Lucknow Introduction, Tourism, Culture, Nightlife, Tour Package And Precaution

Lucknow Parks, hotals and resorts and Lucknow tour packages

Lucknow, the city of nawabs is one of the astounding cities of Uttar Pradesh state. People are keen to visit this beautiful city. This city is famous for its mouth watering cuisines, historical monuments and shopping places. People boast about the interesting history about this city. The administrative headquarters of this amazing city is Lucknow district and is a metropolitan city of Uttar Pradesh. The city is known for its lovely cultures and it was under the control of Nawabs since 18th and 19th centuries. This city is standing above the sea level on an elevation of about 120 meters. This city is situated on total geographical area of about 689.1 km2. The river which flows in this city is Gomti River.

This city is ranked as an eleventh most popular city in India. Hub of visitors can be seen in this city moving around various places of Lucknow. The city houses beauteous Chhota and Bada Imambada, Kaiser Bagh Palace, Chattar Manzil, State Museum, Residency, Zoological Park etc. You can connect to this city via airport and railway stations. The correct time to travel around this city is during the months between Octobers – February. This city of nawabs should be visited. You will view the various historical monuments which a glorious charm and a unique architecture all around. The city is also known by its amazing evenings. People usually travel during lovely evenings of Lucknow.

Culture of Lucknow

Lucknow is a multicultural city which comprises of many surprises. The Lucknowites holds different communication languages like Hindi, English, Awadhi, and Urdu and so on. Luck now city still maintains Muslim culture but maximum people will be heard speaking Hindi language. Lucknowites speak and communicate a in polished and polite manner. Lip smacking restaurants and delicious cuisines of Lucknow should be tried. You should not miss biryanis, kakori kababs, shami kababs, seekh kababs, patili-ke-kababs, boti kababs and galawati kababs. The festivals that are celebrated in this city with great enthusiasm are Holi, Diwali, Dussehra, Christmas, Durga Puja, Eid, Lucknow Mahotsava, Muharram, Chup Tazia and Nowruz.

The culture of Lucknow is also flourished by music, dance forms and drama. Kathak is the main dance form is the classical dance form of alaucknow. You can learn many other dance forms, drama and music from Bhatkhande Music Institute Varanasi, Sangeet Natak Academy, Theatre Arts Workshop, JOSH, Darpan Manchkriti and IPTA. Luck now is also famous for chicken embroidery, block printing, zari, kamdani, zardozi and gota making. Luck now also house the number of educational institutions like IIM Lucknow, IET Lucknow, Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Dr. Ram Mahohar Lohia National Law University, King George Medical College, Lucknow University etc.

Nightlife of Lucknow

Lucknow has a magical nightlife. Nightlife in Lucknow comprises of energy, enthusiasm, joy and vigor. You will get a chance to taste the ausom nightlife of Lucknow. Bars, lounges, discotheques and clubs will give a fabulous experience. You can dance and have smashing drinks with breath taking snacks and cuisines. Spend you Saturdays and Sundays in Lucknow especially in nights. Foot tapping music in discos, lovely resorts, having kababs in Taunday Kababi, eating delicious ice cream flavors, roaming in Malls, taking a view of Marine Drive and enjoying movies in PVR are the favorite activities of people in Lucknow. You can perfectly hangout with your friends and family members during the nights. As you know that the evenings of Lucknow are beautiful so check out the beauteous nightlife of this city also.

Lucknow Tour Packages

Lucknow package involves:
1. Lucknow tour packages: Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000
2. Lucknow holiday packages: Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000
3. Lucknow hotel packages: Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 15,000

Tips To Visit In Lucknow

1. Winters are cool and pleasant so bring woolens.
2. Summers are bright, hot and humid so carry light clothes and a water bottle.
3. Monsoons are scenic so carry a raincoat in order to protect you from getting sick.
4. You can visit water parks during summers. It is the best place for chilling out.
5. Carry important documents safely.
6. Check for provided accommodation in a desired hotel.
7. Enjoy your days in Lucknow.