Dalhousie Transport And How To Visit In The City

How to Travel In Delhousie and Around The Delhousie City

Dalhousie Transport

Dalhousie tourism involves the various means of transport which are as follows:

Dalhousie tourism is not so difficult. You can travel around the city through the various means of transport such as buses, taxi and horse carriage, which helps you to move around the place.

----In Bus----

Bus is a transport which is the cheapest mode of travel that ranges from Rs 30 to 100. You can find many buses in Dalhousie from the arterial roads. In order to figure out the bus routes you can take help of locals.

----Horse Carriage----

Dalhousie has the horse drawn carriages that are a fun way to travel short distances. Prices are also negotiable.


Taxi is costly, though more luxurious. Fares can range around Rs. 850, depending on the distance.

Dalhousie Railway Station

The nearest railway station from Dalhousie is Pathankot's Chakki Bank Railhead.