Nagaland Weather And Tour Packages With History, Education, Tourism And Culture

nagaland weather and tour packages with history, education, tourism and culture

Nagaland is an awe strucking state located in north-east region of India and is a part of 'Seven Sisters States' of India. Nagaland is ranked in sixteenth position to be as a Union of India and it was established on December 1st, 1963. The capital of this state is Kohima. The largest city of Nagaland is Dimapur. This precious state has total geographical area of about 16,579 km2. This state is renowned as a 25th largest state of India. it is also the famous part of India comes in 24th position. The total population of this state is 1,980,602. There are about 7.7% of Hindus, 90.02% of Christians, 1.8% of Islamic and 0.3% of other religions in Nagaland.

Nagaland is surrounded by Assam in north-west direction, Arunachal Pradesh in north and Manipur in south side. The international border of Nagaland is shared by Myanmar. Nagaland has abundance of eye catching mountains except Assam valley. The state houses seven mind blowing districts namely Woka, Peren, Kohima, Mon, Phek, Dimapur, Mokochug, Longleng, Kiphire, Zunheboto and Tuensang. This state will provide you tourism in its districts. Its places look astonishing and it will take your breath away. You should visit this state as it is really amazing. We are sure that you will return with a smile on your face.

Nagaland History

Nagaland is a jewel state of India that contains an interesting history. Since ancient era, this was a residence of Naga tribes. Nagaland and Assam was under the rule of Burma in 1816 and in 1892, East India Company started ruling in some regions of Nagaland. During missionaries, people of Naga tribes transformed themselves into Christians. There was an occurrence of Naga National Movement in 1918 after returning back of some people of Naga tribes to Nagaland. This state was the home of Naga tribes that's why they initiated this movement. Nagaland was known to be a part of India since 1947 after Independence. Naga National Council demanded a political union for their homeland after Independence because they disagreed with the junction of Assam and other parts of India with Nagaland. Nagas initiated a protest against government of India. The troops were sent to Indian Army in Nagaland to maintain their order and law in 1955. In 1957, Naga tribes were agreed for merging Nagaland with India. Finally, on 1st December 1963, Nagaland was declared as a state of union of India.

Nagaland Tourism

Tourism in Nagaland has been improved that attracts masses of visitors throughout the year. People are always curious and exited to travel in this state. The account of Nagaland is always full with people. It has gained a tremendous increase in tourism. The culture of Nagaland is so unique that its charm, traditions, cuisines, architecture and other things will take your breath away. People of Nagaland had preserved their unique culture since ancient era that can be seen in this state. Its spectacular flora adds a beauty to this state. The fairs, festivals and traditions of this state are enjoyed by people all over the world after visiting this state. The divine rivers with green vegetation are really amazing. You can visit Kohima, Peren, Longleng, Dimapur, Japfu peak, World War II Cemetery and Kiphire in Nagaland. You must experience this state atleast one time if you have never visited this state. We are sure that you will get impressed by its glorious beauty.

Nagaland Culture

Nagaland is an extraordinary state covered by sixteen different tribes. All these tribes have their own loyalties, traditions and lifestyles. Nagaland has a tradition of weaving and it still continues through generations. Each and every tribe produces well designed and colorful shawls, spears, wooden carvings, shoulder bags, table mats etc. Making shawls by each tribe is a symbol of wearer's social status. Nagaland keeps the special dance forms, folk songs, festivals and other traditions into its account. They all together add the charm to this state which creates a commendable identity of this state. The tradition of this state is alive since ancient era. Naga folk songs represent historical songs, romantic songs and seasonal songs.

Nagaland is also known as a 'land of festivals' in India. they are indulged in celebrating Christian festivals and hornbill festival with full enjoyment. Nagas have unique rituals like head hunting and merit feasts. Head hunting is an activity done by male after returning back from an expedition with a woman. This was done as a marriage prerequisite. The man was asked to hunt maximum number of heads and kill them. This was done against other tribes of Nagaland. If a man succeeds in killing maximum no. of heads, he would have given the right to ornaments. But, in 19th centuary, this act was banned and now nobody practices this ritual. Another ritual is Merit Feasts which is celebrated for Nagas life and style of living. Males give importance and value to their wives in this ritual.

Best Time to Visit In Nagaland

Climate Condition Of Nagaland

Monsoons in Nagaland are humid with high rain falls, winters are cold and good with hot and appealing summers.

----Summers (March to June)----

During summers seasons, the temperature varies between 16°C-31°C. Summers come for a short duration. This season is pleasing and you should visit Nagaland during this season. Carry goggles and water bottle. Wear light clothes but woolens are essential for high attitudes.

----Monsoons (July to September)----

During Monsoon season, the state observes average rainfalls with high humidity. You should avoid visiting Nagaland during this bad weather and season. The annual rainfall varies between 1,800 to 2,500 mm. the temperature is between 21°C to 40°C. Avoid visiting during this stressful season.

---- Winters (November to February) ----

In Winter season of Nagaland, the state becomes frosty cold. High attitudes are seen covered with snow looks like heaven. Temperature drops down with temperature of 4°C. Winters comes early with north western winds. You are most welcome in this season. Carry woolens and trekking must be enjoyed.

Geography Of Nagaland

Nagaland is situated at longitudes between 98° E and 96° E and with latitudes between 26.6° N and 27.4° N. the peak which is highest in this state is Saramati Mountains has an elevation of about 3,826 meters. The major rivers which flow in this state are Doyan, Chindwin, Barak and Diphu. Nagaland is a vegetation covered region is full of evergreen and astonishing forests. Nagaland is blessed with magnificent animal species like bears, elephants, hornbills, Sambhars, leopards etc.

Economy Of Nagaland

In Nagaland the first importance is given to Agricultural Activity. About 90% of people in this state are dependent upon agricultural sector for livelihood. The food crops are imported in this state because of insufficiency in food crops. Some of the main crops that are grown in this state are oilseeds, millets, corn, pulses, sugarcane etc. The important and essential economic activities in Nagaland are insurance, tourism and real estate. Some of the cotton industries in this state own wooden works, weaving and pottery that are also important in Nagaland.

Government Of Nagaland

The governance in Nagaland is dependent upon constitutional head who is the president of India. Vidhan Sabha is the main executive and legislative body of Nagaland that preserves 60 members. Naga tribes of this state are given special powers for owning their tribes and their own affairs conduction.

Nagaland Tour Packages

Nagaland is small but beautiful state with full of environment beauty which fullfill all the reqirement of the tourists which always want some peace of mind and want to spend some time with each other. So you can contact with your Travel agent for some better deals.

Precautions To Visit In Nagaland

1. Nagaland has astonishing summers but for very short duration.
2. You can move around different places of Nagaland during summers.
3. You can view magnificent sites in this state during this season.
4. Monsoons are heavy so do not move around in this season.
5. Winters are good and are an ideal time to spend your days in Nagaland.
6. Summers are hectic so do not travel in Nagaland during this season.
7. Keep your important documents with you safely.
8. Switch of water supply and electricity when not in use in your desired hotel, guesthouse or resort.