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Nagpur is famous for its Oranges so that it is known as orange city of India. It is so beautiful and clean city of State Maharastra as it is known the second capital of Maharastra. It is a center mark of India's Geography. You will find many beautiful temples having watchable architecture, several lakes with beautiful sightseeing and picturesque green forests and gardens. You can take a Nagpur holiday package to experience a beautiful holiday here.Whenever you visit here you can't miss the Balaji Temple which is so good to visit. You can also visit here as per religious purpose too.

There are many places which you can't miss when you visit here like Mahatma Gandhi's Residence where Mahatma Gandhi spend his last time of his life, Ambazari Lake, beautiful monumental heritage of Sitabuldi Fort, Sevagram, Dragon Place temple of Buddhist, central Museum, Seminari hills etc. When you plan to visit here, you can't miss the enjoyment of juice and delicious oranges of Nagpur and ever their orange sweets too.

History Or About Nagpur

When we talk about Nagpur city, we can say that Nagpur is very historical city and its history found that it was created in 10th century. Many Rulers like Badami Chalukya's rule, Rastrakuta's Rule and at last Yadava's Rule ruled on the city and the city have many footsteps in this city. After those Mughal Empire have ruled on the Nagpur City but the present city which have its own charm is due to its founder Bakut Buland as all other known to last prince of the Nagpur and Deogarh Kindom.

Nagpur plays also main role in the fight against British rule and Non-Cooperation Movement which is started from year 1920-1921. Overall we can say that role of Nagpur city can never neglect in all the movement of the India. When we consider the present situation of Nagpur, It is situated in the Maharastra State.

Tour Packages

Nagpur Tour Packages

Nagpur tour package can be get from approx. Rs.5ooo to Rs.9,ooo.

Nagpur Holiday Packages

Nagpur City oliday packages can be booked from approx Rs.7000 to Rs.12,000.