Konark Introduction, Tourism, History, Hotels, Tour Packages And Precautions

Konark introductions, tourism, history, Hotels, Tour Packages And Precautions

Konark is situated in Orissa is a well known place known for its old temples, beaches and dance festival. Konark is situated on the banks of Bay of Bengal. Konark is the combination of two meaningful words that are Kona and Arka which stands for ‘Sun around the crook’. Many monuments within Konark reflect Oriyan architectural style. The dance festival of Konark along with classical dancers gathers attention of huge mass. The Sun Temple is the pride of Konark standing with a brilliant architecture grabs attention of visitors all over the world.

The Sun festival along with Handicraft Exhibition and Craft Mela allures visitors and let them view the eye catching items on displays like handicrafts, artifacts, potteries, handlooms, etc. Tourism here will be full of fun and enjoyments so don’t miss the chance to visit this lavishing place of Orissa.

Konark History

The yesteryears of Konark are notable and you will be notified about its historical significance. The name of this place was mentioned in Puranas where the name of this town was Mundirasvamin or Mundira. There were many dynasties, kings, kingdoms and rulers who tried to catch the city to gain access over it. Many battles fought and many fights were provoked to grab this city. Some of them are Ganga Dynasty’s King Narsimhadeva I, Mohammad Ghori, etc. There was a battle fought between King Narsimhadeva I and King Nasiruddin Muhammad to gain their control over the place.

Best Hotels And Resorts In Konark City

Konark Hotels

There are many hotels in Konark city. you will love to visit in the hotels of Konark and you will love to spend some time with your loved one :

---- Chandrabhaga Hotel In Konark ----

It is situated on Ring Road, Konark.

---- Labanya Lodge Hotel In Konark ----

This hotel in Konark is situated on Konark Road.

Konark Tour Packages

You can book you Konark Tour Package some of the cheap rates. You can also book some Konark tour and travel package.
1. Konark tour packages: Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 7,000.
2. Konark Hotel packages: Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 8,000.

Tips To Visit In Konark And Its Precautions

1. Do not walk from narrow streets or from short cuts as they could be dangerous.
2. Travelling along at night could also be dangerous especially if you are a girl or women.
3. Do not tell everything about your personal life or travel plans to a stranger.
4. Do not trust your tour guide.
5. Be conscious about your luggage and keep it locked.
6. Carry a paper of having important phone numbers.
7. Keep your phone charger with you.