Mumbai Transport And Best Way To Visit In City

How to Travel In Mumbai and Around The Mumbai City

Mumbai Transport

Mumbai serves its best modes of transport to travel within the city. It houses support transport system, electric buses, suburban railways, auto rickshaws, taxis, motorcycles and ferry day trips. Let us check them all in detail.

---- By Local Train ----

There are three railway lines that are well connected to Mumbai. Trains are always punctual and crowded. They cost Rs. 5 to Rs. 100.

---- By Bus ----

Bus is an integral part of Mumbai operated by Mumbai Darshan Services. Air conditioned buses are expensive and local buses are budgeted.

---- Taxi ----

Taxis in Mumbai can be hired in every part of City and they are comfortable. They run on meters and they rates are high during night travel. They charge Rs. 14 per km and Rs. 18 per km for nights.

---- Auto Rickshaw ----

Auto Rickshaw in Mumbai are available everywhere which can be easily hired. They ask for about Rs. 9 to Rs. 20 and additional depending upon location.

---- Motorcycles ----

Motorcycles in Mumbai can be rented. You can move around the city through it and a perfect sightseeing can be done.

---- Ferry Day Trips ----

Ferry Day Trips are very useful. The services of this transport are available around the city. It costs Rs. 100 per person. You can buy its tickets from Gateway of India.

How to reach Mumbai

---- Mumbai Airport ----

Mumbai has an international airport which is connected by many cities and is a crowded airport. It is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport also known as Sahar International Airport. The name of this famous airport was named after a great Maratha Emperor known as Chhatrapati Shivaji.

---- Mumbai Railway Station ----

The prime and major railway station of Mumbai is Mumbai Central which was designed by Claud Batley. He was a British architect. There are seven more railway stations in Mumbai. They are as follows:

---- 1. Western Railway Station- Matunga ----

This railway station in Mumbai is situated near Matunga Central Railway Workshop in Hanuman Nagar, Maharashtra.

---- 2. Ville Parle Railway Station ----

This station in Mumbai is located in Ville Parle East, Maharashtra.

---- 3. Vikroli Railway Station ----

It is situated in Mumbai in Ram Hazare Marg in Vikroli East, Maharashtra.

---- 4. Kurla Railway Station ----

This station is in Kurla West on Moreshwar Patankar Marg, Maharashtra.

---- 5. Borivali Railway Station ----

This railway station is placed on Borivali East on Chinchpada in Borivali, Maharashtra.

---- 6. Andheri Railway Station ----

Andheri Railway station in Mumbai is located in Sambhaji Nagar in Mhada Colony in Andheri East, Maharashtra.

---- 7. Local Railway Station ----

This railway station is in Kurla Wet, Maharashtra.