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Lonavala is another tourist destination which is a famous spot in India is situated between Mumbai and Pune. This is an arid landscape and a cloudy region. The region is blessed with beauteous waterfalls, glitzy lakes, eye catching shrubs and greenish plants. The place is known for its monsoonal season. You can only visit this astounding place during the monsoons. In monsoons the place becomes scenic and tourists love the cool weather of Lonavala. The place is renowned for its mouth-watering Chikki that is the favorite food item of all visitors and tourists. Chikki is also an important shopping place where you can buy various eye popping items. The place is also famous for its historical forts. A visit to this place will make your day. It will make your mood refreshed and give your mind full of tensions and stress, a relief.

Best Time to Visit In Lonavala

When To Visit Lonavala

The place deals with moderate climate throughout the year. It contains hot and warm summers, scenic and enjoyable monsoons and cold and awe strucking winters. Hence, the best months to visit this ausom place are October to March. April and May are hot and tormenting months. June-September is beauteous. Let us look the temperature details of this place which is as follows:

----Summers (March to June)----

In summers season, Lonavala becomes hot and warm and is not at all a great and a best time to visit this place. The maximum temperature of Lonavala is about 40°C. Do not visit on the month of May because it is the warmest month of this season. It will make your journey stressful. Carry light clothes and goggles during this season if you are visiting Lonavala during this season.

----Monsoons (July to September)----

In Monsoon Season, the place deals with astonishing medium rainfalls. This is the most attractive season of Lonavala which is enjoyed by every person. They are scenic and beautiful. You must visit Lonavala during this season. Do not forget to bring raincoats along with you.

----Winters (October to February)----

In winter weather, the region observes pleasant weather which is also an ideal time to visit Lonavala. The maximum temperature it sees is about 36°C and minimum is 12°C. This is the best season for holding tourist activities.

How to Travel In and Around The Lonavala

Lonavala is an ausom hill station that can be explored through various means of transports.

---- By Taxi ----

Taxis in Lonavala can be hired in every part of city. They can be available in areas like railway stations and bus stops. They do not run on meters. They are expensive but comfortable. They costs Rs. 100 – Rs. 500.

---- Auto Rickshaw ----

They also do not run on meters. Auto rickshaws are an efficient mode of transport which can be available in every part of Lonavala city. They will charge Rs. 100 to Rs. 200. They do no demand night fares.

---- Rented Bikes ----

They can be rented and is an ideal mode to travel within the city. They will charge around Rs. 120 – Rs. 300. They are extra ordinary vehicles.

Adventurous Activities In Lonavala

---- Paragliding ----

Paragliding can be enjoyed in Kamshet, which is very close to Lonavala. Tourists are advised to stay overnight at Lonavala and further go to Kamshet to indulge in this adventure. Various adventure operators are available on the site and they provide training as well as gear.

---- Fishing ----

Lonavala is the hamlet of the fishing community known as Koli. Lonavala is the nerve-centre of the fishing activities in the state. The number of Lakes and dam sites make this place a hub of all kinds of fishing activities. The lakes in Lonavala are thriving with varieties of fish fauna.
Visiting Lonavala will give the tourist the rare opportunity of living among the local fishermen folks and to enjoy their culture and lifestyles. If you are interested in fun fishing the local fishermen will be more willing to take you for fishing.

Best Places To Visit In Lonavala City

Bushi Dam In Lonavala On Mirchi Travels

Bushi Dam In Lonavala

Bushi Dam in Lonavala is a populous spot and is the most attractive place that gathers attention of flock of visitors. This dam is located at 6 km away from the main city Lonavala. This dam houses a waterfall and is a hilly terrain. It should be visited and viewed during monsoons because it looks astonishing during this season and it overflows with rains. There are many food corners around the dam that serves mouth watering and lip smacking food. Swimming in dam is strictly prohibited. You can really enjoy viewing the panoramic views of this fabulously build dam.

Bhaja Caves In Lonavala On Mirchi Travels

Bhaja Caves In Lonavala

This famous spot of Lonavala is situated in Pune to Mumbai Highway. This cave is the oldest spot of Lonavala and is known to be the caves since 1st centuary. This site is renowned by Buddhist religious caves and is declared as a super national monument of India. It is beautifully managed since ancient era. Evenings are the best time to visit this ausom place. The late night glittering lights makes this spot a lovely site to view and photography can be done.

Koregad Fort In Lonavala On Mirchi Travels

Koregad Fort In Lonavala

Koregad Fort is situated in a hillock in Lonavala. You can reach this popular fort through trekking and it will take just one hour. Many parts of this fort are ruined. The view of surroundings is really panoramic. This popular spot of Lonavala must be visited.

Karla Caves In Lonavala On Mirchi Travels

Karla Caves In Lonavala

Karla Caves in Lonavala was constructed between 1st B.C and 2nd centuary C.E. you can see lovely and eye catching rock-cut carvings on this cave beautifully adorned with Chaitya and big pillars. The main attraction of this spot is Ashoka Pillar which is adorned with magnificent pedestal with carved lions. The architecture is the most remarkable thing in Karla caves.

Lohagad Fort In Lonavala On Mirchi Travels

Lohagad Fort In Lonavala

Lohagad Fort is located at a distance of about 10 km away from Lonavala. This fort is known to be the 2000 years old is placed at about 3400 feet height. The fort holds the historical significance. You can view the magnificent lakes from this from this fort and the most ideal place within the fort is scorpion tail also known as Vinchu Kata. It will take a trek of one day to reach this wonderful place of Lonavala.

Pawna Lake In Lonavala On Mirchi Travels

Pawna Lake In Lonavala

Pawna Lake is a populous lake in Lonavala. It was formed by Pawna Dam. This artificial lake was constructed in Pawna Dam. The scenic beauties placed around the lake attract people. The nearby attractions of this lake are Tikona Fort, Lohagad and Tung. You can really do hangouts in this spot.

Lonavala Lake Or Monsoon Lake In Lonavala On Mirchi Travels

Lonavala Lake Or Monsoon Lake In Lonavala

Lonavala Lake is also known as Monsoon Lake or Tata Dam is another favorite tourist destination of people. This is a scenic picnic spot where you can spend your time with either your friend or your family. This ideal spot is situated at a distance of about 1.6 km away from Lonavala. Monsoons are an ideal time to visit Lonavala Lake. Most of the spots in Lonavala can be easily visited during monsoon as this season adds a charm to the spots and makes them alive. You will feel like they are breathing and feeling this world and people around it. The feeling is lovable that is why people loves to visit this place. The water of this lake overflows during monsoons.

Nagphani Or Dukes Nose In Lonavala On Mirchi Travels

Nagphani Or Dukes Nose In Lonavala

Nagphani or Duke's Nose is a place where you can spend your holidays and weekends in a comfortable way. This spot is easily accessible from Maharashtra and Pune. This adventurous spot is a popular spot in Lonavala where people love to come. The place houses an unfiltered rock placed on a hill. A glitzy Mahadev Temple can be seen in this spot. You are advised to visit this spot during monsoons because during this season Kulsubai mountain is clearly perceptible.

Sausage Hills In Lonavala On Mirchi Travels

Sausage Hills In Lonavala

Sausage Hills in Lonavala is an ideal spot for holidays is blessed with many attractive picnic spots. Family outings can be done in this spot of Lonavala. This is an ideal place for trekking. The hill is covered by lush green dense forest and chirping sounds of birds can be heard in this spot. The views of lakes can be seen from this spectacular hill.

Ryewood Park In Lonavala On Mirchi Travels

Ryewood Park In Lonavala

Ryewood Park in Lonavala is located close to main market. It is known for its well manicured and astonishing gardens. The park houses flawless gardens and children parks. The park also comprises of species of trees and plants that allures the full park. This is also a picnic spot where one can spend and feel the essence of nature all around. Earlier, this park was a beautiful botanical garden but later it was modified into a fabulous park.

Sudhagadh Fort In Lonavala On Mirchi Travels

Sudhagadh Fort In Lonavala

Sudhagadh Fort is situated at about 26 km from Lonavala near Pali town. It is situated above sea level at a height of about 3000 feet. It is also called as Bhorapgadh Fort. This is a trekking spot that gathers focus of many tourists. The fort contains a historical significance related to Maratha period. The fort has a beautiful scenic natural beauty in its surroundings. Tents will be allotted if you will plan to take a stay at night in this spot. The top part of this fort is easily cacheable through Dhondse and Pachhapur villages. You will get the availability of guides in these villages to travel inside the fort.

Valvan Lake In Lonavala On Mirchi Travels

Valvan Lake In Lonavala

Valvan Lake is an attractive spot in Lonavala where masses of visitors can be seen flocking. This dam was constructed on Kundali River. Moving around the dam and lake will amaze you and you will be able to view the wonderful surroundings. Everyone feels ausom in this place and is a common place for people to visit. People often visit this place as it is their favorite place to visit. There is a spectacular garden situated nearby da where picnicking can be enjoyed.

Tungarli Lake In Lonavala On Mirchi Travels

Tungarli Lake In Lonavala

Tungarli Lake is another most visited spot in Lonavala. It was constructed across the huge dam. Monsoons are the best time to visit this spot as during this beautiful season this spot looks totally amazing. During this season water of Tungarli lake overflows. The lake is situated on a hill where entire Lonavala can be seen.

Scorpions Sting Or Vinchu Kata In Lonavala On Mirchi Travels

Scorpions Sting Or Vinchu Kata In Lonavala

Scorpion's Sting is also known as Vinchu Kata is an attractive site in Lonavala. The spot is shaped as a sting of a Scorpio. The place is also ideal for trekking and people often feel enthusiastic in this beauteous spot. You can view amazing hills and forests from this point. You are most welcome in this spot.

Tikona Fort In Lonavala On Mirchi Travels

Tikona Fort In Lonavala

Tikona Fort is a famous tourist site in Lonavala is also known by the name of Vitandgad Fort. This fort was constructed during the dynasty of Sihara. The fort offers trekking trials that is really enthusiastic. Visitors love to trekk within the fort and like to view scenic surrounding covered around the fort. The center of attraction of this fort is Timbakleshwar Mahadev Temple, Satvahan caves and a magnificent lake.

Visapur Fort In Lonavala On Mirchi Travels

Visapur Fort In Lonavala

Visapur Fort in Lonavala is a mighty fort which is situated at opposite side of splendor Lohagad Fort is an important and glitzy tourist attraction. The fort is known for its history that was created by Maratha era in Maharashtra. This is a huge fort, bigger than its counterpart. It has a height of about 4,000 feet. The fort comprises of a chieftain room which is ruined along with ponds and some water tanks. The strong and huge walls of this fort can be seen but most of the interior parts within the fort are ruined.

Aamby Valley In Lonavala On Mirchi Travels

Aamby Valley In Lonavala

Aamby is situated at about 23 km away from Lonavala. This valley is known for its grandeur and splendor features. The valley contains numerous fountains with Koyarigarh Fort and Sahayadri peaks. It is a well maintained and historic city. People love to visit this valley if they come to Lonavala. A trip to this city is also perfect.

Koli Temple In Lonavala On Mirchi Travels

Koli Temple In Lonavala

Koli temple is a holy temple of Lonavala. It was made in dedication to fishermen community. It is situated in exterior part of Karla caves in main Chaitya. The main deity of this temple is Aai Ekvira. This is a sacred temple and large amount of Koli tribal people during the festivals of Navratri and Chaitra can be seen here. The community of fishermen can also be seen hiking here. People love to do Koli dances with folk music during the festivals in this spot. Animals are sacrificed in this temple by Koli tribes like chicken or goats. They believe that the goddess deity within the temple has majestic powers and the deity is strongly believed by people.

Best Hotels In Lonavala City

Hotels In Lonavala

• Hotel Anand In Lonavala: It is situated near Telephone Exchange.
• Hotel Aristro In Lonavala: It is located in Valavan Village.
• Hotel Hari International In Lonavala: It is located on NH4.
• Hotel Neeta's Inn In Lonavala: It is situated in Mumbai-Pune Highway.

Best Resorts In Lonavala

• Della Resorts In Lonavala: It is located in Kunegaon.
• Girivihar Resort In Lonavala: It is located in new Tugari Road.
• Avion Holiday Resort In Lonavala: It is located in fly over junction.
• Fariyas Holiday Resort In Lonavala: It is located in Frichley Hill.

Lonavala tour packages

• Lonavala tour packages: Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 8,000.
• Lonavala holiday packages: Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 9,000.
• Lonavala hotels packages: Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 6,000.
• Lonavala resort packages: Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 9,000.
• Lonavala honeymoon packages: Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 9,000

Important Distances From Other Major Cities

Distances between Lonavala and its nearby cities

Lonavala to Rajmachi
17.7 Km
00 Hours 54 Minutes

Lonavala to Kullu Manali
2032.3 Km
00 Hours 30 Minutes

1417.4 Km
23 Hours 00 Minutes

1511.8 Km
21 Hours 00 Minutes

Lonavala to Mumbai
86 Km
02 Hours 00 Minutes

Lonavala to Matheran
65 Km
01 Hours 30 Minutes

Agra To Chandigarh
486 Km
07 Hours 33 Minutes

Lonavala to Bhimashankar
136 Km
02 Hours 30 Minutes

Lonavala to Mahabaleshwar
175 Km
03 Hours 30 Minutes

Lonavala to Panchgani
157 Km
02 Hours 30 Minutes

Lonavala to Alibag
74 Km
01 Hours 30 Minutes

Lonavala to Pune
64 Km
01 Hours 30 Minutes

04 Km
00 Hours 10 Minutes

213 Km
03 Hours 30 Minutes

Lonavala to Hyderabad
620 Km
10 Hours 30 Minutes

617 Km
11 Hours 30 Minutes

Precautions To Visit In Lonavala

o The city is monsoonal so carry an umbrella or a raincoat.
o Most people prefer to visit Lonavala during monsoons.
o Take care while walking.
o Mode of transports can be hired during monsoons.
o Winters are also an ideal season when you can take a visit in Lonavala.
o Take care of your health and stay fit.
o Enjoy and be happy.