Goa Transport And How To Visit In The City

How to Travel In Goa and Around The Goa

Travelling in Goa is not difficult as you can travel around the city through the various means of transport:

----In Bus----

Bus is a transport which is the cheapest mode of travel that includes Rs 10 – Rs. 15. You can find many buses in Goa from the main central bus stand. This is the best transport for sightseeing.

----Auto Rickshaw----

There is also the availability of Auto Rickshaws in the city which do not run on meters. The basic fare is between Rs. 10 – Rs. 30 for every kilometer. Night fares are applicable.


If you are travelling with your family members or friends taking a Taxi is a good option. Thus, they are luxurious but cheap in rates. Travelers can have a taxi to travel Goa that costs around Rs. 7 – 15 per kilometer.

----Motor Bike----

They can be hired from most of the Goa beaches. They are the fastest mode of transport to travel in Goa. It is adventurous and you can fully enjoy on the sea and beaches. The basic fare is Rs. 400 per day with the extra charges of petrol.

----Private Car----

They are comfortable and meant for easy sightseeing purpose. It is fun in travelling in booked cars while listening music. Cars can be hired if you are travelling with your family or friends that will cost around Rs.200 – Rs. 700.


Jeeps or gypsies will help you in sightseeing as they provide you direct contact with scenic nature and cool wind. They are costly. It helps you the scenic view of beaches and environment. It will cost you around Rs. 800 per day.

----Cruises & Catamaran Ride----

Travelling in sea is fun. It is the fastest mode of transport in Goa. They are little costly. Thus, cruises and Catamaran rides are used to travel in sea that costs Rs. 200 per head.

Goa Airport

Goa International Airport is situated in Dabolim, Goa, India. This Airport is also known as Dabolim Airport which is about 4 km away from Vasco da Gama which is situated close to Goa.