Jim Corbett National Park And Their Best Places To Visit In Park With Tour Packages OF Park

Jim Corbett National Park weather and best place to visit in jim corbett and Jim Corbett National Park tour packages

Jim Corbett is situated in the foothills of Himalayas so full of natural beauty and peace. If you are lover of natural beauty then you will love to visit here as it is in the environment which is full of greenery and uneven hills and mountains will adventurous heights which are very between 1350 feet to 4100 feet approx. Corbett National Park or Jim Corbett National Park comes in existence on the name of Hailey national park in year 1936 but changed its name as Ramganga Park in the year 1952 but its present name comes on the name of Jim Corbett which was the great photographer and naturalist in the year 1957.

Corbett National Park or you can say Jim Corbett National Park is most beautiful national park and no doubt the first national park of India. This is the place lying on the River Ramaganga.

The main attraction of this park is for those who loves the wild life and the mind blowing view of tigers and comes to know their wild nature in the national park. This park draws the huge natural habitat of these rare Tigers and especially you can enjoy their wildness in this National park.

Tourists love this natural beauty and sightseeing which increases the revenue of the Corbett National Park. You can stay in the Project Tiger's headquarter. One of the main qualities of this National Park is wealthy fauna and flora, with many wild animals, birds and even insects. Jim Corbett National park is famous if you love birds, natural beauty and environment. It is very rich in natural beauty, if you analysis these statistic like 110 different type of variety of trees, 52 kind of shrubs and rich with 31 kind of bamboos and these all are apart from greenish grass which you can see in all over the National Park and loves to sit over these grass as well.

You can spot different type of crocodiles, aquatic reptiles and different type of butterflies. But the park is mainly known for the elephants, majestic leopards with different – different type of mammals, reptiles and 586 types of birds with many varieties of mammals' species like deer, sambar, chinkara etc.

If you love natural beauty and wildness of the mammals then Jim Corbett National park is worth viewing for you.

The Best Time to Visit in Jim Corbett National Park

Tourists normally visit in the park over the year but we personally think that period after 15th November is best time to take tour package to Jim Corbett National Park as from this period all the sectors and regions of the park is open for all public.


Winter Starts from November to February in which Environment temperature very between 6 °C to approx. 31 °C. Fog normally effect the mornings of the winter season but the morning time is always good for some adventure in safari.


Summer have its effect from March to the month of May which generally have the maximum temperature from 30 °C to 40 °C. Tourists can move in the park but you can avoid this time to visit in the park if you hate hot weather.


monsoons time starts from June to the month of September and these are the months comes with a heavy rainfalls in these areas. When in light rainfall you can enjoy the natural beauty but few zones of the National Park are closed during this time.

Tourist loves Jim Corbett National park over the year as the season summer best when you love animal sighting whenever you loves safari indulge and wildness and adventure of wild animals. Whereas if you love the nature's beauty and fragrances than you can choose the monsoon season to visit in the Jim Corbett National Park.

Travel With In and towards the Jim Corbett Park

You can hire a taxi if you are coming to Ramnagar Villege by Train. Taxi is well known by Corbett national park. Tourist can reserve their ride on elephants and safari on the giving request to resorts and hotels. They can't travel alone in the park.

----By Trains and Taxi----

Most of the places of Rishikesh can be travelled on foot without any vehicle. It is a very good way to visit such places. As the city is small, one can travel places quickly and gain a unique experience.

----By Air----

Air is not a good option to choose the nearest airport is situated in the Capital of India which is Delhi and approx. 300Km far from the Jim Corbett Park. But you can hire a taxi from the airport towards the Jim Corbett Park or Ramnagar but it charge approx. 2500 to 3000 as the fare.

Main Attraction And Best Places To Visit In Jim Corbett

Safari Ride In Jim Corbett National Park On Mirchi Travels

Safari Ride In Jim Corbett National Park

There are many safaris which can only arrange through the resorts and hotels in the National Park. Tourists can't arrange this personally as these safaris can only be provided on the permission of Forest Department which also provides guards for your safaris. But if you want some cheaper cost then you can directly contact with forest department them it can provide you the safari. If you love tours in jungle then you can take jeeps too which is fully covered with railing and grills of irons but the safari is safest from all.

Corbett Waterfall In Jim Corbett National Park On Mirchi Travels

Corbett Waterfall In Jim Corbett National Park

Waterfall has its own height about 60 feet which gives the eye catching view. You will love to see colorful waterfall when you see in full moon light, and it's a worth to visit here in that time. Birds and plants are also increases the looks in the whole environment of the waterfall. It's a nice picnic spot with great camping and parking facility.

Garjia Temple In Jim Corbett National Park On Mirchi Travels

Garjia Temple In Jim Corbett National Park

Garjia temple is one of the religious places which are visited by many devotees and tourists. Devotee feels very peace of mind while visiting the temple. It is situated Around 14 Km far from Ramnagar in the village Garjia. Garjia Devi is another name of Goddess Parvati, Wife of God Shiva. Temple has its own charm due to its holy feeling and peace. A huge fair is enjoyable on Kartik Poornima in the temple premise. Many other idols are also situated in the temple like God Shiva, God Ganesa, Goddess Saraswati and Baba Bhairon.

Corbett Museum In Jim Corbett National Park On Mirchi Travels

Corbett Museum In Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett Museum is situated in the City Kaladhungi, this museum brings to us the awesome life of the distinguished and spectacular persons. Corbett national park's visit is incomplete without Corbett museum's visit.

This museum shows many memorable moments of Jim Corbett national park which also include letter written by Jim Corbett, some personal belongings and antiques with some rare photos. Fees of entrance are quite low.

Timings: In summer its approx. 8 am to 6:30 but in winter its 8 am to 5 pm only. Charges: Rs.10 is for Indian and Rs.50 for Foreigners.

"Nature Walk" museum is also a nearby attraction which is also good who loves pure nature view in the primitive calm and style. Rs.10 for foreigners and Rs. 5 for Indian is charged for the awesome views.

Elephant Ride In Jim Corbett National Park On Mirchi Travels

Elephant Ride In Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett national park offers you awesome ride over the elephants, as you love and experience for a life term. Tourists love the tamed elephant for rides on the trip over beautiful adorned elephants.

Safari on Elephants is always in Dhikala and Bijrani regions. In comparison then ride, Fees is looking very low. You will love the elephant rise as gives very nice and exciting.

Charges: 150 for adult Indian and 250 for adult foreigner but for students 75 for Indian and 200 for foreigner But the children less than 5 years is free of cost.

Jungle Safari In Jim Corbett National Park On Mirchi Travels

Jungle Safari In Jim Corbett National Park

Jungle safari is best option for those who loves to see the wild animals and their adventure. It is best option for some special move with some wildest animals if you love some different species of tigers or Deer or any other wild mammals. You can also have a option for nature safari but its good when you love bird watching and take some lovable nature views and natural beauty.

You can also take jeep safari in jungle but it's your luck whether you can take a chance to see the some wildest mammal or some tigers.

Visitor season: Dhikala Zone (15th Nov to 15th June), Sonanadi Zone, Bijrani Zone, Jhirna Zone (Round the year), & Domundo Zone (15th Oct to 30th June).

Timings: 6.30 am to 5.30 pm (15th Nov to 15th Feb), 6.30 am to 5.30 pm (15th Feb to end of March), 6 am to 7 pm (Starting of April to 15th May), 5.45 am to 7.15 pm (16th May to 15th June). Charges: Entry fee (Dhikala Zone): Rs. 50 (Indians) & Rs 450 (Foreigners), Jeep Safari – Rs.150. Entry fee (Bijrani & Sonanadi): Rs.50 (Indians) & Rs.400 (Foreigners), Jeep Safari – Rs.100 (for 4 hrs.).

River Rafting In Jim Corbett National Park On Mirchi Travels

River Rafting In Jim Corbett National Park

Here you can also enjoy river rafting in the River Kosi where a calm and breezy automatically attract you for some adventure. While selecting the tour package you can demand your travel for river rafting but they are not providing then your resort or hotel can arrange river rafting and the equipment for you. They normally charge 400 to 500 per person.

Mountain Biking In Jim Corbett National Park On Mirchi Travels

Mountain Biking In Jim Corbett National Park

After the adventure of River rafting, if you want more adventures then you can also enjoy mountain biking in the awesome landscape of Corbett National Park. This mountain biking adventure has many attractions like deep woods, scenic land and unexplored and beautiful villages.

Fhishing In Jim Corbett National Park On Mirchi Travels

Fhishing In Jim Corbett National Park

Fishing is very famous in Camp Corbett. You can take the enjoyment of fishing in the reserved area of Kosi River. A fish named Mahseer Fish have a large number in the Kosi River. Many resorts can arrange the fishing material and fishing details to you if you ask to them. It have a cost approx. Rs.250/-

Important Distances from Other Major Cities to Jim Corbett

Important Distance to Jim Corbett National Park from Other Cities

127 Km
2 Hours 30 Minutes

204 Km
04 Hours 15 Minutes

234 Km
04 Hours 25 Minutes