Jharkhand Weather And Tour Packages With History, Education, Tourism And Culture

Jharkhand weather and tour packages with history, education, tourism and culture

Jharkhand state is situated in eastern region of India has the capital of Ranchi. This state has the largest city known as Jamshedpur. The geographical area covered by Jharkhand is about 74,677 km2. Thus, this unique state is the 15th largest state in India. Jharkhand has the population of 32,966,238 with reference to census 2011 and has been mentioned as a 13th popular state in Union of India. Jharkhand is covered by West Bengal in east, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in west, Bihar in north and Orissa in South. Thus, this commendable state was established on 15th November, 2000 after dividing into eighteen parts and those parts are known as districts. Later, six more districts were added in this state, completing the total of twenty-four districts.

Those twenty-four districts are Gumla, Garhwa, Ranchi, Palamu, Kharsawan, Sahebganj, Seraikela, Dumka, Godda, Giridih, Khunti, Ramgarh, Hazaribagh, Latehar, Deoghar, Simdega, Pakur, West Singhbum, Jamtara, Dhanbad, Koderma, Bokaro, East Singhbhum and Lohardaga. Jharkhand is a perfect place for doing tourism. Honeymoon tour, holiday tour and official tour can be done in the beautiful state of Jharkhand. You will be tension relieved after visiting this splendor state and ones you come here, you will become curious for visiting here again and again.

Jharkhand History

We must say that Indian history is full of surprises. Like other states and cities, this state has also a historical significance. Thus, we will let you know the emergence of Jharkhand. It was also ruled by many kings and their kingdoms. Earlier, this state was under a geo-political community and a cultural group. This community and group all together called as Jharkhand. After them, this state came under control of Mughal Empire, British rule, Bhumji tribes, Chero tribes, Oraons, Tamar tribes, Hos, Kols, Santhal tribes and Birsa Munda tribes. India got Independence in 1947 and Jharkhand was declared as a state and a part of Indian Union 15th December, 2000.

Jharkhand Tourism

Tourism in Jharkhand is a good idea. You can make your trip to this state memorable. Its abundance of flora, lovely weather and charming places increases the beauty of Jharkhand. Flock of tourists can be observed here and not only from India but also from all over the world. Jharkhand is rich in flora and fauna. Some of the tourist destinations in Jharkhand are Hatia Dam, Kanke Dam, Tagore Hill, Netarhat, Jonah waterfalls, Ranchi Hill and Hoondru Waterfalls. The wildlife touriusm spots where you can chill out are Betla National Park, Jawaharlal Nehru Zoological Gareden, Palamau Tiger Reserve and Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary. Thus, Jharkhand tourism will provide you good accommodation with proper amenities and it will make your heartbeat increased. You must come and visit Jharkhand. This is an astounding state and you will feel that you have never seen a place like this before.

Jharkhand Culture

Jharkhand has a bunch of superb cultures that are really fascinating. People of Jharkhand bring the sacred branches of holy trees to their courtyards and worship them as relating them to god and goddesses. Some of the festivals and fairs that are celebrated in this state are Karma puja, Sarhul, Jitia puja, Poush Mela and Makar Sankranti. People of Jharkhand usually take spicy food. Cuisines are the specialty of Jharkhand which are very tasty and mouthwatering like pani puri, dried mashrooms, charpa, dhushka, rugda, litti choka, pittha, roti, kera daudhari etc.
Jharkhand is also known for alcoholic drinks like Handiya also known as rice beer and Mahu is a drink made from flowers or fruits of Mahua trees. Thus, Kurthi is a food item of this state is known for its medicinal properties. It recovers kidney stones and also used after childbirth for recovering fast. Jharkhand has abundance of fruits like blackberry, litchi, jackfruit and mango. People of Jharkhand usually communicate in Oriya, English, Urdu, Bengali and Hindi languages.

Best Time to Visit In Jharkhand

Climate Condition Of Jharkhand

There are three most important seasons in Jharkhand comprising of pleasantly cold winters, scorching hot summers and energizing monsoons.

----Summers (March to June)----

During summers seasons, the weather of Jharkhand becomes extremely hot and torturing. This is not a good time for hangouts. The hottest month of this season is May. Do not visit during May season. The maximum temperature of Jharkhand is seen as 37°C and minimum is about 20°C. If you want to visit during this season then bring light clothes and a water bottle with you while travelling. Use a cap to protect your head from burning sunrays.

----Monsoons (July to September)----

During Monsoon season, the state sees heavy and windy rainfalls. About 90% of rainfalls take place during this season. Ignore visiting and travelling in this season. Avoid street food and street drinks during this season. Keep yourself clean during this season so that you could not carry germs and infection.

---- Winters (November to February) ----

During Winter season of Jharkhand, Jharkhand faces the maximum temperature of about -5°C and minimum is 0°C. This is the most essential part of travelling. This is also the most appealing season to visit Jharkhand. You can enjoy and feel relaxed in this season. Bring woolens and take a view of astonishing nature.

Geography Of Jharkhand

Jharkhand is a beautiful stat has abundance of green vegetation encompasses the geographical area of about 74,677km2. Jharkhand is attached by West Bengal in east, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in west, Bihar in north and Orissa in south. This state is located at longitude of 85.33° E and latitude of 23.35° N. Jharkhand has a capital of Ranchi. Jharkhand houses 24 administrative districs, five flowing rivers like Kharkai, Koel, Damodar, Brahmani and Kharkai. The state also contains 17 grass and bamboo species, 97 trees and plants species, 46 shrubs and herbs species and four wildlife spots like Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary, Palamau Tiger Reserve, Jawaharlal Nehru Zoological Garden and Betla National Park. Jharkhand is also rich in black soil, red soil, micacious soil and sandy soil.

Economy Of Jharkhand

Jharkhjan is rich in minerals like iron, copper, uranium, ore, mica, siliminite, kainite and asbestos. This is the prime state known for minerals richness.

Government Of Jharkhand

Government of Jharkhand includes 81 MLA, 14 MPs and a Chief Minister known as Mr. Hemant Soren.

Jharkhand Tour Packages

Jharkhand is hill area. So if you want to visit Jharkhand then you should first discuss with your travel agent for a proper planning abour the present scenario of the state.

Precautions To Visit In Jharkhand

• Carry a first aid box/medical kit.
• Winters are ideal so you should visit in this season.
• Avoid visiting during summers.
• Do not visiting during monsoons.
• Carry a water bottle.
• For heart patients, carry your doctor prescribed medical kit with you.
• If you feel any doubt about any location, you should ask locals.
• You can use GPS on Google map for correct information in your smart phones.