Shimla Transport And How To Visit In City

How to Travel In Shimla and Around The Shimla City

Shimla is haven of snow and a spot comprises of lovely scenic beauties. You can reach your desired destinations from many vehicles. Travelling in Shimla is easy so you can travel around the city through the various means of transport which will not only provide you the stable fares but also provides sightseeing and travelling for short and long distances. Some of them are:

---- In Bus ----

Buses run on circular roads. This mode of travelling is an expensive renting vehicle in Shimla that includes fares between Rs 300 – Rs. 600. You can find many buses in Shimla from the main bus stand. They have cozy spaces which can also carry luggage. Air conditioned and non air conditioned buses are also available. You can do sightseeing from the windows. Thus, they are comfortable and relaxing. If you have to take any information about the place, then ask locals.

---- In Cab ----

Hiring cans is also an option for travelling in Shimla. If you are travelling with your family members or friends or husband/wife then cabs are the best option to travel. Cabs costs around Rs.200 – Rs. 700. You can hire cabs from Chandigarh, Delhi and Shimla. They are luxurious but costly. Cab driver can give yoy sufficient information about Shimla.

How To Reach Shimla

---- Airport ----

Shimla Airport is situated in Jabarhatti located at a distance of about 22 km away from Shimla.

---- Railway Station ----

Kalka - Shimla Railway station or Shimla Junction located in north western India.