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India is known as a religious country in the world. In the old ages India is known as religious teacher (Dharm Guru) of the earth. In India, Jain religious is known as a one of the oldest religion. When you visit in India, you will see many jain religious temple and sites so that you can visit their and enjoy some peace of mind. In India, if you love to visit some religious site or temples then you are now at right place as India is known for religious things. One more thing to remember that if you truly love religious then you will love all the religious places in India and also able to get peace too as they all religious site are full of spiritual powers. In India, there are many other religion also like Hindu, Muslim, Parshi, Sikh, Christian etc

Best Time to Visit In Indian Temples And Rigious Places

You should take care of the time to visit in India's jain religious site because mostly the temples and religious open in morning till afternoon and then they close after that these are also open from evening for 3 to 5 hours only in night.

----Winters (December to February)----

In winter weather, there is no problem in this season as winter season is ideal season for every traveler to visit. In this season temperature goes lower and ideal for every one to visit and stay some time on any place to see the place.

----Summers (March to June)----

In Summer weather, this is normally a season which cab be avaoid as the humidity increases and normally traveler don't like this humidity and warm nature of environment. Summer normally have warm nature in India so most of the visitors and traveler avoid this.

----Monsoons (July to September)----

Monsoon normally start from july and it will decrease the humidity level in the temperature so you can opt this season too for travel but ask the local about the rainfalls as the some areas of the India have heavy rainfalls and some have normal too.

When we observe all the weather condition in India, we can suggest that winter season is good but you can also travel in monsoon and summer too as the humidity level very in city to city or town to town. So you should check all the weather condition with your travel agent and advisior.

Jain Tirth To Visit In India

Sammed Shikhar Ji In Jharkhand On Mirchi Travels

Sammed Shikhar Ji In India

Sammed Shikhar Ji in Bihar, Jharkhand is known as the one of most popular and most religious Teerth Kshetras of full Jain Community, if we say that it's known as the first teerth which is known as the king of all teerth (Teerth Raaj) among all Jain Teerths. According to almost all jain Texts, we found that from 24 Teerthankaras (God) of Jain, 20 Teerthankaras attained salvation from this holy Jain Parvat. You can found Jain first Teerthankar God Adinath or Rishabhdev attained salvation from the Parvat Kailash which is now situated in Nepal Country, 12th Teerthankar God Vasupujya Swami attained salvation from the city Champapuri Nagar from where their all Kalyanak happens.

Jain 22th Teerthankar found salvation from the Parvat which is known as Girnar Parvat which is situated in Gujrat and Jain 24th Teerthankar which is God Mahaveer found salvation from Pavapuri teerth. But after these 4 Tirthankar all 20 tirthankar found salvation from Shikhar Ji jain teerth.

In the jain texts, we found Sammed Shikhar ji and Ayodhya Ji are two main Jain Teerth Kshetras, which never loss their existence or have parallel existence in Universe means we can say these two teerth are immortal. All teerthankars will take born in the Ayodhya and always take salvation from the Teerth Raj Sammed Shikhar ji. But the Present 24 Tirthankars have their Kaal Dosh Hundaysharpani that's why they born and attain salvation from different other places. From Shikhar ji infinite number of Monks and Saints are found salvation from Shikhar Ji.

1. Digambar jain Museum Shodh Sameeti 0731-23657024, 06558-232253.
2. Tyagi Vrati Aashram Of Acharya Sumati Sagar
3. Shri Digambar jain Sammedachala Vikaas Committee (Dharmshala And Chopda Kund Mandir) Phone 06558-232347, 232245.
4. Shree Bhartiya Digambar Jain Triyog Ashram 06558 – 232252.
5. Sodh Sansthan Of Madhya Lok 06558 - 232257
6. Prakash Bhavan Uttar Pradesh 06558 – 232366/71/67
7. Shashwat Trust Bhawan 06558 – 232314/78

Tijara Ji Jain Tirth In Rajasthan On Mirchi Travels

Tijara Ji Jain Tirth In India

Shri 1008 Chandaprabhu Digambar Jain Mandir Dehra Tijara Ji is a beautiful and historical city of Rajasthan State which comes in Ajwar District. In ancient time of the Alwar district, Tijara was known as a hub of Jain People where most of the jain people were very religious and this city is known for its Jain Samaj. In the Alwar district the place is known by the name of Dehra where the main idol of Jain situated and all the worship is done by Jain Peoples. Dehra Tijara and the people of Dehra were very badly affected by invaders of Middle time of Indian History.

Dehra Tijara is mainly known for principal deity which is 8th Tirthankara of jain community. The idol of Bhagwaan Shree 1008 Chandra Prabhu is very attractive and beautiful. I can assure you if you once see this idol, you will not try to leave this place and you will automatically feel an attachment with Chanda Prabhu Bhagwaan.

The Idol of Bhagwaan Chanda Prabhu is in sitting (Padmasana) Posture. The idol of Chanda prabhu is made by some white stone which is discovered approx. in late 60s but the date is 16th August 1956 after digging.

Temple Address -: Shree 1008 Chanda Prabhu Mandir Atishya Kshetra Dehra Tijara
Postoffice- Tijara Ji, District – Alwar (Rajasthan.) -301411
Phone Number -: 01469-222407, 222119

Girnar Ji Jain Tirth On Mirchi Travels

Girnar Ji Jain Tirth In India

Sri Girnar Ji is another famous tirth kshetra in the Jain community of India. It is also a second biggest religious place among jain community. This teerth is as popular in the Jain people as their 22th Teerthankar named Bhagwaan Neminath got 3 Kalyanak from this place which is Diksha, Kewal gyaan And Moksha. With them millions of Sadhus and Monks got Moksha from here, in which son of Sri Krishna – Pradyumana Kumar, Shambhu Kumar and Aniruddha Kumar are also included.
According to Digambar Jain Community, it is said that In Chandra Cave on Girnar Hill, "Muni Pushpadanta" and "Muni Bhootbali" got his knowledge or Gyaan from "Muni Dharsena Acharya" and after getting Gyaan they wrote a book or Granth which is named as "Shat Khand Agam".
Shri Bandi Lalji Digamber Jain Dharmashala
Near the stairs of Shri Girnarji (Talhati), Bhavnath
Shri Girnarji, Junagarh (Gujarat) Pincode – 362004
Phone 0285-2621519

Shrawanbelgola Ji Jain Tirth On Mirchi Travels

Shrawanbelgola Ji Jain Tirth In India

In the age of Hassan district of Karnataka, Shravanbelgola is the only Jain ancient site or religious place of India in the Hassan district of State Karnataka. Among the all Jain teerth in South India, it is known as one of the most important and holy destination for the Jain Community. At the distance of approx. 157 Km from Bangalore and 50 Km from Hassan district, you will able to find the most attractive and most famous Gomteshwara Statue. You will able to find many tour packages which cover Shravanbelagola or you can additionally demand for shravanbelagola Tour Packages from you travel Agaent.

The major tourist destination in Shravanbelagola and we can say that in south India is Gomteshwar Statue which is known as a statue of Lord Bahubali which is the son of 1st tirthankara of Jain Religion. Gomteshwar statue is approx. 17 meters height and known as a tallest monolithic statue in India and even in the World. The statue was made in the kindom of Ganga King Rachamalla Sathyavakya in around 988 AD by the Chamundaray ji. Chamundaray Ji has installed this statue by his own money and supervises all workers in his own. The statue id surrounded by many Jain Temples which gives very loving and attractive view and a lot of peace of mind to the devotee and other tourists too.

Shravanbelagola has a wonderful meaning too which means "the land of Pond" which is now looks right as the town have many ponds which is also form a very important part in increasing the beauty of Shravanbelagola. Tourists also love this place when they visit the South side of India in the State Karnataka.

This statue has a special place in the heart of all Jains so a special festival known as Mahamastakabhishek is held in every 12 year for the Bahubali Prabhu. The festival was held in 2006 last and now it will be organized in 2018 and next will be 2030.

How to Visit In Shravanbelagola
By Air –: Nearest Airport is Bangalore which is approx. 157 Km and Mangalore which is approx. 230 Km far.
By Rail -: Nearest Railway station is Hassan which is approx. 50 Km Far.
By Road -: Sharavanbelagola is well connected with Mysore, Hassan and Bangalore. You can easily travel to the Sharavanbelagola.

Sonagiri Ji Jain Tirth On Mirchi Travels

Sonagiri Ji Jain Tirth In India

Sonagiri is so popular among the Jain community of India and abroad both. This teerth is so known as many Jain feels like they have visited the Teerthraj after visited here. This Sonagiri Ji teerth is so popular because Prabhu 1008 Bhagwaan shree Chanda Prabhu which is known as 8th Teerthankar among Jain Community found Salvation or Moksha or Nirvana from here and not only our Teerthankar, but 5.5 Crores Saints also got salvation from here in which Chintagati, Ashoksen, Swarnbhadra, Nang, Poornachand, Anang, Shridatta are so famous among Jains.

This teerth have its own charm to visit with very strong attraction from the previous age. You will feel very peace in your mind when you visit here like a devotee. The samosharan of Prabhu Chandraprabhu came here approx. 17 times which make this teerth so religious among the Jain Community. Sonagiri is combination of two Hills which is approx. covering 133 acres area.

Acharya Bhagwaan Shubh Chandra and Bhartrihari have lived here many years for some spiritual achievement. They have also written some Granths too.

In the Hill there are many temples which is approx. 77 which are so beautiful and full of spiritual powers. You will feels more and more peace here when you will be there. Among all the temples, No. 57 temple is main temple.

You will get buses and Texi from the railway station which will drop you to the main temple which is approx. 5.5 Km far from the railways station. You can also opt. tempo and Tongas. Railway station lies on the Agra to Jhansi line which is approx. 3.5 Km a head If you want to by air then Gwalior and Jhansi is most nearer station.

Kundal Pur Jain Tirth On Mirchi Travels

Kundal Pur Jain Tirth In India

When we talk about the natural beauty on a Jain Tirth Kshetra is a place which is very famous in Natural beauty for Jain God Bade Baba Prabhu Bhagwaan Adinath which is first teerthankar of Jain religion in sitting position known as padmasana posture. This murti has a height of 15 feet and kundalpur is also known as a salvation of the last Kevali Shridhar Kevali.

In Kundalpur, you can visit many temples and pray their as you can found approx. 63 temples in this place where 22nd temple is popularly known for bade baba temple where this ideal statue of Adinath Bhagwan is situated. You can also visit the popular temple known as Jal Mandir, which is known for its beauty and this is situated in the Pond named Vardhman Sagar. In these temples 40 temples are situated on the hill and remaining temples are situated in the valley. Temple no. 48 to Temple no.60 are bigger even Temple number 41 to temple number 47 is small. Big temples have beautiful spires too which attract tourists and devotees.

It's famous among all Jain teerth from the ancient ages from about 1554 A.D. as the Teerth Kshetra. So we can understand that temples of Kundalpur are very famous from the alien ages.
You can Contact with the Temple Committee
Shree Digambar jain Siddh Kshetr Kundal Giri
Post Them and Place- Kundalpur, District- Damoh ( M.P.)
Phone 07605 – 272230
Off. Number – 07812 - 225994

Mahaveer Ji Jain Tirth In Rajasthan On Mirchi Travels

Mahaveer Ji Jain Tirth In India

In Jain Samaj, Mahaveer Ji Jain Tirth is not such famous as other tirth but Mahaveer ji have a very special place among all the Tirth Devotees. This tirth is famous for Bhagwaan Mahaveer's attractive, marvelous, miraculous and very beautiful idol. The idol of Prabhu Mahaveer is discovered approx. 405 years ago and some time it is known for its natural beauty too. This Mahaveer Ji station is situated in the Rajasthan which is known as biggest state of the India near Gambheer River at Chandangaon district Karauli.

When we talk about the miraculous idol which is discovered approx. 400 years age, it is said that a leather man's cow regularly went to the peak of a hillock and giving up her milk without any reason. This happen many time with the leather man so one day he decided to follow the cow and see what happen with the milk. He follows his cow and sees on the top of the hillock, cow was giving up her milk. He was so much surprise and decided to dig the top of the hillock so that he can reveal the secret of the hillock.

Next day he reached the specific place. While digging that hillock, he hears sounds that dig carefully. He was surprise again but this time he obeys the voice and now he become more careful. Thus, the idol of Bhagwaan Mahaveer gives his first appearance to the leather man. As the news hear by nearer Jain Society and Community, a huge number of devotees comes near the hillock from everywhere. The statue is made by Sand Stone and has a posture of Padmasana.

In these days, there is no person in the Jain community who don't know about the Teerth Kshetra Mahaveer Ji. And in the North India this teerth is most popular Jain Teerth. You can also pray in many other temples like Dhyaan mandir and Man stambh which is also in the Temple Premises and some other temples which is in walking distance of the Main Temple.

Dhyaan mandir is very attractive and beautiful temple in which is constructed by Shri Amar Chand Ji (Jaipur) which have many beautiful and marvelous constructed Jain idols.

How To Visit Mahaveer Ji
By Train - Jaipur is 140 Km, Agra is 166 Km and Tijara Ji 205 Km while Mathura Chaurasee is 145 Km far from the Mahaveer Ji Jain teerth. From Railway station you can take buses and Jeeps to reach to Main temple.
By Road- If you want to visit the teerth by Car then you can hire private cars for your convenient and budget and if you wish to visit by buses then many private Travel Agents you can go to Mahaveer Ji.
Nearest Airport- Delhi, Jaipur, Agra.