Jammu And Kashmir Tourism, Government, History, Geography, Weather, Culture With Jammu And Kashmir Tour Package

Jammu And Kashmir history, government, weather, tourism, culture with Jammu And Kashmir tour package

Jammu & Kashmir is the prime state situated on northern part of India. The total geographical area covered by this state is about 222,236 km2 that makes this state as the largest state ranked in sixth position. This is the eighteenth most famous and popular state of India comprising the total population of 12,548,926. The state is situated at the longitude of 76.24° E and latitude of 33.45° N. The capital of Jammu & Kashmir is Srinagar and this state was established in 1947 on 26th October. The state is placed in an exotic location where the ausom Himalayan peaks can be seen.

The state is bounded by international states of Pakistan and China and Indian states of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. The state houses 22 districts namely Jammu, Srinagar, Leh, Ladakh, Doda, Udhampur, Rajouri, Kulgam, Bandipora, Shopian, Kishtwar, Kathua, Reasi, Kupwara, Samba, Poonch, Anantnag, Ramban, Budgam, Pulwama, Baramulla, Ganderbal and Kargil. The state is renowned by its spectacular green vegetation cover and snowy mountains which are really charismatic. You should visit this heaven as this heaven will give you so much of fun and a view of splendor natural beauty. Pack your bags, visit this state and collect lots and lots of happy memories with you.

Jammu And Kashmir History

The division of India and Pakistan was decided by the Indian and British leaders. Jammu & Kashmir had faced the rule of many kings and their kingdoms. Kashmir was under control of Maharaja Hari Singh in 1925. He was a Hindu ruler of Kashmir. Kashmir had faced the attack of Muslim tribesmen in 1947 on 20th October for capturing the Kashmir territory which was sent by Pakistan. The king fought against this attack of Muslim tribesmen and he requested British governor general who was Louis Mountbatten to help him to gain control over the region. The general governor agreed to help him but only in one condition. The condition was that the king has to accede to India. The king was agreed to this condition and he acceded. Then Jawaharlal Nehru who was the prime minister of Kashmir at that time discussed this matter with United Nations and asked the counties of India and Pakistan to release the territory of Kashmir. Due to the land of Kashmir, the relationship between both countries became worst. There were many wars accomplished to gain the land of Kashmir and some of them are mentioned below:
• Indo-Pakistani war (1965)
• Indo-Pakistani war (1971)
• Kargil war (1999)
• India-China war (1962)
Now, 10% of Kashmir's region is owned by China, 30% by Pakistan and rest 60% by Indian Territory.

Culture Of Jammu And Kashmir

The different regions of Jammu and Kashmir have different cultures and traditions. Like Ladakh has many minds blowing characteristics like it contains a culture of Indo-Tibetan. The integral part of Ladakh is the communication in Sanskrit and Tibetan languages. The tradition of Ladakh is so attractive that people from long distances come to visit this place. The specialty of Ladakh is yummy cuisines like roasted barley flour, Tibetan food, noodles soup, Thukpa etc. Off course, Ladakh is incomplete without velvet gonchas, embroided boots and waist coats, hats and gonads. People dress themselves in silver and gold ornaments and tortoise headgears during festivals. The tradtions of Ladakjh that catches the eyes of people are Mask Dance Festivals, archery and weaving.
Kashmir is a beautiful place like a heaven. The famous dance forms of Kashmir are Dumhal dance performed by men and rouff performed by women. Shikaras are the small decorated wooden boats and beauteous houseboats add charm to Kashmir. This place is noticed for its fabulous handicrafts and poetry. The people of Kashmir were not very rich so they were not able to buy land in valleys. So, they used to live in houseboats which became a popular part of Kashmir lifestyle. Many people throughout the year visit Kashmir and they love to travel in houseboats. Kashmir is incomplete without tasting spicy traditional almond green tea during winters known as Kawa. The culture of Jammu is very much similar to the culture of neighboring states of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. Jammu celebrates Vaisakhi and Lohri like the state of Punjab does. The semi-nomadic lifestyles of Gujjars in Jammu and Kashmir are also very popular.

Best Time to Visit In Jammu And Kashmir

Climate Condition Of Jammu And Kashmir

----Monsoons (July to September)----

The climatic conditions of J&K are good but it's a monsoonal area that receives maximum rainfall. Summers and winters are in extremes. The southern region of Jammu receives about 40-50 mm of rainfall between the months of January to March. The rainfall occurs up to 650 mm during the months of July and October. September month faces fewer rainfalls with the temperature of 29°C. Srinagar receives rainfall a lot of about 635 mm because it is situated near Arabian Sea. The wettest months on this region are between March– May that receives around 85 mm of rains. do not visit this state at this time.

---- Winters (November to February) ----

The coldest places of Jammu And Kashmir are Zanskar and Ladakh. Days are humid and nights are cold. During winters, there might be a chance when rivers can freeze. You can visit and travel in the state during this season.

----Summers (March to June)----

Summers faces the temperature of about 40°C. They re hot and you should carry light clothes with a water bottle. Visiting could be done and enjoyed.

Jammu And Kashmir Tourism

Tourism in Jammu And Kashmir is a superb idea. The greenery, blue lakes, fabulous gardens and snowy mountains will really take your breath away. This state is popularly known by the name of 'Heaven on Earth'. This heaven on earth receives many tourists throughout the year. The state is a paradise for honeymooners and many couples will be seen travelling in this beautiful state. Now, the state is known to be at the top of the list of popular tourist attractions. The center of attraction for tourists in J&K is Ladakh which is populous for its adventurous sports. Obviously, the state is also recalled for pilgrimage areas as this state houses number of flawless temples and mosques. Thus, the state has the following pilgrimage regions that are as follows:
• Vaishno Devi
• Ladakh Monasteries
• Amarnath Cave
• Hazratbal Shrine
You can enjoy adventurous activities and sports in J & K. The adventurous activities that can be enjoyed in Jammu & Kashmir are:
• Mountaineering
• River Rafting
• Ice Skiing
• Trekking
• Water Skiing
• Trout Fishing

Best Places To Visit In Jammu And Kashmir

Leh In Jammu And Kashmir On Mirchi Travels

Leh In Jammu And Kashmir

Earlier Leh was the capital of Ladakh but now Leh is identified as a district in Jammu And Kashmir in India. This district covers the total area of 45,110 km2. It is ranked as the largest district in second position in India.
How to reach Leh?
o The airport that is situated in Leh in the state of Jammu And Kashmir is Kushok Bakula Rimpochhe Airport is one of the largest airports in the world.
o The closest railway station of Leh is Jammu. It is situated at the distance of 734 km away from Leh.
When to visit Leh?
The climate of Leh is cold deserted. Winters are cool and freezing with occurrence of snowfalls. The days are hot. Summers are appealing and monsoons have average annual rainfall.
Hotels in Leh
o Hotel Carvan Centre
o Hotel Lumbini
o Hotel Royal Palace
o Hotel Dragon
o Hotel Highland

Ladakh In Jammu And Kashmir On Mirchi Travels

Ladakh In Jammu And Kashmir

Ladakh is a beautiful place in Jammu And Kashmir is situated between splendor Himalayas in south and Kunlu mountain ranges in southern region. People of Ladakh are Tibetan and Indo-Aryans. The culture and history of Ladakh is related to Tibet.
How to reach Ladakh?
o Ladakh has an airport which is situated in Leh in Jammu And Kashmir, India known as Kushok Baluka Rimpochhe Airport.
o The closest railway station is situated at 680 km from Ladakh is known as Jammu Tawi.
Places to see in Ladakh
o Salt Valley
o Sankoo
o Manali to Ladakh trekking
o Pangong Tso
o Nubra Valley
o Indus Valley
o Tso Moriri
o Markha Valley
o South Zangskar
o Ladakh Monastery trek
o Spiti to Ladakh
o Great Salt Lakes
o Spiti ti Pitok to Hemis
o Chadar Ice trek
o Rupshu
o Padam to Darcha
o Padum Phuktal
o Trans Zangskar Expedition
o Lamayuru – Martselang
o Kala Pattar trek
o Panikhar to Heniskot
o Pahal
o Lamayuru – Alchi
Hotels in Ladakh
o Hotel Nalanda Ladakh
o Hotel Druk Ladakh
o Hotel Lazermo
o Hotel Lingzi

Srinagar In Jammu And Kashmir On Mirchi Travels

Srinagar In Jammu And Kashmir

The capital of Jammu & Kashmir is Srinagar. This capital is situated in the valley of Kashmir on the lovely banks of river Jhelum which is a tributary of Indus. City of Srinagar is known for its attractive gardens, eye catching lakes, decorated amazing houseboats, handicrafts and dry fruits.
How to reach Srinagar?
o Srinagar Airport is situated in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, India
o Srinagar Station is situated in Srinagar in Jammu & Kashmir, India.
Places to see in Srinagar
o Nagin Lake
o Dal Lake
o Pari Mahal
o Chashma Shahi
o Shalimar Bagh
o Nishat Bagh
o Naseem Bagh
o Sher Garhi Palace
o Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Botanical Garden
o Lali Grand Palace Hotel which was Gulab Bhavan
Hotels in Srinagar o Hotel Comrade Inn
o Hotel Center Point
o Hotel Peacock Houseboat
o Hotel Sadaf

Jammu In Jammu And Kashmir On Mirchi Travels

Jammu In Jammu And Kashmir

The largest city of Jammu division is Jammu. It is also the winter capital of Jammu & Kashmir Indian administration. Jammu is situated on the beautiful banks of river Tawi. It is also well known by the name of 'City of Temples'.
How to reach Jammu?
o Jammu Tawi is a railway Station situated in Jammu, India.
o Jammu has an airport known as Jammu Airport situated at 7 km away from Jammu.
Places to see in Jammu
o Bahu Fort
o Raghunath Temple
o Peer Kho Cave
Hotels in Jammu
o Hotel Royal Park
o Hotel Samrat
o Hotel Mansar
o Hotel KC Residency

Geography Of Jammu And Kashmir

The major religion that stays in this state is Islam. There is also the emergence of Hindu, Sikhs and Buddhism over the state. There are about 66.97% of Islamic, 29.63% of Hindus, 2.03% of Sikhs and 1.36% of Buddhism and other religions in Jammu And Kashmir. The north most part of Indian country is Jammu And Kashmir is surrounded by international countries of China and Pakistan and Indian countries of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. The state has the total geographical area of 222,236 km2. The state houses 22 districts with vegetation cover, pilgrimage spots, landscapes, snowy mountains of Himalayas, blue lakes and other tourist destinations. The administrative zones of those 22 districts are Kashmir Valley, Ladakh and Jammu. The state also houses six valleys and about five kinds of forests. The major river streams of J&K are Indus River, Jhelum River, Chenab River, Ravi River and Tawi River.

Economy Of Jammu And Kashmir

Economy of J&K is agrarian where majority of population within the state depends upon Agricultural sector. Different agricultural products are exported to different places of India and other countries which are peaches, corn, oranges, barley, pears, cherries, apples, millets, rice, sorghum, saffron, wheat and vegetables. People have seen a development in service sectors and manufacturing agencies of J&K. government is planning to initiate some special economic zones to promote the grown of service sectors and manufacturing agencies in J&K with association to Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, abbreviated as ASSOCHAM. Government had also planned to construct the Kashmir Railway Project which will cost US dollars 2.5 billion or more.

Government Of Jammu And Kashmir

J&K enjoys the special autonomy that comes under 'Article 370' of Indian Constitution. According to this article, the state can only have the laws in the categories of communication, defense and foreign policy that can be enacted in the state unless it is ratified by state legislative and the jurisdiction in J&K has been prolonged. This state has its own official flag and a separate constitution. No other state could perchance the land that comes under J&K. the state houses security forces of India. this state also have multi party system of democracy. It has bicameral legislative governance. The political parties of J&K are as follows:
• NC –National Conference
• PDP – People's Democratic Party
• INC – Indian National Congress
• BJP – Bhartiya Janta Party.

Jammu And Kashmir Tour Packages

Jammu And Kashmir is very beautiful state to visit. It is known as a switzerland or we can say a heaven of india to watch. But before taking Jammu And Kashmir Tour Packages you should discuss with your travel agent.

Precautions To Visit In Jammu And Kashmir

• The state receives annual rainfall which is not at all the right time to take a visit to J&K.
• Visit during winters that are between the months of November to February.
• Carry woolens properly because winters are excessively cold.
• Trekking and other adventurous activities can be enjoyed in J&K during winters.
• Enjoy in J&K under scenic natural beauty.