Kolkata History, Culture And Shopping Places

Kolkata History

Kolkata has a glorious past which represents the history of many eras but British era had a great impact on Kolkata. It is known to be as India’s former capital. The city faced rule of East India Company till 1772. People believed that Battle of Plassey let Britishers enter in India and they divided this city into two towns in 19th centuary namely Black town which was given to poor Indians and White town which was owned by English men. East India Company helped the city to gain growth in industrial field, telegraph, railroads, infrastructure, jute sector, English education and textile. Kolkata had also faced 1943 famine, partition of Bengal, black hole tragedy, Indian Communist Movement.

Kolkata Culture

The official language of Kolkata is Bengali. The city is full of amazing poets, artists, great men and women. Kolkata celebrates Durga Puja, Rathyatra, Diwali, Eid, Holi, Jagaddhatri Puja, Christmas, Saraswati Puja etc. The city has world class Cinematographers. A famous Satyajit Ray belongs to Kolkata who gave his contribution to cinemas of India. The culture of Kolkata is also reflected from a feeling of community through gathering with neighbourhood or paras. Kolkata serves its mouth watering dishes which are really very famous in our country.

Kolkata serves South Indian, Mughlai, Chinese, Maxican and Thai dishes. Varieties of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes are tasted within the city. People of West Bengal are fond of sweets and some of the tasty cuisines that are served within the city are macher jhol, bhat, chanar payesh, sandesh, rosogolla, sharbaja, langcha, mihidana-sitabhog, chanabora etc.

Kolkata Shopping Places

Market Places In Kolkata

Travelling in Kolkata is incomplete without shopping. You will be delighted after viewing various items inn Kolkata like colorful fabrics, textured fabrics, western dresses, Indian outfits, jewelries, precious stones, leatherwear, electronic items, etc. You can buy every item in an affordable price. Some of the places from where you can do shopping are:
1. Hogg Market
2. New Market
3. Sreeram Arcade
4. Treasure Island Market
5. Russel street
6. Camac street
7. Shakespeare Sarani