Amarnath Yatra Transport And How To Visit To Amarnath

How to Travel In Amarnath

Travelling in Amarnath is full of surprises which will amaze you by its charm and picturesque scenery of surroundings. This place of Lord Shiva is blissful and blessed with the richness of heavenly snow. Thus, you can travel within this spot through many vehicles such as:

---- By Ponies ----

Ponies are slow but cheerful. A man carries a pony. It's costly as the basic fare is around Rs. 1,100. But, hiring a pony is a best option for a perfect sightseeing in Amarnath.

---- By Palanquins ----

Palanquins are also costly. The basic fare of hiring palanquin is about Rs. 3,500. It is enthusiastic and gives you a view of ancient culture.

---- By Porters ----

A person carries luggage includes the basic of Rs. 700 – Rs. 900. You will feel relaxed that your luggage will be carried by Porters.

---- By Helicopter ----

Hiring a helicopter is also an option for reaching your destination. It is a fast means of transport that will start from Baltal and will take you to your desired locations. It takes almost an hour to bring you back to Baltal. Thus, Amarnath yatra by helicopter will give you an astonishing view of mountains, valleys, temples and refreshing environment.The basic fare is about Rs. 2,425 to Rs. 3,800.

Amarnath Airport

Srinagar Airforce base Airport is situated at a distance of about 71 km from Amarnath, India.