Chennai Transport And Best Way To Visit In City

How to Travel In Chennai and Around The Chennai City

Chennai Transport

Travelling within the city is not at all difficult and there are various means of transports to drop you at your desired destination.

---- By Cabs ----

1. Many hotels are connected with cab service.
2. They always run on meters.
3. They are expensive but punctual and negotiable.
4. The basic fare is between Rs. 300 to Rs. 700.

---- By Bus ----

1. They are easily accessible and available.
2. They are managed under Metropolitan Transport Corporation.
3. Volvo buses as well as local buses are also available.
4. The basic fare is between Rs 4 to Rs. 40.

---- By Cycle Rickshaw ----

1. They are available in all parts of Chennai.
2. They are overwhelming and represent culture of Chennai.
3. They are ideal for short distances.
4. They charge Rs. 10 to Rs. 20 per kilometer.

---- By Auto Rickshaw ----

1. They are mostly opted vehicles.
2. They are fast and do not run on meters.
3. Special night fare is included.
4. They acquire Rs. 7 per kilometer.

---- By Local Train ----

1. They are costly and are linked to many parts of the city and state Tamil Nadu.
2. The trains run till midnight.
3. Tickets are budgeted.

How To Reach Chennai

---- Chennai Airport ----

There is an airport situated in Chennai known as ‘Chennai International Airport’ which consists of two terminals namely Kamaraj domestic terminal and Anna International terminal.

---- Chennai Railway Station ----

Chennai houses two railway stations namely Chennai Egmore and Chennai Central Station.