Madhya Pradesh Weather, Culture, History, Tourism With Madhya Pradesh Tour Package

Madhya Pradesh weather, culture, history, tourism with madhya pradesh tour package

Madhya Pradesh, a central province is a part of incredible India. The capital of Madhya Pradesh (MP) is Bhopal. Madhya Pradesh is also known as "Heart of India". It is India's second largest state and is a home for 75 million people. Thus, this magnificent state is surrounded by Chhattisgarh in east, Gujarat in west, Rajasthan in north and Maharashtra in south. The largest and the famous city in Madhya Pradesh is Indore. Thus, MP was established in 1st November, 1956. This state has its own 50 districts with their commendable beauties and marvelous sites. It houses 30% of forest regions where the picturesque scenery of lush green forests, thick woods, fauna species and scenic surroundings can be seen.

These districts are now converted into administrative division organization namely Hoshangabad division, Sagar division, Jabalpur division, Rewa division, Ujjain division, Shahdol division and Chambal division. The state also houses attractive agro climatic zones like Narmada Valley, Kaimur Plateau, Gwalior region, Nimar Plateau, Narmada Hills, Jhabua Hills, Satpura Hills, Wainganga Valley, Malwa Plateau, Vindhyan Plateau and Bundelkhand region. MP is known as the largest diamond and copper reserves in India.

MP is one of the well known tourism state in India and has achieved National Tourism Award for being the topper tourism state in 2010 – 12. MP tourism should be done and it will take your heart away. The superb cultures with its awe strucking nightlife will surely blow your mind. If you are searching for a state where you can do holiday tours and honeymoon tours, this state should be kept in mind. You are most welcome in Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh History

Madhya Pradesh, India has a history where you will know about many regions and kings who owned and ruled over this state. This marvelous city brings the Indian history which seems to be very interesting. The emergence of this state started from Stone Age whose evidences had been observed in MP many years back. One such evidence is the Bhimbetka caves of rock which showcases ancient paintings that are about 9,000 years old.

Madhya Pradesh was a region of Malwa and Chedi Kingdom in 600 BC, Chandragupta Maurya in 321 BC, Gupta Empire in 5th and 6th centuries BC, Hephthalites, Malwa's king Yasodharman in 528 AD, Thanesar's king Harsha in 647 AD, Chandelas of Bundelkhand and Paramaras of Malwa were Rajput dynasties, Delhi Sultanate in 13th centuary, Gwalior Kingdom of Tomara Rajput and Malwa Sultanate in 14th centuary AD, Gujarat Sultanate in 1531, Mughal Emperor Humayun, Afghan Sher Shah Suri in 1540, Hemu was the general of Afghans, Mughal Emperor in 1556, Marathas with Maharashtra in 1707 till 1760, Britishers and then India got independence in 1947 and MP gained its own identity.

Madhya Pradesh Culture

Madhya Pradesh is made up of different fascinating cultures. They reflect the lifestyles of people. MP has its commendable classical and folk music like Maihar Gharana, Senia Gharana and Gwalior Gharana. Baiju Bawra and Tansen are the two famous singers who were born in MP. Lata Mangeshkar was born in Indore and Kishore Kumar was born in Khandwa are the two most popular playback singers of India. Both places are the part of Madhya Pradesh. Some of the local folk styles of singing are Sanja geet, Alha, Kalbelia, Nirgunia, Kalgi, Charan, Faga, Bhopa, Vasdeva, Paandwani Gayan etc. that are known to be a part of Madhya Pradesh culture. Baadhai, Sher, Shaitan, Dashera, Akhara, Baredi, Karma etc. are the major folk dance forms of MP. The founder of Transcendental Meditation is Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was born in this state along with the founder of Sahaja Yoga Nirmaalaa Srivastava and Rajneesh who is a founder of Osho.

People of Madhya Pradesh usually speak in Hindi and Marathi languages. Tribal people in Madhya Pradesh usually communicate in Telugu, Gondi, Bhilodi, Nihali, Kalto and Korku languages. MP is incomplete without colorful festivals and fairs like:
• Shivratri celebrated in Pachmarhi, Ujjain, Bhojpur and Khujaraho.
• Celebration of Ramnavami in Orchha and Chitrakoot.
• Jhabua celebrates Bhagoriya dance.
• Khujaraho celebrates annual festival of different dance forms.
• Panchmarhi, Indore, Ujjain and Mandu celebrate Malwa festival which comprises of richness in tribal and folk culture of Madhya Pradesh.
• Gwalior Trade Fair and Gwalior Carnival in Gwalior.

Best Time to Visit In Madhya Pradesh

Climate Condition Of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh deals with a subtropical climate throughout the year. It has tormenting summers, which will interrupt you while travelling. You can see astounding monsoons. It creates magic in weather but it is not at all the correct time to visit MP places further leads to dry and cool wintry weather. Winters are the correct time to visit MP places. Check out the updates of climatic conditions and weather of Madhya Pradesh which are given below:

----Summers (March to June)----

They are hot and dry. Visiting Madhya Pradesh places in his season will be stressful. Please carry light clothes while travelling. Carry a water bottle as there is very hot and you will get thirsty. You can have ice creams or cold drinks during this season. Carry goggles to protect your eyes from harmful sunrays. Apply sunscreen lotion on your body because skin gets tanned.

----Monsoons (July to September)----

The state seems to be cool and astonishing. There is an average rainfall about 1,370 mm. Monsoon winds moves from west side to east. South-western parts of MP deals with heavy rain falls and its north western parts deal with rainfalls of about 1,000 mm or less. Please avoid doing holiday or honeymoon tours in this season. It is not the good season to move around and hangout. But if you are in mood to visit MP places then take care of yourself while walking. You will find slippery roads of some regions so walk properly. You can have hot and spicy food during this season. Wash your hands properly before having a meal and void junk food.

---- Winters (November to February) ----

The state observes dry wintry weather. The weather becomes balmy and appealing. Visiting in Madhya Pradesh places in this season should be done. Don't forget to bring woolens. You can easily do sightseeing in this amazing season. Carry woolens. They will be useful if you are in mood to visit MP's hill stations. National parks can be visited during this season and trekking can be done to make your body warm and to create enthusiasm.

Tourism In Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh tourism can be only enjoyed when you take a visit during winters. This state has abundance of districts, national parks, world heritage sites and so on where you can feel rejoiced. Madhya is a heart of India which will really take your heart away. One can feel relaxed and happy after visiting ravishing sites of MP. Flock of visitors can be seen visiting in various places of this state throughout the year. It's a perfect place for nature lovers. Splendor monuments, palaces, rock caves, stupas and forts can be seen in this state which represents their historical significance and displays a bunch of knowledge.

There are four splendor world heritage sites of UNESCO in MP that spreads its significance in all over the world are: Rock Caves in Bhimbetka, Devi Jagdambi Temple, and Buddhist Monuments in Sanchi and Khujarao group of monuments. Therefore, 31% of MP's geographical area is covered by forests like Madhav National Park, Satpura National Park, Pench National Park, Sanjay National Park, Kanha National Park, Bandhav National Park, Panna National Park, Mandla Plant Fossils National Park and Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve. These parks have abundance of flora and fauna that attracts people towards its astonishing natural beauty. The view of hill ranges like Vindhyas and Satpura with superbly flowing Narmada and Tapti rivers from direction east to west and Mahanadi, Betwa, Sone, Chambal rivers which flows from west to east directions looks really panoramic. It seems to be like a paradise where one can forget everything and feel relaxed and positive. Other beauteous sites in MP includes Asigarh, Bhopal, Amarkantak, Chanderi, Bawangaja, Deorkothar, Gwalior, Dhar, Chitrakuta, Maheshwar, Mandu, Indore, Mandleshwar, Orchha, Omkareshwar, Shivpuri, Ujjain and Sonagiri.

Madhya Pradesh state also houses mind blowing hill stations like Shivpuri, Amarkantak and Panchmarhi. Hill stations in MP will take your breath away. You must visit this state's glitzy places. Its tourism will really make your dreams in heaven true. Its tourism will give you satisfaction. You should visit this heart of India which will make your heartbeat fast. Enjoy in Madhya Pradesh visiting sites.

Best Places To Visit In Madhya Pradesh

There are many places to visit in Madhya Pradesh but we short listed some of them following:

Sanchi In Madhya Pradesh On Mirchi Travels

Sanchi In Madhya Pradesh

Sanchi is situated in Madhya Pradesh is a spot known for its Buddhist monuments like Sanchi Stupas.
How to reach Sanchi?
o Sanchi Airport: Raja Bhoj Airport is situated at about 55 km away from Sanchi in the city of Bhopal.
o Sanchi Railway Station: Bhopal and Sanchi Railway Stations are the two railheads near Sanchi.
When to reach Sanchi?
There is a hot temperature in during summers which is not at all a right period to visit Sanchi. Monsoons bring a nice weather in Sanchi with pleasant winters. You should visit Sanchi during winters.
Places to visit in Sanchi
o Ashoka Pillar
o Buddhist Stupa
o Buddhist Vihara
o Eastern Gateway
Hotels in Sanchi
o Hotel Samodhi Sanchi
o Hotel Gateway Retreat MPTDC Sanchi

Gwalior In Madhya Pradesh On Mirchi Travels

Gwalior In Madhya Pradesh

Gwalior is a historical place is situated at a distance of about 319 km away from Delhi in Madhya Pradesh. This is the main place for tourism in Madhya Pradesh.
How to reach Gwalior?
o Gwalior Airport is situated in Gangotri is the nearest airport which is also called as Rajmata VijyaScindia Vimantal.
o Gwalior Junction is operated by Northern Central Railway is situated in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.
When to reach Gwalior?
Temperature in Dharamshala has a very appealing and soothing climate during winters and monsoons. Therefore, weather in Gwalior is not so good during summers. They are hot and tormenting.
Places to visit in Gwalior
o Ghaus Mohammed Tomb
o Gujari Mahal Archeological Museum
o Jivaji Rao Scindia Museum
o Sun Temple
o Gwalior Fort
o Man Mandir Palace
o Jai Vilas Palace
o Teli ka Mandir
o Rock-cut Temples
o Saas Bahu Mandir
Hotels in Gwalior
o Hotel Taj Usha Kiran Palace
o Hotel Central Park
o Hotel Grace Gwalior
o Hotel Gwalior Regency

Geography Of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is located in the mid part of the nation that is why it is known as the 'Central Province' of India. It is located between 21.2oN to 26.87oN latitude and longitude of 74 o02' to 82 o49' E. Madhya Pradesh is situated on the banks of beautiful Narmada River which flows between Satoura and Vindhya ranges. Apart from Narmada River, many other glitzy rivers flows in MP like Mahanadi, Chambal, Ken, Kuno, Betwa, Godavari, Sindh, Kali Sindh, Shipra, Parbati and Dhasan. Gujarat from west, Rajasthan from northwest Chhattisgarh from east, Uttar Pradesh from northeast and Maharashtra from south borders Madhya Pradesh. Thus, this state covers a vast area of about 308,252 km2. Madhya Pradesh has 31% of geographical area covered by forests has area of about 95,221 km2.

Economy Of Madhya Pradesh

The primary economic sector of Madhya Pradesh is 'Agriculture' which serves employment to about 80% of people from total population. They are engaged in agricultural activities and allied sections. There is about 46% of GSDP (Gross State Domestic Product) contribution in agriculture in Madhya Pradesh. This state develops about 20% of pulses total produced in all over India. Some of the crops which are produced in MP are wheat, maize, grams oilseeds, pulses, soybeans, rice etc.

About 31% of Madhya Pradesh is forest covered so products from forests such as Teak wood, bamboos, Sal wood, medicinal leaves, herbs and so on are exported throughout India and even out of India. This state is also rich in mineral wealth deposits with copper ore, coal, bauxite, limestone and dolomite. These minerals boasts MP economic sector. MP also houses about 26% of Industrial Sector which comprises of electronics, automobiles, telecommunications, cement and Informational Technology and13% of cement are housed in MP.

Population Of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is a residence for 75 million people along with 50% of tribal population. It houses a blend of different castes, communities, tribes, ethnic groups and migrants. This least developed region has about 0.375 of value which is below national average in Human Development Index in 2011. It is the low ranked state on Indian State Hunger Index of India and is the fourth lowest state of country with nominal Gross State Domestic Product (GDP). It has been observed that GDP of this state has grown above national average. There are about 46 Scheduled Tribes and 3 Tribal Groups of Special Primitives.

Govenment Of Madhya Pradesh

This state of India has 230 seats of legislative assembly and 40 members are sent to Indian Parliament among which 11 are elected to Rajya Sabha and 29 to Lok Sabha. The president of India appoints the state's constitutional head. Chief Minister handles execution powers. Ram Naresh Yadav is the governor of Madhya Pradesh of 2012 and Shivraj Singh Chauhan is Chief Minister belongs to Bhartiya Janta Party. BJP won a majority of 143 seats by defeating congress in November 2008.

Education & Sports Of Madhya Pradesh

MP has a literacy rate of about 70.60% according to the census of 2011. It has been noted that his state has 5,160 secondary schools, 6,353 high schools and about 105,591 primary schools. Madhya Pradesh also houses about 12 medical colleges, 208 management institutions and 208 architecture and engineering colleges. Bhopal Badshahs is a hockey team whose home ground is situated in Bhopal's Aishbagh Stadium. Madhya Pradesh houses three international cricket Staduims namely Holkar Cricket Stadium and Nehru Stadium situated in Indore and Roop Singh Stadium situated in Gwalior. It also comprises of a football team.

Precautions Of Madhya Pradesh

01. MP has a dry wintry weather but is balmy and pleasant. This is the correct time to visit his state's different places.
02. Street vendors offer different food items in MP. Some are hot mouth watering cuisines which should be tried in winters. They will make your body warm.
03. Trekking can be enjoyed during winters.
04. You should carry woolens with you during winters.
05. You can explore the sites of MP perfectly during winters.
06. Summers in MP are excessively hot and dry. They are unpleasant and not at all correct time for holiday tours.
07. If you are visiting MP during summers for any official work or any other purpose then you should carry light clothes with you.
08. Bringing a hat/cap is necessary.
09. Water bottle should be with you while travelling.
10. You can visit hill stations, river regions or water parks during summers as it will give you relief from pinching sunrays.
11. Drinking water in large amount is necessary during this season.
12. Rainy season is blessed with panoramic views of nature as it looks attractive but you should avoid visiting in this season.
13. If you are in mood to visit, then carry an umbrella/raincoat with you.
14. MP comprises of average rainfalls. Avoid eating junk food and street food in his season.
15. These foods carry diseases and infections in hem which could make you ill.
16. Wash your hands properly before having a meal during monsoons.
17. Avoid visiting national parks and hill stations during this season.
18. Check if your hotel is providing proper accommodation or not.
19. Keep your important documents with you safely.
20. Switch of water supply and electricity when not in use in your desired hotel, guesthouse or resort.
21. Carry city and state map with you.
22. If you have confusion about any location in MP, then you can ask locals.
23. Many means of transports are available for moving round.
24. Enjoy your memorable days in MP.

Madhya Pradesh Tour Packages

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