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Mathura temples, hotals and resorts with Mathura tour packages

People highly think of Mathura when it comes to worshiping lord Krishna, the incarnation of lord Vishnu is located in Uttar Pradesh. It is the birth place of Lord Krishna that consists of many highly admirable and holy places, shrines and cultures. People have the deep routed feelings and beliefs about Mathura. It has many nicknames given by different countries like "muttara" called by British and "modoura" by Greeks. We can see the scenic Yamuna river banks that give flavor to Mathura. The holy festivals called as holy and Janamashtami is related to the "Blue god" known as lord Krishna.

Janamashtami is celebrated because this day is known for the birthday of Lord Krishna. His birthday is celebrated not only in Mathura but all over the world with great enthusiasm. We can see the different textures of architecture in Mathura's monuments especially a blend of Hindu and Muslim architecture because it was attacked by Muslim invaders many times. Along with such beauties temples in Mathura also has the most important significance in India.

Airport In Mathura

Agra Airport (AGR/VAIG) is situated at about 63 km away from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is the nearest Airport of Mathura.

Best Time to Visit In Mathura

Temperature in Mathura gives an eye catching climate during winters which is an ideal time to visit. Rainy season is tormenting. High temperature of Mathura leads to unpleasant summers. Check out its weather updates.

---- Winters (November to February) ----

In winter weather, Mathura becomes pleasingly cold. You should visit at this period. It has a maximum temperature of about 32°C and minimum 14°C. Carry woolens. We see the appealing and refreshing weather in Mathura during the winters. Do not carry light clothes.

---- Summers (March to June) ----

In Summer weather, Mathura becomes stressing hot and not a suitable time to visit. Mathura has maximum temperature of about 45°C and minimum 30°C. Water bottle is necessary. Carry a hat/cap. Thus, high Mathura temperature creates disturbance in travelling.

---- Monsoons (July to October) ----

Mathura weather observes showering medium rainfalls but avoid visiting in this season. We can see the scenic view of Mathura. Carry a raincoat or an umbrella. Thus, this type of Mathura temperature creates an appeal in Mathura weather. Avoid visiting.

How to Travel In Mathura and Around The Mathura City

Mathura tourism can be done by the following means of transportation:

---- In Bus ----

Buses can be hired which can be available from bus stand. It is the cheapest mode to travel in Mathura that includes Rs. 5 – 10.

---- By Auto Rickshaw ----

There is availability of Auto Rickshaws in the city which do not run on meters. The basic fare is Rs. 20 – 40 for every kilometer.

---- By Cycle Rickshaw ----

They are a good option to travel in city. Fares can range from Rs. 4 to Rs. 8, depending on the distance. They are negotiable and cheap.

Best Places To Visit In Mathura City

Mathura tourism is popular and should be done. Mathura city has ausom places to visit. Mathura UP has great historical importance and significance in India. This pilgrimage city is simply amazing. Some of the places to visit in Mathura are as follows:

Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple Complex In Mathura On Mirchi Travels

Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple Complex In Mathura

Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi temple in Mathura is exactly located on the birth place of Lord Krishna. This Mathura temple was built in 10th centuary and renovated many times by Muslim invaders. It comprises of the artifacts related to legendry stories of Lord Krishna that are displayed in a museum near the temple. The Mathura Mandir also contains the number of small shrines of other gods and goddess within the premises. It is one of the popular places to see in Mathura. You can find the tight security in this spot and cell phones are not allowed in the temple.
Timings of visiting: From morning 7 am to evening 8 pm

Gita Mandir In Mathura On Mirchi Travels

Gita Mandir In Mathura

Gita Mandir in Mathura was built by 'The Birla group'. This Mathura temple comprises of Gita's text that has been inscribed on its surroundings, commendable craftsmanship with marvelous paintings, divine carvings ornamentation of idol of Lord Krishna accompanied with Lakshmi Narayana, Ram and Sita. You can see huge amount of people here especially on the festivals of Holy and Janamashtami. It is one of the amazing Mathura visiting places.

Gokul In Mathura On Mirchi Travels

Gokul In Mathura

Gokul Mathura is located on south east portion of the city at about the distance of 15 km. people believed that Lord Krishna spent his childhood in this holy place. If you are Krishna lover then must visit this place to know more about the lord.

Jama Masjid In Mathura On Mirchi Travels

Jama Masjid In Mathura

Jama Masjib in Mathura was built by Nabir -Khan in 1661 is situated beside Janmabhoomi temple complex. It comprises of spectacular 4 minarets, amazingly plastered structures and commendable architectural design of the holy shrine. It is one of the popular places to see in Mathura and the main attraction for devotees.

Vishram Ghat In Mathura On Mirchi Travels

Vishram Ghat In Mathura

Vishram Ghat in Mathura is situated near Neelkantheshwar Temple, Yamuna-Krishna Temple, Langali Hanuman Temple, Narasimha temples and Murli Manohar Temple. This holy place is also related to the tales of Lord Krishna. It is the place where Lord Krishna rested after killing Kamsa. The main attraction of this holy spot is evening aarti and oil lamps glide on the river making it shine like glitters. It is one of the amazing Mathura visiting places. Must visit!!!

Dwarkadheesh Temple In Mathura On Mirchi Travels

Dwarkadheesh Temple In Mathura

Dwarkadheesh temple Mathura was built by Seth Gokul Das Parikh in 1814 is situated beside Yamuna River. It was made in dedication to Lord Krishna and Radha It comprises of commendable architectural style, fabulous structural design, beauteous paintings and unique carvings which makes it attractive. You will see crowd over this Mathura Krishna temple especially on the festivals of Holy and Janamashtami. It is one of the spectacular Mathura tourist places.
Timings of visiting: From 7 am to 8 pm.

Kamnath Mahadev Temple In Somnath On Mirchi Travels

Kamnath Mahadev Temple In Somnath

The Kamnath Mahadev temple in Somnath was built by a Mayurdhwaj King about 200 years ago. It contains a holy pond known as Dudhiyu Talav and a bathing pool known as 'Mahadev no Kund'. People believed that the pond contains the majestic healing powers and Mayurdhwaj King was recovered from leprosy after taking bath in this place. Millions of devotees can be seen in this holy place.

Govardhan Hill In Mathura On Mirchi Travels

Govardhan Hill In Mathura

Govardhan Mathura is located in Vrindaavan placed on Giriraj hill is dedicated to Lord Krishna. This is the most popular hill in Udaipur which is attached to a tale of Lord Krishna. He holds this hill for seven days in order to protect people from a hazardous flood. Many devotees of Lord Krishna visit here with great enthusiasm. Thus, it is one of the spectacular Mathura tourist places.

Government Museum In Mathura On Mirchi Travels

Government Museum In Mathura

Government Museum in Mathura was established in 1874 features fabulous collection of air, commendable artifacts and different types of sculptures made up of coins, gold, silver, copper, clay etc. It also comprises of ancient beautiful paintings, statues of King Vima Kadphises sitting on a lion throne, amazing mother goddess statue and plates related to Sunga period. This museum is made from red sandstones and is octagonal in shape. This place is also known as 'Curzon Museum'.
Timings of visiting: From 10 am-5 pm
Closed on Mondays and on government holidays

Raja Bharatpur Palace In Mathura On Mirchi Travels

Raja Bharatpur Palace In Mathura

Raja Bharatpur's Palace in Mathura comprises of a fabulous mixture of Rajput and Mugal Architecture. It has a spectacular carved apartments, vibrant well furnished floor, royal artifacts, second centuary objects, royal appeal and classy look. It also contains a central hall that is transformed into a museum. Must visit!!!

Best Hotel And Resorts in Mathura City

Some of the Mathura hotels are as follows:

---- Nidhivan Hotels and Resorts In Mathura ----

Nidhivan Hotels and Resorts In Mathura On Mirchi Travels

Nidhivan Hotels and Resorts in Mathura is located in Gopalgarh Tehra road offers: 24 hour room service, parking, doctor on call, mouth watering cuisines, air conditioned rooms, laundry, color TV, telephone and room service.

---- Hotel Basera In Mathura ----

Hotel Basera In Mathura On Mirchi Travels

Hotel Basera In Mathura Vrindavan is also located on Gopalgarh Tehra road offers: doctor on call, good accommodation, cozy rooms, fully furnished rooms, awe strucking washroom, yummy dishes, dining options, parking and servicing of rooms.

Mathura tour packages

Mathura holiday and tour packages packages starts from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 which include stay in the Hotel room and eating too. But extra activity will be charged to traveler.

Important Distances From Other Major Cities

Distances between Mathura and its nearby cities

11.7 Km
00 Hours 30 Minutes

22 Km
00 Hours 55 Minutes

59.1 Km
01 Hours 00 Minutes

148 Km
02 Hours 25 Minutes

218 Km
03 Hours 49 Minutes

309 Km
06 Hours 00 Minutes

Mathura to Chandigarh
406 Km
08 Hours 45 Minutes

560 Km
06 Hours 50 Minutes

Mathura to Indore
683 Km
11 Hours 55 Minutes

Gurgaon to Mathura
139.3 Km
02 Hours 30 Minutes

Tips To Visit In Somnath

1. Travelling in winters is an ideal time.
2. Please carry woolens.
3. Travelling in summers is not an ideal time.
4. Please carry light clothes with you like cotton.
5. Bring cap or hat to protect you from harmful sunrays.
6. Travelling in monsoons is also not an ideal time.
7. Please carry a raincoat and an umbrella with you.
8. There are many means of transport which will drop you safely to your desired location.
9. Carry your voter ID card.
10. Bring passport.
11. If you want to know more information about travelling then consult your Mathura travel guide.
12. Carry a city map with you.
13. If there is confusion about any place, ask locals.
14. Beware of clever guides.