Lucknow Transport And How To Visit In The City

Airport In Lucknow

The famous Airport in Lucknow is situated in Amausi, Uttar Pradesh is Chaudharu Charan Singh International Airport.

Railway Station in Lucknow

The oldest railway station in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh is Charbagh Railway Station also known as NR Station of Lucknow. This railway station is well connected to many cities through different trains.

How to Travel In Lucknow and Around The Lucknow City

You can travel around the city through various vehicles:

---- By Bus ----

Buses in Lucknow are negotiable and costs around Rs 5 – Rs. 15. Buses are enjoyable rides which will drop you to far location in very less money.

---- By Auto Rickshaw ----

Auto rickshaws are the largest hiring vehicles in Lucknow. People normally hire auto rickshaws for their conveyance that costs around Rs. 5 – Rs. 30 for every kilometer. Night fares are not applicable.

---- By Private Car ----

Private cars and taxis can be hired in Lucknow city which are luxurious but expensive mode of travelling that involves Rs.200 – Rs. 700. They cost Rs. 15 extra for every kilometer. They are only used to travel large distances.

----Cycle Rickshaw----

Cycle Rickshaws are available in every art of the city. They are not so costly. They are negotiable. An ideal sightseeing can be done through cycle rickshaws.