Kolkata Museum And Memorials

Best Museums And Memorials To Visit In Kolkata City

Kolkata Museums And Memorials

Some of the best tourist places in Kolkata are as follows:

Victoria Memorial In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Victoria Memorial In Kolkata

Victoria Memorial in Kolkata is a bedecking monument standing fabulously situated admist wide roads and refreshing flora. This memorial was constructed by Sir William Emerson in 1921. He also conceptualized this memorial and he was a President of British Institute of Architects. This memorial was made in memorization of Queen Victoria that is why it is named as Victoria Memorial.

This memorial represents British history and depicts about era of Independence. Beautiful paintings, amazing historical figures and eye popping photographs can be seen within this memorial that is related to British officers of Indian subcontinent. The total area upon which this memorial is located is about 64 acres huge. The memorial has a strict security that is done by guards. The memorial also organizes a light show every day except Mondays. The memorial used to be closed on every Monday.
Timings of visiting: 5:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Birla Planetarium In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Birla Planetarium In Kolkata

The planetarium is so amazing that it will take your heart away. The planetarium is a god believer and creates enthusiasm about concepts of science. The planetarium displays the features of our Universe and nature creations. This planetarium was built in year 1962. It’s a great opportunity for visitors and locals to gather some information about science and technology. Various shows are organized by this planetarium related to scientific discoveries and theories. You can also enjoy commentary in different Indian languages.

Birla Industrial And Technological Museum In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Birla Industrial And Technological Museum In Kolkata

This museum in Kolkata is related to the progress of Indian industries. The main aim behind Birla group is to shape the minds of youngsters by presenting their achievements and proving opportunities to understand the concept of science. The establishment of this museum was done in year 1956. The museum showcases collection of design and gallery work through nuclear, iron, mining, communication, electronics etc. The museum also organizes games, learning sessions, film shows, sky watch sessions and many more things. You can also view an aquarium, underground setup of coal mine, rabbit house, snake pits, bonsai and aviary. The gaining of knowledge and owning ability of thinking and reasoning is increased after visiting this spot. The museum is closed on every Monday.
Timings of visiting: 10 am to 5:30 pm

Indian Museum In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Indian Museum In Kolkata

Indian museum in Kolkata is the house of various interesting things that will blow your mind. You can view dinosaur remains, Egyptian mummy, geographical objects, archeological objects, botanical objects, textile objects, skeletal remains, Buddhist stupa, rare antiques, collection of meteorites and many other things. This oldest museum of India contains about 60 galleries. Its inauguration was done in year 1875. The museum was built in Italian architectural style. The museum remains closed on every Monday.
Timings of visiting: 10.00 am to 4.30 pm

Sabarna Sangrahashala In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Sabarna Sangrahashala In Kolkata

This is a museum developed, maintained and designed by Sabarna Roy Choudhary Paribar Parishad. This museum displays the rich heritage of Sabarna Roy Choudhary family. There are rare articles, historical documents and many other things belong to 18th centuary are being preserved within the museum. The museum also has a collection of old books which contain the information related to wealth of Bengal and India. The visit at this spot will make you enthusiastic and you will become interested in reading those books.

Science City In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Science City In Kolkata

The science city in Kolkata is an interesting place and loved by children and youngsters. The place is amazingly created and conceptualized. The place offers exiting I-MAX movies, 3D movies, train rides, creepy crawler section, space station tour, kids garden and structured museum of Naval Ship. The evolutionary cycles related to mammoths, dinosaurs, Jurassic creatures, sabre tooths can also be seen. The place is usually closed on every Monday.
Timings of visiting: 9.00 am - 9.00 pm

Aakriti Art Gallery In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Aakriti Art Gallery In Kolkata

Aakriti Art Gallery in Kolkata is situated on Hungerford Street. The gallery comprises of variety of artists work in spectrum of art styles and languages. The gallery showcases Indian and modern contemporary art. This gallery was established in year 2005 and houses about 1000 collections of artifacts which are displayed by rotation. This gallery also houses a gallery which exhibits sculptures that will blow your mind. The place is a favorite place of knowledge lover and this is a famous gallery thronged by visitors from all over the world. So what are you waiting for? Just visit this place of knowledge and increase your mental ability.
Timings of visiting: 10 am to 6.30 pm

Gurusaday Museum In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Gurusaday Museum In Kolkata

This museum in Kolkata represents culture and art of Bengal through turmoil. The museum exhibits beautiful collection of art forms on the topics of social issues, nature, religious practices and social traditions and so on. This museum is situated at about 18 km away from Kolkata. The museum was built in year 1961 and it came in view of public in year 1963. The management of this museum is done by Gurusaday Dutt Folk Society. The museum houses about 5000 innovative and unique collection of Bengal arts and crafts.