Best Hotels And Adventure Activities In Gangtok

Best Hotels In Gangtok City

1. Hotel Bamboo Grove Retreat In Gangtok: This Hotel in Gangtok is situated in Lal Bazaar Vicinity.
2. Hotel Denzong Inn In Gangtok: It is situated on MG Marg.
3. Hotel Dewachen Retreat In Gangtok: It is located in NH 31A.
4. Hotel Berries In Gangtok: It is located in Arithang in Gangtok.

Adventure Activities In Gangtok

---- Mountain Biking ----

The adventurous activity that can be learned and done in Gangtok is Mountain biking. You will be trained in being a perfectionist of doing this activity. Precautions should be taken before attempting you effort in doing this activity like wear helmet. Be conscious and ride it properly. Mountain biking are made for tough roads in which they manages to run. They are made in such a technique that you will find it easy to ride. Don’t miss the change for having this opportunity.

---- Trekking ----

Another activity that can be performed in Gangtok is trekking. This activity is common and people usually opt. for this activity as it gives energy, creates enthusiasm and people likes to take views of surrounding through trekking. During winters, trekking should be done as it gives warmth to our body and even a perfect view of surroundings can be taken.