Jhansi Transport And How To Visit

How to Travel In Jhansi and Around The Jhansi

Jhansi Transport

Jhansi tourism can only be possible by the following means of transportation:

----In Taxi----

Travelers can have a taxi to travel Jhansi that costs around Rs. 200 - 500. You will get the availability of Taxis even outside the railway station that costs about Rs. 150 - Rs. 300.

----Auto Rickshaw----

There is also the availability of Auto Rickshaws in the city which do not run on meters. The basic fare is could be bargained. You can find auto rickshaws in every corner of Jhansi city. There are special charges for night fares.


This is the cheapest mode of transport that is crowded and fares depend upon destination where you want to reach. The basic fare starts between Rs. 10 – 50 to travel in Jhansi city.

Airport In Jhansi

Jhansi Airport is situated in Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh, India. This Airport runs by army aviation cops. The nearest Airport is Gwalior Airport which is about 116 km away from Jhansi. Another Airport is Khajuraho Airport which is also 174 km away from Jhansi.