Manipur Weather, Culture, History, Tourism With Manipur Tour Package

Manipur weather, culture, history, tourism with Manipur tour package

Manipur is a famed state situated in north eastern region of India. Manipur was established on 21st January, 1972 and is a part of 'Seven Sisters' state. The total geographical area spread in Manipur is around 22,347 km2. It comes in twenty third position of being as largest union state of India. The total population of Manipur is around 2,721,756 according to census of 2011. The state is accompanied by Myanmar in eastern side, Assam in western side, Nagaland in northern side and Mizoram in south. Manipur houses nine districts namely Imphal east, Imphal west, Thoubal, Bishnupur, Ukhrul, Churachandpur, Tamenglong, Chandel and Senapati. The most popular ethic group known as Meeteis or Meiteis is settled in this state.

Manipuri was known to be one of the national languages of India in 1922. This language is also known as 'lingua franca'. This state holds the most sensitive borders of India that's you maximum foreigners visit this state. For entering this state, one has to avail a permit from higher authorities of Regional Registration offices of Foreigners. This permit only has a validity of 10 days. Foreigners are only allowed to visit Imphal and Manipur.

Manipur History

Manipur is an illustrious state known for its strong history. It was a princely state when it was in control of British until 1891. Second World War was fought in Manipur. A democratic form was established after second world was initiated by Maharaja of this state who was an executive head with government through Manipur Constitution Act. Later, Manipur was mixed with India known to be its part in 1949. After, merging to India, Manipur became a notable Union Territory of India in 1956 and this state was also famed as the union of India in 1972. Violent demand was raised along with UNLF (United National Liberation Front) for Manipur in 1964. From that period Manipur was known as a sensitive region. Tourists and visitors are only allowed to travel in this state after taking permission from higher authorities.

Manipur Tourism

Tourism in Manipur will surely make you crazy. Flock of tourists comes to visit the features of this state throughout the year. Due to the underdevelopment of tourism industry in this state, Manipur is visited by only few tourists in a particular day. This state is known to be as a sensitive site. A special permit has to be taken form Foreigner's Office of Regional Registration which can only be available in government offices and metros. Foreigners are only allowed to visit Imphal and Manipur. Some of the places to see in Manipur state are:
• Sadu Waterfall
• Manipur Zoological Gardens
• Shree Govindajee Temple
• Imphal
• Sendra Islands
• Keibul Lamjao National Park
• Loktak Lake
• Manipur State Museum

Manipur Culture

Manipur has a charming culture of dance forms, martial art, sculpture, languages and theatre. You will be amazed to view the culture of Manipur with its language of communication which is prevalent in many tribes of this state. That language is well known by the name of Meeteilon which is a Tibeto Burman language. Manipur is a center for 29 different dialects. The classical and traditional dance of Manipur is based on the theme of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha along with the affection and devotion of Lord Krishna's Gopis. This dance form is based on slow movements that look ravishing and astounding.

People who dance in this form usually wear colorful laced and embroided clothes. This whol;e scenery looks absolutely stunning. Another dance form is known as Iskon which comprises of Rasa Leela. This is also a fabulous dance form of Manipur. The culture of Manipur also comprises of interesting sports like Sagol Kangjei, Yubi Lakbi, MuknaArambai Hunba and Kang. Major festivals that are celebrated in Manipur are Yaoshang during February to March, Cheiraoba during March to April, Kut and Ningol Chakouba during November, Christmus during December, Gaan Ngai and Pangal festivals.

Best Time to Visit In Manipur

Climate Condition Of Manipur

Manipur has pretty climate with tropical temperature throughout the year. It has scenic monsoons, pleasing summers and awe strucking winters. Let us check the following climatic conditions of Manipur:

----Summers (March to June)----

During summers, the temperature can be seen is 32 C. There is not so hot during this season. This season brings astounding and relieving atmosphere. You can visit Manipur during this season. Carry light clothes with you and enjoy your days in Manipur.

----Monsoons (July to September)----

the heavy rainfalls are observed in Manipur. The rainfall in this state is caused by south western monsoons. There are heavy rain falls between 1000 mms – 3500 mms. Please avoid visiting during this season. It will spoil your travelling. If you have already visited Manipur during this season then stay safe in your hotels or any other residence. Monsoons in Manipur are of two categories:
o Pre-Monsoon: This period occur during March and April with astonishing rainfalls. Scenic natural beauty can be seen during this season.
o Post-Monsoon: This period occur during October and November faces heavy rain falls. This is also not the appropriate time to travel in Manipur places.

---- Winters (November to February) ----

In Winter season of manipur, the temperature can be seen between sub-zero to 36oC. Winters are pleasing and cold. This is a correct period to visit Manipur. Pretty snowfall can be seen and enjoyed during this season. It is necessary to take woolens with you in good amount for Manipur tour.

Geography Of Manipur

This state is renowned by being a part of 'Seven Sisters States'. This state is situated at longitudes between 93°03 E and 94°74 E and latitudes between 23°83 N and 25°68 N. The total geographical area covered by Manipur is around 22,347 km2 with total population 2,721,756. Manipur is surrounded by Myanmar in east side, Assam in west side, Nagaland in north side and Mizoram in south. Manipur comprises of astonishing rugged hills and amazing narrow valleys. About 64% of Manipur is covered by natural vegetation. The prestigious river Barak flows in this state.

Economy Of Manipur

Agricultural Activities are the prime economic activity in Manipur. Most people are indulged in this sector for employment. This sector gives higher contribution to GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Manipur is a center of many food crops, vegetables and fruits like pulses, rice, maize, wheat, carrot, lemon, cabbage, orange, mangoes etc. another sector in Manipur is forest department. This department covers a vast area and mentioned as a second ranker in Manipur. After Independence, this state has gained its own identity. There was establishment of about 7700 industrial units in this state in 2012. Some of the industrial units were pharmaceuticals, plastic and steel. Another sector which is included in Manipur is Mining sector. This sector has been developed since recent years but GDP is not significant in this sector.

Manipur Tour Packages

Manipur have very beautiful and loving environment which will always attract the tourists. You can book your tour package after discussing with your travel agent.

Precautions To Visit In Manipur

1. Manipur has a wintry weather throughout the year.
2. Carry woolens with you because it's important.
3. Summers are not so hot. They are pleasant and good time to travel in Manipur.
4. Keep a water bottle while travelling.
5. Rainy season bring relief but stressing during moving around.
6. You should avoid visiting in this season.
7. Manipur comprises of heavy rain falls.
8. Avoid eating street food in this season.
9. Check the accommodation provided by your hotel properly.
10. Keep your important documents carefully with you.
11. If you have confusion about any location in Manipur, then ask local people of the area.
12. You can hire various means of transports to move round the place.
13. Enjoy your journey in Manipur.