Agra Transport And How To Visit In City

How to Travel In Agra and Around The Agra

Agra is a part of incredible India which comprises of many beautiful historical monuments. Travelling in Agra is not difficult as you can travel around the city through the various means of transport:

----In Bus----

Bus is a transport which is the cheapest mode of travel that includes Rs 3 – Rs. 6. You can find many buses in Agra from the main central bus stand. This is the best transport for sightseeing. You can also find electric buses that are fast.

----Cycle Rickshaw----

There is also the availability of Cycle Rickshaws in the city which do not run on meters. The basic fare is between Rs. 5 – Rs. 10. It is the cheapest transport which will be available everywhere in Agra.


Tempos are the fastest mode to travel. Travelers can have a tempo to travel Agra that costs around Rs. 10 – 50 according to the distance travelled.

----Private Car----

It is a best option to travel in Agra if you are travelling with your family members. Cars can be hired if you are travelling with your family that will cost around Rs.200 – Rs. 700.

Agra Airport

Agra International Airport is situated in Agra. There is another airport in Agra is Green field International Airport which makes Agra tourism easy.