Ahmedabad Transport And How To Visit In City

How to Travel In Ahmedabad and Around The Ahmedabad City

Ahmedabad Transport And Other Services

Travelling in Ahmedabad is full of surprises. You can travel around the city through the various means of transports which helps you to move around the place.

---- By Bus ----

Buses are negotiable mode that ranges from Rs 4 to 20. In order to figure out the bus routes you can take help of locals. They are safe, easy and budgeted. You should hire buses because they are the best option.

---- Auto Rickshaw ----

Availability of Auto Rickshaws in the city is common which runs on meters and is the secure means to travel during the night. The basic fare is Rs. 8 for every kilometer. They are also budgeted and fast.

---- By Cabs And Taxi ----

Cabs are costly, though luxurious. Fares can range from Rs. 350 to Rs. 500, depending on the distance. Taxi should be chosen if you are planning to move around with your family or friends.