How To Visit The Varanasi City And Its Transport Systems

How to Travel In Varanasi and Around The Varanasi City

Varanasi Transport System

Travelling in Varanasi is not difficult as you can travel around the city through the various means of transport such as buses, cycle rickshaws, auto rickshaws and boats which helps you to travel around the place:

---- In Bus ----

Buses can be hired if you are looking for a vehicle with a budgeted fare. It includes Rs 20 to Rs. 30. You can find buses from the main bus stand in Varanasi.

---- By Auto Rickshaw ----

Auto Rickshaws are available for travelling in Varanasi. They do not run on meters. The basic fare is Rs. 10 to Rs. 40 for every kilometer. You can find auto rickshaws anywhere in this city.

---- By Cycle Rickshaw ----

They are a joyful ride to view Varanasi. But cycle rickshaws are used to reach desired destinations. Fares can range from Rs. 10 to Rs. 30 or more depending on the distance and location.

---- In Boat ----

Boats are used to travel in river and cross the distance from one side to another that includes the basic fare of about Rs. 100 per trip. You can view the panoramic views of river Ganga through boating.