Nandan Kanan National Park And Nandi Hills

16. Nandan Kanan National Park

Nandan Kanan National Park In India On Mirchi Travels

NANDANKANAN ZOOLOGICAL PARK is a zoo and botanical garden in Bhubaneswar, India is popular for its zoos, aquariums and evergreen vegetation situated in Odisha on Chandaka forest with a beautiful lake known as Kanjia Lake in the district of Sonitpur. The park was established in 1960 and declared as a zoological park in 1979. Being as the part of World Association, it was the first zoo of India launched in 2009. It is also known as the garden of heavens. Nandan Kanan National Park has a specialty of having about 43 species of mammals, 23 species of reptiles and Tigers species. Some other animal species are as follows:
• Panthers
• Crocodiles
• Ghariyals
• Elephants
• Rhinoceros
• Orangutan

How To Travel In Nandan Kanan National Park

---- Cycle Rickshaws ----

Cycle Rickshaws are cheap and easily affordable which includes fare between Rs. 10 – Rs. 50. You can hire this mode of transport.

---- Tempo ----

Tempo is the fast and best mode to travel. Travelers can have a tempo to travel that costs around Rs. 10 – 50 according to the distance travelled.

---- Auto Rickshaw ----

The basic fare of auto rickshaw is between Rs. 10 – Rs. 100. It is the cheapest transport. You can also reserve this ride.

---- Private Car ----

Private cars can be hired if you are travelling with your family members or friends that will cost around Rs.200 – Rs. 700. They are comfortable but little expensive. They are meant to catch u from a location and drop you to other location. They are punctual and organized.

When To Visit In Nandan Kanan National Park

Nandan Kanan National Park has cool winters, windy summers and humid monsoons. Nandan Kanan National Park temperature updates are as follows:

---- Summers (March to June) ----

In Summer weather, Nandan Kanan National Park becomes hot and humid with maximum temperature of about 45°C and minimum is about 35°C. You will not be able to tolerate the sunstrokes within the park. There will be humidity. You should carry a handkerchief and a water bottle.

---- Monsoons (July to September) ----

In Monsoon Season, Nandan Kanan National Park has heavy rain falls and thunder with little hot weather. Cover your head properly to prevent yourself from catching any harmful disease. Visiting should be avoided and ignored.

---- Winters (October to February) ----

In winter weather, Nandan Kanan National Park has the mild weather with minimum temperature of about 15°C and maximum temperature 25°C. You should only visit at winters.

The ideal time to visit this spot is between Decembers to February.

17. Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills In India On Mirchi Travels

NANDI HILLS in Karnataka, India is located in the district of Chikkaballapur above the sea level on the banks of River Arkavathy between Nandi Muddenahalli and Kanivenarayanapura at a height of about 1,478 meters at a distance of about 60 km away from Bangalore. Nandi Hills are famous by the name of 'Nadidurga'. Earlier, Nandi Hill was Tipu Sultan's splendor summer resort and a Mysore Fort but later it was conquered by British forces under the rule of Lord Cornwallis in 1791. The name of the hill was originated after the name of 'Nandi' which was a bull served to be the mount of Lord Shiva. An eye catching temple can be seen on the top of the hill named as 'Yoganandeeshwara Temple' which was constructed by Cholas. It was made in dedication to the son of Chhatrapati Shivaji's son known as Sambhaji. The Nandi high hills comprises of big trees and plants like 'Eucalyptus' and coffea Arabia. You can see the trees surrounded by water because of cloud condensation over the place. Nandi Hills is the residence for the following bird species like:
• Whistling thrushes
• Falcon
• Woodpigeon
• Crows
• Sparrows
• Bulbuls with yellow throat
• Thrushes
• Flycatchers
• Warblers

When To Visit In Nandi Hills

Temperature in Nandi Hills creates a pleasant climate during winters and monsoons but summers create tensions.

---- Summers (March to June) ----

In Summer weather, Nandi Hills sees hotness in extreme maximum temperature of about 29°C and minimum 23°C. Avoid travelling, exploring, discovering and visiting this site because it is not an ideal time to visit.

---- Monsoons (July to September) ----

In Monsoon Season, Nandi Hills sees very heavy rain falls. Visiting here should be done but greenery can be seen from exteriors of its entrance.

---- Winters (October to February) ----

In winter weather, Nandi Hills has the wonderful cold climate with minimum temperature of 11°C and maximum temperature 21°C. You should visit here. During this season you can also view rare species in Nandi Hills.

The ideal time to visit this spot is between Decembers to February.

How To Travel In Nandi Hills

---- Auto Rickshaws ----

Auto Rickshaws are fast, cosy, comfortable and cheapest mode of travelling. It includes Rs. 10 – Rs. 100. Auto rickshaws can be hired and are available from many routes.

---- Taxi ----

Taxis are luxurious and can be privately hired that costs around Rs.300 – Rs. 700. You will have fun with your family or friends in visiting Nandi Hills through a taxi.

---- On Foot/Trekking ----

Trekking can be done within the premise which creates excitement, curiosity, enthusiasm and enjoyment. Gorgeous beauty of nature can be seen only on foot.

Best Places To Visit In Nandi Hills

---- Nandi Temple ----

The Nandi Temple in Nandi Hills is a magnificent temple was constructed during Banas, Cholas, Vijaynagar King and Hoysalas period by a king of Vijaynagar known as Kempe Gowda. You can see the deities of lord Yoganandiswara and lord Bhoganandiswara. The temple is made up of beautifully carved pillars with metallic work. The temple has a lamp tower which is lightened every evening by a boy.

---- Tipu's Drop ----

Tipu's Drop in Nandi Hills has a height of about 600 meters. People believed that in ancient time the prisoners were pulled up from the cliff to meet their death. Through this cliff you can view the fabulous city. You can the rusting sound from the trees when wind blows at night. People believe that this rusting sound is the sound of dead prisoners who cries for their ghastly end.

---- Brahmashram ----

Brahmashram in Nandi Hills is an attractive cave that gathers a hub of visitors. This is a prestigious place where Ramakrishna Paramhamsa used to mediate who was a greatest devotee of Goddess Kali. The cave has a cool climate. You must visit.

---- Muddenahalli ----

Muddenahalli is a museum made in dedication to Sir. M Visshveshwaraiah. He was one of the popular engineer in Myusore. The museum comprises of Harbingers which belonges to him with a huge collection of his photographs and his writings. This is actually hius birthplace. The museum also houses Sathya Sai Grama educational complex which is the trust of Loka Seya. Some of its main attractions are Anjaneya temple, Bhjog Nandeeshwara temple, Baanathi etc. which are situated nearby.

---- Nehru Nilaya ----

Nehru Nilaya in Nandi Hill is a gorgeous bungalow belongs to Sir Markcubbon KBC who was once the commissioner of Mysore. This beautiful bungalow was built in British Architectural style. In 1986, the SAARC summit was holded and organized in this bungalow. Now this residence is transformed into a guest house which belongs to India's horticulture department. Entry within the premise is not allowed. But there are seating arrangements near this bungalow which will give you the panoramic view of its surroundings and a glitzy view of this bungalow.

Timings of visiting: 7 am to 10 pm

---- Amrita Sarovar ----

Amrita Sarovar is a calm and crystal clear lake that will surprise you. It is also called as 'Nectar Lake' or 'Ambrosia Lake'. The water supply to all the resorts of the hill is transferred from this lake. You can see the panoramic view of the lake during the nights which seems to be glitters through the moonlight.

---- Tipu's Summer Residence ----

Tipu's summer residence was built in 1791 is a stunning palace of Tipu Sultan. Hider Ali started the construction of this beautiful palace and Tipu Sultan completed it. Tipu sultan named this summer resort as 'Tashk-e-Jannat' which means the heaven's envy. The residence is made up of woods, arched towers, unique architectural style and adorned with paintings in its interiors. Visitors are not allowed in this premise.

Important Distances From Other Major Cities

Distances between Nandi Hills and its nearby cities

56.3 Km
01 Hours 00 Minutes

207.6 Km
03 Hours 50 Minutes

Nandi Hills to Chikmagalur
248.4 Km
04 Hours 40 Minutes

Nandi Hills to Kabini
279.9 Km
05 Hours 30 Minutes

Nandi Hills to Madikeri
285.2 Km
05 Hours 20 Minutes

Nandi Hills to Bandipur National Park
292.3 Km
05 Hours 10 Minutes

Nandi Hills to Coorg
303.5 Km
05 Hours 30 Minutes

Nandi Hills to Chennai
333.3 Km
06 Hours 10 Minutes

Nandi Hills to Coimbatore
379.2 Km
07 Hours 10 Minutes

Nandi Hills to Hyderabad
521.2 Km
08 Hours 40 Minutes