orissa is famous for Jagannath Temple which is situated in Puri Sun Temple in Konark and Lingaraja Temple in Bhubaneswar. Puri, Konark and Bhubaneswar all together called as eastern India’s Golden Triangle because they gain most visitors than any other region of Orissa. These three temples are famous because of their splendor architectures that are why they are gaining attention of visitors. Orissa also houses beautiful beaches that are also popular in India. Some of the places to see in Orissa are as follows:
o Udayagiri Complex
o Khandagiri caves
o Puri beach
o Bailighai beach
o Ramachandi beach
o Paradeep beach
o Astarang beach
o Chilika lake
o Golapur-on-sea
o Chilika Bird Sanctuary
o Bhitar Kanika National Park
o Tikarpada Gharial Sanctuary
o Simlipal National Park
o Chandaka Wildlife Sanctuary
o Gahirmatha Turtle Sanctuary
o Nandan Kanan Wildlife Sanctuary

Culture Of Orissa

Orissa has an amazing culture. Orissa is made up of with the combination of traditions, religions, music, dance forms, festivals, art and cuisines. Let us check out different sections that represent the culture of Orissa which are as follows:

---- Language Of Orissa ----

Maximum population of Orissa communicates in Oriya language. Oriya is an official language of Orissa. Oriya heritage comprises of Adivasis culture.

---- Dance Of Orissa ----

Orissa is famous for its classical art forms. Some of them are Mahari dance, Chhau dance, Gotipura dance and Ghumura dance.

---- Religion Of Orissa ----

There are different religions that exist in Orissa. They all together reflect the amazing culture of Orissa. There are about 2.07% Islamic, 2.44% Christians, 94.35% Hindus and 1.14% other religions that exist in Orissa. You can see that Hinduism covers the majority in Orissa.

---- Music Of Orissa ----

Orissa is a flawless state that holds the awe inspiring collection of folk music. If we talk about Odissi music, it is a combination of different types of music like Chitrapada, Panhal, Dhruvapada and Chitrakala. Thus, some of the folk musics of Orissa are Yogi Gita, Jhumar, Kendara Gita, Prahallad Natak, Mogal Tamasa, Danda Nacha, Palla, Dhuduki Badya, Sankirtan, Kandhei Nacha, Ghoda Nacha, Daskathia and Kela Nacha.

---- Festivals In Orissa ----

Rath Yatra/Car Festival is a well renowned festival that is celebrated in Orissa. Other festivals like Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Dussehra, Navratri etc. are also celebrated in Orissa.

---- Cuisines Of Orissa ----

Some of the delicious cuisines that are famous in Orissa are Rasgulla, Kheeri, Chhenapoda, Pakhala, Poda Pitha, Manda Pitha, Haldi Patra, Chitou Pitha, Mudhi etc.

Best Time to Visit In Orissa

Climate Condition Of Orissa

Orissa is a state which is situated on a coastal belt and its weather and climate is often influenced by the sea. During the months of April and May, the temperature is observed to be high on the other hand state’s Eastern Ghats experience extreme cold temperature. Orissa comprises of tropical climate because it lies at the southern region of Tropic of Cancer. The weather is seen to be warm throughout the year.

---- Summers (March to June) ----

During summers season in orissa, Orissa becomes extremely hot. The maximum temperature is measured to be between 35°C to 40°C and minimum is between 12°C to 14°C. The season also holds humidity. It is not at all the correct time to visit Orissa.

---- Monsoons (July to September) ----

During monsoons season in Orissa, Orissa faces average rainfalls of about 150 cm. it is held because of south west monsoons. South west monsoon usually occur during July to September. This state also experiences floods and particularly on the month of July as this month is the wettest month of Orissa. Fewer rainfalls can be observed between Octobers to November. The driest months of Orissa are January and February.

---- Winters (Octobers to February) ----

During winters season in Orissa, Orissa faces cool temperature. Winters are unpredictable as sometimes there is extreme cold and sometimes the temperature becomes warm. The minimum temperature is about 3°C to 4°C.

Geography Of Orissa

Orissa is placed on India’s eastern coast. Orissa is covered by Bay of Bengal in east, Chhattisgarh in west, Jharkhand and West Bengal in north and Andhra Pradesh in south. The former capital of Orissa is Bhubaneswar whereas Cuttack is the capital of Orissa. The rivers that flow in Orissa are Mahanadi, Kolab, Tel, Indravati, Brahmani, Rushikulya, Subarnarekha, Kathajodi, Salandi, Vanshadhara, Baitarani, Nagavali, Bahuda and Budhabalanga. There are about five physiological regions of Orissa that are Middle mountainous and highlands region, Central plateaus, Major food plains, Coastal plains and Western rolling uplands.

Economy Of Orissa

Economy in Orissa has been developed and is still growing. This state is in fourth position by its growth rate. The total investment of the country shares 12.6% of investment with this state. It has gained focus of not only domestic visitors but also populous internationally. Orissa is known for its natural resources like coal, iron, chromites, bauxite and aluminum. The state is well known for its IT also and hub of IT companies has been existed in Orissa like Mahindra, TCS, and Infosys etc.

Government Of Orissa

Representative democracy is a part of parliamentary system through which Orissa is governed. Each and every person of this state owns a universal suffrage. Its government has only three branches namely:
Legislature: It contains elected members and office bearers.
Judiciary: It contains Odisha High Court.
Executive: It contains a two authority heads namely Chief Minister, governor and President.

Orissa Tour Packages

Orissa is well maintained state. You can take enjoyment in environment of the Orissa. Must visit .....!!!!

Precautions To Visit In Orissa

1. Orissa should be visited during winters because of its pleasant temperature.
2. Monsoon and summer visiting should be avoided.
3. Do not carry any gold or silver jewelry in outer pocket either of your jacket or in your luggage.
4. Carry it safely.
5. You can keep them on the safe provided by your hotel.
6. Trekking should be done in shoes.
7. Carry a handkerchief with you.
8. Carry a first aid box for your safety.
9. You can keep gaining information about a location and this state on GPRS.
10. Keep your luggage locked whether it is with you while travelling or it’s in your hotel room.