Bangalore Transport And How To Visit

Bangalore Airport

Kempegowda International Airport is situated at about 30 km away from Bangalore city Railway Station in Karnataka, India. It is one of the busiest and crowdy airports of Bangalore.

Railway Station

Bangalore city Railway Station in Bangalore is located near Kempegowda Bus Station. It is also known as Basaveswara Terminus.

How to Travel In Bangalore and Around The Bangalore City

Bangalore tourism is joyful. Many places can be seen which will be enjoyable. Sightseeing can be done perfectly. It can only be possible by the following means of transportation:

---- By Bus ----

Bus is cheap mode of travelling that includes Rs. 9 – 25. You can find many buses in Bangalore from the BTMC (Local bus service). Sightseeing can be done. Air conditioned and non-air conditioned buses are available. Luggage can be carried. It's safe and secure.

---- Auto Rickshaw ----

Auto Rickshaws in the city do not run on meters. The basic fare is Rs. 20 – 40 for every kilometer. They are fast and negotiable. You can get auto rickshaws outside the railway stations or airports easily.

---- In Taxi ----

Travelling with your family members or friends in a Taxi will make your journey perfect. Thus, they are luxurious but cheap. Travelers can have a taxi to travel Bangalore that costs around Rs. 7 – 20 per kilometer. Enjoy.