Mizoram Tour Packages With History, Culture, Education And Weather

Mizoram tour package and weather, tourism, education, culture and history

The lovely state Mizoram is located in north-east part of India has a capital of Aizwal city. This beauteous state comes under Seven Sisters States of north-eastern India.
This state is in 24th rank for having a total geographical area about 21,081km2. According to the census of 2011, this state has a total population of 1,091,014. Mizoram is known as the twenty 23rd state of union of India which is very popular tourism spot for people. This state became Indian republic on 20th February, 1987. The largest city of this astounding state is Aizwal. People of Mizoram often communicate in Mizo and English language. The states of Manipur, Assam and Tripura are surrounded around Mizoram and situated on its boundaries.

It also has an international border which is occupied by Myanmar and Bangladesh. Mizoram houses eight beautiful distructs namely Aizwal, Mamit, Champhai, Kolasib, Saiha, Lawngtlai, Serchhip and Lunglei.This state will bring relaxation on your mood. It's so beautiful that it will impress you by its charm. If you are thinking for a place where you could spend your holidays or official tours, then Mizoram is a best state for it. Go for it and make your days memorable. We are sure that you will gather sweet memories from Mizoram places and many other interesting things will be known so please visit.

Mizoram History

Mizoram was land of Mizo tribes since ancient era. Mizo tribes were also known as Kukis. The abolition of chieftainship was observed in this state along with a formation of Autonomous District Council of Lushai Hills in 1952. The district council and Mizo Union discussed with State Reorganization Commission for mixing Mizo tribal areas of Mizoram and Tripura with district council in 1954. The political party of Mizos is known as East-India Tribal Union was formed in 1955. They demanded for a separate state along with Assam hilly areas. There was also establishment of Mizo National Front on 22nd October in 1961. This was done for Independence and sovereignty for Mizoram. Later, Mizoram was declared as a state of India on 20th February, 1987.

Mizoram Tourism

Mizoram is an underdeveloped state. It has lack of proper amenities. But, soon we will able to view Mizoram as a tourist state. Important steps have been decided to take for increasing its efficiency to tourists by higher authorities and tourist department. Places in Mizoram can be visited because they contain a unique and commendable architecture and scenic beauty. Blue Mountains are the specialty of Mizoram that looks really amazing and it will take your breath away. You will feel happy after watching those splendor scenic blue hills from your sight. Thus, beauteous hills, deep awe strucking gorges, lush green beauty and ausom climate makes this state more beautiful and pleasant. You can view many charasmatyic places in Mizoram such as Sibuta Lung, Tualchang, Memorial of Chhingpui, Pangzawal, Tomb of Vanhimailian, Lungvandawt, Phulpui grave, Mangkahia Lung and Keibul Lamjao National Park. These amazing places are really lovely and you should visit these places. We are sure that you will feel enthusiastic while travelling in Mizoram.

Mizoram Culture

Mizoram is a hub of old traditions and cultures. Mizo tribes and other social structures have faced many cultural changes. The emergence of Christianity was observed among the people of Mizoram in late 1890s. There were many cultures of Mizo tribes earlier like Zwalbook which was a camp for defense from wars, Pathian was the god of Mizo tribes, Nula rim was a courtship method, Pathlawi was a tradition of having extra marital affairs in case of young married men, Ramrilekha was a tradition of having an owned land by the chief of the tribe and this was hereditary and Zamluang was known as a musical instrument. Some of the festivals that are celebrated in Mizoram are jhum cultivation, Kut festival and Christmas. The traditional dance forms of Mizoram are Khuallam, Cheraw, Chheihlam and Chai. The traditional musical instruments that are used in Mizoram are Khuang which is made up of animal hide and wood, hands clapping and sound making with the use of different instruments. The main language of Mizoram is Mizo, English, Duhlian, Lai, Gangte, Hmar, Paite, Mara etc.

Best Time to Visit In Mizoram

Climate Condition Of Mizoram

Mizoram has a cool weather during winters, heavy monsoons and mind summers. Thus, Mizoram is observed in having ausom weather throughout the year except rainy season. Check out that when is the right time to visit Mizoram.

----Summers (March to June)----

During summers seasons, Mizoram is known to have mild climate with certain coolness in atmosphere. The maximum temperature is around 29°C and minimum 20°C. This is the correct season when you can move around on different regions of Mizoram. Carry light clothes with goggles and caps. Water bottle should be kept with you. Trekking can be enjoyed and it is an ideal season for enjoying other adventurous activities in the state. Various places can be seen with full enjoyment.

----Monsoons (July to September)----

During Monsoon season, the state observes heavy rainfalls with a scenic atmosphere but not at all the right and ideal tim for travelling in Mizoram you can move around within the state only after rains. The occurrence of heavy rain falls can be seen on the months between May-September with a little dry and cold weather. Landslides and cyclones can occur during this season so please avoid travelling during this season.

---- Winters (November to February) ----

In Winter season of Mizoram, the weather in Mizoram is seen cold and glitzy. Temperature of Mizoram in this season varies between 7°C to 22°C. It will be amazing to travel during this season.

Geography Of Mizoram

Mizoram in north-east part of India has a total geographical area of about 21,081 km2. Its area makes it the 24th largest and popular state in India. Myanmar and Bangladesh covers this state along with Tripura, Manipur and Assam. Mizoram is a beauteous state houses eye catching mountains, valleys, hills and glitzy rivers and lakes. The highest and the famous peak in Mizoram is known as Phawngpui Tlang which has a height of about 2,210 meters. The main river stream of this state is called as Kaladan or Chhimtuipui. Other rivers like Tlawng, Tut, Tuivawl and Tuirial which also flows in this state.

Economy Of Mizoram

Tourism is underdeveloped in this state due to the lack of basic facilities. This state also faces the crises of economy due to lack of domestic markets and raw materials in the state. The main activity is agricultural activity in which 70% of people within the state are dependent. Due to monsoons, a large amount of crops are cultivated here. The major industries which increase the economy of this state are of bamboos and handlooms.

Government Of Mizoram

Legislative Assembly of Mizoram contains 40 seats. The management of this state is done by Village Councils. The Deputy Commissioner administrates and heads this state. There is a Police Superintendent who administrates police duties. Thus, each district of this state has a police superintendent.

Mizoram Tour Packages

Mizoram have very beautiful natural beauty you can discuss with your travel agent about the travelling in Mizoram.

Precautions To Visit In Mizoram

i. Mizoram is a superb state where winters are cool.
ii. Bring woolens with you.
iii. Summers are not so cold and carry light clothes.
iv. Monsoons are not so good so avoid visiting.
v. Wash your hands properly before having a meal during monsoons.
vi. Avoid visiting national parks and hill stations during this season.
vii. Check if your hotel is providing proper accommodation or not.
viii. Keep your important documents with you safely.
ix. Switch of water supply and electricity when not in use in your desired hotel, guesthouse or resort.
x. Carry city and state map with you.