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Kumbakonam temples, hotals and resorts and best places to visit in Kumbakonam tour packages

Kumbakonam is an ausom town is full of glitzy temples where tourism should not be missed. It is situated in the district of Tanjavur, Tamil Nadu. Kumbakonam is known for its ancient temples that are still given importance by most of the visitors. The bedecking rivers of Cauvery and Arasalar flow in this town. Sarangapani Temple and Kumbeswarar Temple are the two most renowned temples in Kumbakonam. Earlier this town was the capital of Chola dynasty which ruled over this place during medieval period. People believed that this precious town was created after the flood which tried to destroy the universe.

They also believed that this town was made by Lord Brahma. He used many tools to create this sacred place. The literal meaning of Kumbakonam is ‘pot’. The name of this town was originated after an incident which was that Lord Brahma collected his all tools in a pot to make this town and placed that pot at the top part of Mount Meru. The flood which arrived in the universe had washed away the pot and Amrutham. Lord Shiva broke this pot and there was an emergence of two tanks out of which a form of lord Shiva was formed known as Kumbeswar. Thus, the name Kumbeswar was later known to be as Kumbakonam. The town is also known for its Mahamaham tank in which the dip is taken by devotes and it washes off all the bad sins of every devotee. Kumbakonam is also renowned for its silk, metal wares, brass, electrical goods and educational institutions.

Best Time to Visit In Kumbakonam

When To Visit In Kumbakonam

Kumbakonam has an unpredictable climate in which summers are hot and could become hotter, winters are cool and soothing and rainfalls are medium. Thus, October-March is an ideal time to move around and travel.

---- Monsoons (June-September) ----

In monsoons weather, the town sees medium rainfalls and the town become stunning. The rain turns to be with cool atmosphere which is relaxing after hot summers. You will also face humidity.

---- Winter (October-February) ----

In winters weather, the town looks amazing with appealing coolness. The maximum temperature is observed to be 26°C and minimum is 20°C. It is the best season to visit and travel on Kumbakonam.

---- Summers (March-May) ----

In summers weather, the town becomes hot and dry. The hottest months of Kumbakonam are April and May. Generally, people avoid visiting and travelling during this season. The maximum temperature is measured as 38°C and minimum 32°C.

How To Go To Kumbakonam

---- Kumbakonam Airport ----

Tiruchirappalli International Airport is the nearest airport to town Kumbakonam which is located at about 87 km away from this town in Tiruchchirappalli. Another airport which is situated near Kumbakonam is Thanjavur Airport which is situated near Kumbakonam Railway Station.

---- Kumbakonam Railway Station ----

Kumbakonam Railway Station is situated at about 40.57 km away from Thanjavur Airport. This town is linked to Bangalore and Mysore through Mayiladuthurai Express. There are other railheads that will connect you to many other parts of India.

Shopping In Kumbakonam

Shopping in this town will make your holiday experience memorable. There are many items which can be shopped in this beautiful town like textiles, goods, brassware, handicrafts, Sarees, handmade jewelry, silk items, silver ware, gold jewelries etc. The religious items like Panchaloha idols can also be shopped. Shopping here will add another important and significant thing in your holiday trip or tour. The eye catching items will reflect the culture of Kumbakonam and Tamil Nadu. You will definitely like the shopping items. There are many things which you can buy and lots of things will be observed.

Best Places To Visit In Kumbakonam

As we above said that Kumbakonam is known for beautiful Lakes

Srinivasa Perumal Temple in Kumbakonam On Mirchi Travels

Srinivasa Perumal Temple in Kumbakonam

Srinivasa Perumal Temple in Kumbakonam is situated near Papanasam. This temple was made in dedication to Srinivasa Perumal who is a different form of lord Vishnu. This temple was built by Chola kings when they were ruling in this town. The imposing architectural style in which this temple is made in looks absolutely stunning. Its big tower with sanctum and Mantapa are its center of attraction. Brahmotsavam is a festival which is celebrated within the temple with decoration and sweets. In this day, the Garuda Vahanam which is placed in the temple is taken out at festival’s 10th day. The temple houses shrines of many gods and a shrine of Arulmugu Lakshi which is its specialty.

Ucchi Pillaiyar Temple in Kumbakonam on Mirchi Travels

Ucchi Pillaiyar Temple in Kumbakonam

Ucchi Pillaiyar temple in Kumbakonam is situated close to Chattram Bus Stand. It is a rock fort temple which is named as Dakshina Kailasam. It is situated on the banks of Cauvery River on the top of a hill. There are three more temples which are situated within this temple namely Manikka Vinayagar Temple, Thayumanavar Temple and Ucchi Pilliayar Temple. People believed that these temples are related with Vibheeshana.

Adi Kumbeswarar Temple in Kumbakonam On Mirchi Travels

Adi Kumbeswarar Temple in Kumbakonam

Adi Kumbeswarar temple in Kumbakonam is the main temple of this town and owns its prime position as being the main temple of Lord Shiva in South India. The temple was created in dedication to a form of lord Shiva known as Shri Adhi Kumbeswara. The temple is huge adorned with three Praharams and Gopurams standing with a brilliant architectural style. Gopurams have the height of about 128 feet which is nine storeyed. There is an idol of Manthrapeeteswari Manglambika which resides in the temple. It is believed that this temple was renovated by Chieftain of Achutha Nayakar of Thanjavur Govinda Theeksithan in16th centuary. There are many shrines, a teertham and a marriage hall also.
Timings of visiting: 6 am - 12.30 pm & 4 - 8.30 pm

Thirukkarukkavur in Kumbakonam On Mirchi Travels

Thirukkarukkavur in Kumbakonam

Thirukkarukkavur in Kumbakonam is located in the village of Papanasam. This temple is popular for Garbarakshambigai. This temple was created in memory of lord Shiva. This temple is also known as Arulmigu Mullai Vana Nathar Temple because Mullai means jasmine flower. This spot contains blossoming jasmine flowers. You will see the gorgeous view of this spot. People believe that after visiting this spot, the worse diseases can be cured after offering prayers in front of god. They also believe that during child birth women who visit this temple are blessed by god.

Nageswarar Temple In Kumbakonam On Mirchi Travels

Nageswarar Temple In Kumbakonam

Nageswarar temple, Kumbakonam is an old temple related to lord Shiva. It is also called as Nageswara Swami Temple. It is one of the most impressive creations of Chola Empire and it was built between the periods of 907 – 940 AD. People believed that Lord Surya and god Adisesha worshiped lord Shiva within the temple and the penance was given to god Adisesha within this temple. He was blessed by lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The temple also houses a holy Nagateertham which is eye catching. You should visit.
Timings of visiting: 6.30 am - 12 noon and 4 - 9 pm

Ramaswamy Temple In Kumbakonam On Mirchi Travels

Ramaswamy Temple In Kumbakonam

The Ramaswamy temple in Kumbakonam houses an idol of lord Rama’s form. The temple was built by a ruler of Tanjore known as King Raghunayak during 1614-1640 AD. There are other idols of lord Rama, lord Hanuman, lord Bharatha, lord Shatrugna, lord Lakshama and Rama-Sita. The idol of Rama-Sita was founded in Darasuram holy tank. The temple also houses sanctums which were made in dedication to Srinivasa along with Bhoodevi and Sreedevi. There are mantapam and gopuram which are situated within the temple.
Timings of visiting: 6 am - 9 pm

Sarangapani Temple In Kumbakonam On Mirchi Travels

Sarangapani Temple In Kumbakonam

Sarangapani Temple is situated close to Kumbakonam on the shores of river Kaveri. It is a vaishnav temple which is really lovely. This temple was built in dedication to lord Vishnu. This south India’s best temple is usually crowded with visitors. The reputation of this temple can be known from its divya desham. There are about 108 divya deshams and it is one of them. This temple is also a Panvhjaranga temple. This famous and inspiring temple will take your heart away. Its spectacular architectural style is the specialty of this temple that is why people from far away come to get rejoiced over the place. The temple houses a Vaideeka Vimanam which is similar to vimanam which was presented to Sri Lanka’s Vibhishana by lord Rama.
Timings of visiting: 6 am - 12 and 4 - 8.30 pm

Sri Abhimukeswarar Temple in Kumbakonam On Mirchi Travels

Sri Abhimukeswarar Temple in Kumbakonam

Sri Abhimukeswarar Temple in Kumbakonam is a famous temple which has a sacred shrine where the holy deity is lord Abimukeshwar. This god is a pure form of lord Shiva. The consort of lord Abimukeshwar, goddess Amudhavally’s shrine is also installed within the temple. The temple is created in beautiful south Indian architecture. The main idol looks lavishing that is also adorned with detailed features. People believed that the main deity faces towards west direction to allow for darshans and it is particularly can be seen on the festival of Mahamagam Festival. The gathering of visitors will be seen in this festival in this temple.

Thiruvalanchuzhi in Kumbakonam On Mirchi Travels

Thiruvalanchuzhi in Kumbakonam

Thiruvalanchuzhi in Kumbakonam is an inspiring temple village. The center of attraction of this temple is Sri Vellai Pillaiyar Temple. This ancient temple contains many sculptures and structures. The most important and prime deity of this temple is an idol of lord Ganesha which is called Sweta Vinayakar which is white in color. This temple should surely be visited and travelling should be done in this cheering village.

Thiruvidaimarudur in Kumbakonam On Mirchi Travels

Thiruvidaimarudur in Kumbakonam

Thiruvidaimarudur in Kumbakonam is a superb hamlet situated on the banks of Kaveri River. The panoramic scenery is surrounded around this hamlet. The hamlet houses a temple of Mahalinga Swamy which is a Panchakrosha Sthala. Seervalarseer Sivaprakasha Deshika Swamigal is the head of this temple and this temple is managed under guidance of Thiruvavadudurai Adheenam. The temple is also called by the name of Madhyarjuna and the deity which resides within this temple is Mahalingam.

Dhenupureeswarar Temple in Kumbakonam On Mirchi Travels

Dhenupureeswarar Temple in Kumbakonam

Dhenupureeswarar Temple in Kumbakonam is a gorgeous temple is situated within calm village called as Pateeswaram in south east region of this town. It is also known as Sri Thenupureeswarar Temple. This temple was built by a Nayak King Acchathappa’s minister called as Govinda Dikshithar in 16th centuary. The main idol within this splendor temple is decorated with marvelous jewelry and the main deity which is housed within the temple is Sri Thenupureeswarar. The architecture of this temple relates to ancient style and comprises of paintings, structures, statutes and idols. They depict many stories related to main deity of this temple.

Mahamaham Tank in Kumbakonam On Mirchi Travels

Mahamaham Tank in Kumbakonam

Mahamaham Tank, Kumbakonam is a holy tank that is renowned for its purity and presence. The tank is meant for taking a holy dip into it since ancient era. The Kumbh Mela usually occurs in this spot only one time in every 12 year. Mahamaham festival also occurs in this place where masses of visitors arrive and enjoys taking a view of sacred water within the tank and observation of decorated surroundings. Taking a dip into its water will make you calm and relieved and also purifies the soul of every person who takes a dip. This spot is popular because nine holy rivers meet together in this spot namely river Ganga, Sarayu, Yamuna, Saraswati, Mahanadi, Godavari, Narmada, Kaveri and Pavoshnl. This tank also has about 20 teerthams namely Kanya, Varunai, Deva, Sarayu, Kumari, Bayoshni, Cauvery, Agni, Niruthi, Yama, Narmada, Indira, Eshana, Saraswati, Yamuna, Godawari, Ganga, Kubera, Yamuna, Vayu and Brahma. The tank also comprises of four streets and 16 Gopurams.

Raja Veda Pathashala in Kumbakonam On Mirchi Travels

Raja Veda Pathashala in Kumbakonam

Raja Veda Pathashala is also known as Patasala of Raj Veda Kavya. It is the oldest centre of Kumbakonam where the knowledge about epics, Hindu religion, rituals and Sanskrit. There are about 240 students in this Pathashala. The classes and lessons here are taught by Vedic priests and enhance the knowledge of students. They also conduct examinations for students for their improvement in knowledge. The Pathshala also organizes Vedic chanting for students which reflect rituals of Hinduism. This is a favorite place for academicians and scholars. This rejuvenating place will take your breath away.

Sarabhumurti Temple in Kumbakonam On Mirchi Travels

Sarabhumurti Temple in Kumbakonam

Sarabhumurti Temple is located near town Kumbakonam in Tribhuvanam. This temple was created by Tribhuvana Chakravarti who was a Chola King. The temple displays an array of images of musicians and dancers with sculptured panels that are representing different scenes of Ramayana epic. The temple was created in memory of lord Shiva. The prime deity in this temple is lord Sarabhumurti. The idol of this temple is this lord depicts the image of a man and a bird. The temple was made ready in Chola architectural style and patterns. The temple has a mantapam which looks like a chariot of mammoth. The temple looks similar to Darasuram Temple.

Sakkarai Padithurai Ghat in Kumbakonam On Mirchi Travels

Sakkarai Padithurai Ghat in Kumbakonam

This holy Ghat in Kumbakonam is also known as Chakkarai Padithurai is a sacred Ghat where visitors come to take a holy dip. It is situated in Kumbabhishekam Mahamaham. In order to complete the journey in Kumbakonam, visitors come here to take a holy dip into the purified water of this Ghat. This Ghat is an important place of visiting where you will be able to know more about this place and will explore the scenic surroundings situated near this Ghat.

Airavateswarar Temple in Kumbakonam On Mirchi Travels

Airavateswarar Temple in Kumbakonam

Airavateswarar Temple, Kumbakonam is located at west side of this city in Darasuram. The temple was beautifully renovated in 2004 by Archeological Survey of India. The temple was made for praying lord Airavat who is a white elephant. This temple was built by Rajaraja Chola II during 12th centuary. The temple was made in exotic Chola architectural style. The temple is charming and is adorned with many images and inscriptions of God. The admirable Kankala murti of lord Shiva can also be seen within the premise. There are other inscriptions and sculptures that represent the stories and scenes of Puranas and epics can also be viewed.

Bhagavath Padithurai Ghat in Kumbakonam On Mirchi Travels

Bhagavath Padithurai Ghat in Kumbakonam

Bhagavath Padithurai Ghat in Kumbakonam is another holy place is renowned for taking baths. The Ghat is filled with pristine Kaveri River. The Ghat looks adorable during Mahamaham Festival and flock of visitors will be seen here while taking a bath. River Kaveri is a religious river in India which is believed to be most precious and glorifying river. Taking a dip and bathing in this Ghat will purify your soul and bring peace into your mind.

Bramman temple in Kumbakonam On Mirchi Travels

Bramman temple in Kumbakonam

Bramman temple, Kumbakonam is another imposing structure is also called as Sri Vedanarayana Perumal. Some of the deities that are located within the temple are Sri Narasimha moorthy, Sri Bramman, Sri Aandaal, Sri Vedhanaraya Perumal and Elumalayaan Srinivasa Perumal. The temple holds many mythological and historical beliefs. People believed that this universe was created by Lord Brahma after keeping tools and Amritham in a Kumbam or a pot when a deadly flood attacked this universe. The temple looks complete with gopurams, paintings, idols, statues, structures, myths, inscriptions, Vedas and architectural style.

Gangaikondacholapuram in Kumbakonam On Mirchi Travels

Gangaikondacholapuram in Kumbakonam

This place in Kumbakonam was served as a capital of Chola kings in 11th centuary. The pinnacle of this splendor place was reached by Rajendra Chola I. The name of this place was originated after capturing Ganges by Chola kings. The place represents is historical significance and is the oldest spot of Kumbakonam. The sculptures and architecture f this place represents the importance of Chola Kings. A beautiful lord Shiva Temple is its nearby attraction. This temple looks similar to a temple of Brihadisvara which is situated in Thanjavur. Its center of attraction is a splendor of structure of Vimana situated within the premise which looks like a pyramidal tower. You must visit this place surely.

Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham Mutt in Kumbakonam On Mirchi Travels

Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham Mutt in Kumbakonam

Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham Mutt is a lovely spot of Kumbakonam. It was made by Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham and the mutt’s establishment was done by Sri Adi Sankara in 482 BC. This astounding mutt is a headquarters of this peetham which was earlier situated in Kanchi and Tanjavur and later it was shifted in 1743 AD to Kumbakonam. This pilgrimage center of Hinduism is highly obliged by devotees. The pillars placed inside the mutt looks stunning. The cultural and aesthetic life of Hindu is easily reflected from this monument. The mutt also carries social activities regarding common people benefits.

Sakkarai Padithurai Ghat in Kumbakonam On Mirchi Travels

Srinivasa Ramanujan House in Kumbakonam

The house of Srinivasa Ramanujan is situated on Sarangapani Street. Srinivasa Ramanujan was a great mathematician. His parents used to live in a house which was placed in this town. Now, the home of his parents is converted into a museum. The home of Ramanujam was his favorite place. Ramanujan was died in his home after living for 32 years of life. He acquired education from his home. There are many eye catching artifacts, notebooks, manuscripts and other things that were used by him in his home. This place of genius Ramanujan should be visited.

Kumbakonam Tour Packages

1. Kumbakonam tour packages: Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 20,000.
2. Kumbakonam holiday packages: Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 16,000.
3. Kumbakonam hotels packages: Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 18,000.
4. Kumbakonam honeymoon packages: Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 15,000

Best Hotels in Kumbakonam

a) Metro Hotel in Kumbakonam: It is situated in Saragapani Santhi Street, Kumbakonam.
b) Le Garden Hotel in Kumbakonam: It is placed in Naal Road, Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu.
c) Mantra Veppathur Hotel in Kumbakonam: It is located Bhagvathapuram main road in Kumbakonam.
d) Vinayaga Hotel in Kumbakonam: It is in Kamaraj road, Kumbakonam.
e) Rayas Grand Hotel in Kumbakonam: It is situated in Mahamaham Tank West in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu.

Important Distances From Other Major Cities

Distances between Kumbakonam and its nearby cities

Kumbakonam to Chennai
285 Km
05 Hours 20 Minutes

Kumbakonam to Kanchipuram
230 Km
04 Hours 00 Minutes

231 Km
03 Hours 50 Minutes

209 Km
04 Hours 30 Minutes

333 Km
06 Hours 30 Minutes

410 Km
06 Hours 30 Minutes

Kumbakonam to Coimbatore
313 Km
05 Hours 20 Minutes

Kumbakonam to Mahabalipuram
241 Km
04 Hours 30 Minutes

Precautions To Visit In Kumbakonam

i. Carry your purse or wallet carefully with you.
ii. Keep your luggage properly locked while visiting this place and in your hotel room.
iii. Carry a water bottle and a first aid box with you.
iv. You can either search the desired location in your mobile with GPRS or you can have a city map with you.
v. Properly recharge your cell phone before visiting because you the town has less recharge shops.
vi. Do not wear silver or gold jewelry while travelling.