Kerala Tourism, Weather, Culture, History, Places To Visit And Government

Kerala tourism, culture, weather, history, places, government and tour package

Kerala is one of the handsome states of India. Kerala is situated in south most region of India. This state is known as ‘God’s own country’. The state is situated in south-western part of India in Malabar Coast. The state is shaded by Tamil Nadu in south-east side and Karnataka in north-east side. The western edge of Kerala is bounded by Arabian Sea which has a coastline of about 590 km. the capital of Kerala is Thiruvananthapuram also called as Trivandrum. Thiruvananthapuram is situated at longitude of 76.972° E and latitude of 8.5074° N. The largest city of Kerala is Kochi.

Kerala has fourteen districts which are categorized into 6 historical places namely North Travancore, South Travancore, Kochi, Central Travancore, North Malabar and Malabar. The total area covered by this state is about 38,863 km2 which makes this state as the 21st largest state of our country India. According to census 2011, the state holds total population of 33,387,677. Kerala is least corrupted Indian state and is blessed with beautifying natural beauty, Ayurveda treatments, backwaters and exotic tourist destinations. In terms of HDI that is Human Development Index, the state is at first rank. The state also holds the highest literacy rate in India. This state was established in year 1956 on 1st November as an Indian Republic state under State Recognition Act. People of Kerala usually communicate in Malayalam language.

Kerala History

The former times within the state were named to various kings, empires and rulers who made the state as their seat of power to rule. The first evident of Stone Age carvings on Edakkal Caves prove that this state was a residence of prehistoric civilizations and Neolithic man. Kerala has always been the important place for producing spices since 3000 BC. Spices also led to the growth in economic sector of Kerala.

The establishment of sea trade network on Far East, Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea had made the state famous. The state has also been established its travel routes and busiest ports that are famous in all over the world. The state was ruled by Chera dynasty, Tamil Dynasty, Pandyas, Ays, Rashtrakutas, Cholas and East India Company. In 1498, Vasco Da Gama visited Kerala and in year 1947, India got independent and the parts on which rulers were ruling were immediately released. Under State Recognition Act of 1956, Kerala was known to be a part and state of India.

Kerala Culture

The culture of Kerala is cosmopolitan and composite. Kerala has a solar calendar named as Malayalam Calendar is being used within the state since 825 CE for planning religious and agricultural activities. The land of Kerala comprises of distinctive arts, literature, festivals, cuisines, languages, and so on. Their details are given below:

---- Festivals ----

Kerala celebrates about 10,000 festivals. They are Onam, Vallam Kali, Pookkalam, Onapottan, Onatthappan, Thullal, Thumbi, Athhachamayam, Onavillu, Poorams, Makaravilakku, Attukal, Ashtmi, Bharani, Sivarathri etc.

---- Dance ----

The state has numerous qualities that are unique and admirable such as its performing arts, classical dances like Kathakali, Thullal, Kudiyattom, Mohiniyattam, Koothu, Kaliyattam, Shnanattam, Padayani, Theyyam, Margamkali, Chavittu nadakom, Parichamuttu, Duffmuttu, Oppana etc.

---- Music ----

Some of the forms of classical music that relates to this state are Sopana Sangeetham, Melam, Carnatic music, etc.

---- Painting ----

The popular painter who represented his state by his fabulous creativity is Raja Ravi Varma.

---- Film ----

The most important section is Film. Malayalam Film Industry had made its place in South India as the most renowned place. Kerala’s directors are John Abraham, Adoor Gopalakrishnan, P. Padmarajan, Shaji N Karun and G Aravindam. Not only directors had made their state proud but there was also the contribution of actors like Prem Nazir, Adoor Bhasi, Satyan, Suresh Gopi, Mamooty, Mohanlal, Dileep, Murali, Jayaram, Jagathy Srikumar, Suresh Gopi, SreenivasanThilakan, Nedumuti Venu and Oduvil Unnikrishnan.

---- Cuisines ----

Kerela has been successful in producing lip smacking dishes that are really ausom in taste like idiyappam, puttu, idli, vada, kadala, chutney, appam, payasam, sambhal, rasam, curry, egg masala, rice, sadhya, karimeen, shrimp, prawn etc.

Best Time to Visit In Kerala

Climate Condition Of Kerala

Kerala has a cool and appealing weather throughout the year. Rainfalls are heavy and alluring, summers are hot and hectic and winters are cool and bestowing. Thus rainfalls play an important role in Kerala. Kerala receives about 120 cm to 140 cm rainfalls during monsoons. Between Junes to August, rainfalls occur in Kerala and it is about 65%. Rainfalls in Kerala are received through south-west monsoons. Thus, winters are bestowed with brilliant weather that attracts most of the visitors at this time. Summers brings storms, droughts and other problems so this is not the best time to visit. The temperature lies between 19.8oC and 36.7oC.

Kerala Tourism

The incredible state has ornamental features which houses a hub of tourist destinations. The state has its mention in famous magazine of National Geographic Traveler. It describes this fascinating state as one among ‘Ten Paradises of the world’ and ‘Fifty Lifetime Places’. The state is famous because of its pilgrimage sites, rivers, hill stations, palaces, wildlife, national parks and beaches which are given below:
1. Kovalam Beach
2. Muzhappilangad Beach
3. Kappad Beach
4. Varkala Beach
5. Cherai Beach
6. Bekal Beach
7. Muthunga Wildlife Sanctuary
8. Eravikulam National Park
9. Munnar
10. Peermade
11. Ponmundi
12. Wagamon
13. Kollam
14. Nelliampathi
15. Alleppey
16. Punnamada
17. Malayattor Church
18. Sabarimala Temple
19. Mattancherry Palace
20. Padmanabhaswamy Temple
21. Padmababhapuram Palace
22. Guruvayoor Temple
23. Chettikulangara Temple
24. Parumala Church
25. Vadakumnathan Temple
26. Padanilam Parabrahma Temple
27. Sarkara Devi Temple

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Kochi In Kerala On Mirchi Travels

Kochi In Kerala

Kochi is an exotic location within the state Kerala is also called by the name of Cochin. This major port city of Kerala is situated within Ernakulam district and is also known as Ernakulam.
How to reach to Kochi
1. Kochi houses two railheads namely Ernakulam town and Ernakulam Junctions which are situated near this city of Kerala.
2. Cochin International Airport is situated at about 28 km away from Kochi at its north side.
Places to see in kochi, Kerala
1. Indo-Portuguese Museum
2. Mattancherry Palace
3. Paradesi Synagogue
4. Santa Cruz Basilica
5. Cherai
6. Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
7. Veegaland
Hotels In Kochi
1. Hotel Fort House
2. Hotel ATS Willingdon
3. Hotel Trident

Geography Of Kerala

The state has majority in Hindu religion. There are about 56.2% Hindus, 19% of Christians, 24.7% of Muslims and 1.1% of other religions within the state. Kerala is located on Malabar Coast at longitudes between 74°52’ E & 77°22’ E and latitudes between 8°18’ N & 12°48’ N at southern part of India. This coastal state has a huge coastline which is about 590 km in length which is of Arabian sea. Kerala is surrounded by Tamil Nadu in south-west and south and Karnataka in north-east and north.
Kerala has three regions namely eastern highlands, central midlands and western lowlands. The main river streams that flow in Kerala are Periyar, Pamba, Achankovil, Kadalundipuzha, Chaliyar, Bharathapuzha and Valapattanam. Thus, the state is blessed with biodiversity, plant species, animal species, tree species and bird species.

Economy Of Kerala

The state is categorized into two most important sectors namely Service sector and Agricultural sector. About 50% of people within the state depend upon Agricultural sector for employment. About 17.5% of GDP of state is collected by Fishery. There are about 335 fishing villages and 1 million fishermen exist in Kerala. The major crops of Kerala are coffee and rice and other crops that are produced within the state are tea, cashews, coconut and spices. There are also three important sections that contribute to raise economy of the state are Manufacturing industry, Mining industry and tourism industry.

Government Of Kerala

There are two political alliances that are hosted by Kerala are UDF (India- United Democratic Front) and LDF (Kerala- Left Democratic Front). Kerala has a representative democracy parliamentary system through which the entire state is governed. The government of Kerala is divided into three categories namely Legislature, Executive and Judiciary.

Kerala Tour Packages

You can discuss with your travel agents about the tour package of Kerala and about the prices of the Tour Plan but be aweare while you are going on a tour you should make a proper plan for this.

Precautions To Visit In Kerala

1. Avoid visiting during monsoons and summers.
2. Winters are perfect for travelling within Kerala.
3. Kerala is hot and dry during summers so if you are planning to visit during summers then carry light and comfortable clothes with you along with skincare products that you use.
4. Do not forget to carry a water bottle and important medicines.
5. Keep your phones charged.
6. Keep change and a first-aid kit with you.