Manali Introduction, Tourism, History, Tour And Travel package And Precaution

Manali weather, best places to visit, hotals and resorts and Manali tour packages

Manali is a fabulous hill station which is the main tourist destination for most of the visitors. This hill town is situated in Himachal Pradesh close to Kullu valley and at the highway which leads to Leh. It is also situated at about 270 km away from Shimla. This hill station s situated at an attitude of about 2,050 meters. There are many adventurous sports which can be done in Manali and among them skiing, trekking and paragliding are the most enjoyable activities. The panoramic views of snowy mountains and ausom weather will make you jolly and exited. Rohtang Pass in Manali is one of the famous spots where most of the visitors are seen trekking.

The lavishing snow and fascinating waterfalls will take your breath away. Manali is a heaven for honeymooners. It’s a paradise for them and creates a romantic atmosphere all around. Shopping and have lip smacking food in Mall road will make your heartbeat fast. Every kind of product and Kashmiri and Pashmina shawls, woolens, artifacts, caps, etc. that be shopped here.

Manali History

Manali history comprises of glorious charm which was earlier used to be the part of epic Mahabharata. The name of this hill station was originated after the name of a great sage who was known as ‘Manu’. There is also a temple which was made in memory of this sage is situated in Manali. The earliest inhabitants who were found in Manali were Rakshas who were belonged to a hunter tribe. After them, Kangra valley’s Shepherds were became next inhabitants who were spread in the land of Manali. Next were Nar inhabitants after Rakshas and Shepherds who became popular after their emergence. The fauna in Manali along with orchards was bought by British. People believed that an apple tree was planted in this town’s land and it produced abundance of fruits that due to their load this tree was collapsed.

Shopping In Manali

Shopping in Manali is an important activity where most of the tourists and visitors are seen chilling out. Mall road is a place where shopping is fully enjoyed. Sprawling items like shawls, handicrafts, caps, glasses, artifacts, jewelries, accessories, Tibetan art collection, bags, footwear etc. can be shopped. The eye catching fabrics and materials can also be shopped here. It will blow your mind and butterflies will start flying in your stomach. So, shop in relaxation which will make you satisfied as well.

Manali Tour And Travel Packages

The Manali tour packages are as follows:
a. Manali tour packages: Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 12,000.
b. Manali holiday packages: Rs.6, 000 to Rs. 13,000.
c. Manali hotels packages: Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 14,000.
d. Manali resort packages: Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 11,000.
e. Manali honeymoon packages: Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 15,000.

Manali Travel Tips And Precautions To Visit

I. Manali is pleasant throughout the year but avoid visiting during monsoons.
II. Monsoons can cause landslides.
III. Keep your bag pack locked and hang it safely on your shoulders.
IV. Carry a first aid kit.
V. Do not wear heels because Manali has steep routes.
VI. Wear sport shoes.
VII. Carry woolens during summers for high attitudes and during winters for high attitudes as well as for low regions.
VIII. Snowfalls can be enjoyed during winters but some regions are kept sealed during this season.
IX. Carry a city map or search for location by GPRS application from your mobile phones.
X. Hotel amenities should be checked properly.