Adventurous Activities In Manali City

Adventurous Activities In Manali

Some of the adventurous activities that can be enjoyed in Manali are as follows:

---- Paragliding In Manali ----

Paragliding In Manali On Mirchi Travels

Paragliding offers panoramic views of surroundings and it contains a superb land where this activity can be done. This activity can be enjoyed in Solang Valley which is located at about 14 km away from Manali. Weekly courses are held here and items related to this activity are provided by operators. Training is also provided with important precautions.

---- River Rafting In Manali ----

River Rafting In Manali On Mirchi Travels

Beas River provides an exotic land where river rafting can be enjoyed. This activity starts from Mohal and it covers a 10 km stretch along with nit. April-June and September-October are ideal months for trying this out.

---- Skiing In Manali ----

Skiing In Manali On Mirchi Travels

Skiing is a famous activity that creates a majestic view of surroundings and the fun of this activity can be felt. December-February is an ideal time to try skiing in Manali. There are two kinds of skiing that are Heli Skiing, snowboarding and Summer Skiing. You can even get trained in skiing through Private Ski Operators or from governmental institutes. The regions where this activity can be applied are:
1. Solang valley
2. Rontang Pass
3. Gulaba
4. Dhundi
5. Marhi
6. patalsu

---- Trekking In Manali ----

Trekking In Manali On Mirchi Travels

Trekking is an enthusiastic activity that will definitely make you joyful. It’s a favorite activity of nature lovers. The beautiful surroundings, snow-capped mountains, ausom weather and fascinating routes will make you excited and happy. The best time when you can involve in this activity is from April-June and September-October. Some of the regions and routes where this activity can be done are as follows:
1. Deo Tibba
2. Beas Kund
3. Raison
4. Baralacha Pass
5. Malana-Kasol route
6. Kasol-Naggar route
7. Naggar-Kisathach route
8. Kisathach-Nagaruni route
9. Nagaruni-Ramsu route
10. Spiti Pass
11. Pin Pass
12. Lahaul
13. Manikaran-Chhota Dhara route

---- Zorbing In Manali ----

Zorbing In Manali On Mirchi Travels

Zorbing will let you feel in heaven. It’s an activity in which a person is placed inside a transparent sphere and zorb is rolled down from a slope. Safety measures and precautions are also taken. Only two people at a time can enjoy Zorbing. Weight should be equal or less than 120 kg. This activity can be enjoyed in Solang Valley.

---- Mountaineering In Manali ----

Mountaineering In Manali On Mirchi Travels

Mountaineering is another activity which is full of fascination and is a thrilling activity. This activity will make you fan of this place. This activity is applied on the following regions of Manali:
1. Rohtang Pass
2. Kothi gorge
3. Solang valley
4. Hanuman Tibba
5. Jagatsukh
6. Naggar
7. Deo Tibba

---- River Crossing In Manali ----

River Crossing In Manali On Mirchi Travels

This thrilling activity is a famous thing which si done by maximum visitors of Manali every year. This activity will defiantly make you recharged and rejoiced. You can enjoy this activity during winters and summers but monsoons should be avoided. A professional trainer is required while you are doing this activity because this activity is risky. April-June is an ideal month for trying river rafting in Manali. Some of the sites where river rafting can be enjoyed are as follows:
1. Aleo
2. Bhang
3. Beas River
4. Raison