Transport And How To Visit To And Around Delhi

How to Travel In Delhi and Around The Delhi City

Travelling in Delhi is so easy. Delhi tourism can only be possible by the following means of transportation:

----In Taxi----

Taxis or Cabs are costly, though more luxurious. Fares can range from Rs.200 to Rs.600, depending upon the distance travelled. Trip cost includes Rs.950 in which normal taxi cost is Rs.6 for starting kilometer and Rs.7 for additional kilometers.

----Auto Rickshaw----

There is also the availability of Auto Rickshaws in the city which runs on meters and is the safe and secure means to travel during the night. The basic fare is Rs.10 and Rs.5.50 for every additional kilometer.


Bus is a transport which is the cheapest mode of travel that ranges from Rs 5 to 30. You can find many buses in Delhi from the main central bus stand and you can also operate private buses such as DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) and Blue lined buses. In order to figure out the bus routes you can take help of locals. In Delhi, you can travel A.C. and non A.C. buses both.


Travelling through the Delhi Metro is cheap and budgeted from Rs.8 to Rs.30, depending on the distance travelled. You can buy tokens for travelling in the Metro. You can also buy Smart Cards that includes around Rs.100 with 10% discount in travel fair.

----Cycle Rickshaw----

Cycle rickshaws are cheapest mode of transport that costs around Rs.10 – Rs.40. You can do sightseeing in Delhi through this mode of transport easily. Cycle rickshaw is mainly known for local mode of travelling while with 2 passenger mostly.

Delhi is very good and has a very best connectivity among the city and you will easily understand how to visit in Delhi city and its transport system. You easily can understand all the route of the transport system which is well tourism friendly. You will love the city in the matter of transport system. In the public transport, you will find Delhi transport corporation (DTC) which is convenient and cheaper as well but if you are in hurry then you can use taxi or metro system as well. Metro train covers full city but it is normally crowded so if you want more convenience then you can use taxi and auto transport system. So if you want to see overall performance of transport then it is pretty good. and you can according to your confort and convenience.