Haryana Tourism, Weather, Culture, History With Haryana Tour Package

Haryana tourism, weather, culture, history with Haryana tour package

Haryana is a renowned state which comes under Kuru region of northern India. People started recognizing it as a state from 1966. This state came into existence under Punjab Reorganization act on 1st November, 1966. After this Act, some of the Hindi speaking regions of Punjab were transferred to a new state known as Haryana. The state Himachal Pradesh was also formed under this act. Punjab and Haryana have the same capital known as Chandigarh. Thus, Chandigarh is a union territory. The word Haryana was originated from two words 'Hari' and 'Ayana' from Sanskrit language. This means 'Abode of God'.

Haryana is bordered by Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh in eastern side, Rajasthan in south western side, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab in northern side and Delhi in north, south western edge. Haryana is covered in a large geographical area of about 44,212km2 and ranked in twentieth position by its area in all over India. The total population of this state is about 25,353,081 and ranked in sixteenth position for its population in India. This state was ones the residence of Indus Valley Civilizations and Vedic Civilization. This state has an important historical significance as it contains the history of Mahabharata with the battles of Panipat. Thus, this state is known for its manufacturing hubs, care passengers, tractors and two wheelers in India. This astounding state must be visited.

Haryana History

Haryana has an interesting history which will blow your mind. Indus Valley Civilizations and Vedic Civilizations had a residence in the land of this state. An important region of this state is Rakhigarh is now a lovely village situated in Hisar district, Haryana. There are two prime regions of Indus Valley Civilizations that are Rakhigarh and Banawali. Kurukshetra is a well renowned site where Mahabharata battle was fought is situated in Haryana. Three battles of Panipat were also fought in the land of Haryana. This state came under many kings and their kingdoms. Some of them are King Harshavardhana in 700 AD, Pratiharas, Prithviraj Chauhan in 1200 AD and Britishers. Revolt of 1857 left a strong effect on people of India. After this battle, India gained Independence and Haryana was known to be free and was known to be a part of state Punjab.

Haryana Tourism

Tourism has been developed in Haryana and masses of tourists can be seen in different sites of this state. There are many tourism programs that are led by Tourism Department of Haryana. There are many tourist places in this beauteous state will take your breath away. Camping can be enjoyed in some parts of Haryana. There is a famous Public Ltd. Company in Haryana named as HTC (Haryana Tourism Corporation) which became a part of Companies Act in 1956. This company runs number of facilities for tourists like arrangements of hotels, restaurants and so on.
There are about 42 complexes for tourists initiated by HTC like dining, lodging, recreational activities, luxurious hotels, resorts, accommodation, etc. This company also manages an enjoyable fair every year during the month of February known as Surajkund International Crafts Mela. It also organizes four different fields of tourism like heritage tourism, weekend tourism, highway tourism and pilgrim tourism. The most important site in Haryana is Kurukshetra because it carries a superb history based on Hindu religion. This place houses about 360 religious Tirthas which are really awe strucking. Thus, the famous sites which can be travelled in Haryana are:
o Surkhab in Sirsa
o Kingfisher in Ambala
o Karna Lake in Karnal
o Flamingo in Hissar
o Delhi-Agra highway
o Yadavindra gardens in Pinjore
o Parakeet in Delhi-Chandigarh Highway
o Brahmsarovar in Kurukshetra
o Sohna in Gurgaon
o Sri Krishna Museum in Kurukshetra
o Skylark in Delhi-Chandigarh Highway
o Morni Hills in Panchkula
o Science Museum in Kurukshetra
o Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary
o Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary and National Park

Haryana Culture

Haryana is rich in cultural heritage, fascinating traditions, lifestyles, cuisines, art, dance forms and languages. Haryana is a state of customs that are dating from ancient Indian history like meditation, yoga, Vedic mantras, religious festivals and folk dances. These things all together glorify the whole state. The culture of Haryana is similar to the culture of Punjab. Festivals and fairs in this beautiful state are celebrated with full enjoyment and enthusiasm. Some of the popular arts of Haryana are dramas, saangs and ballads which will take your breath away.
Some cuisines of Punjab are same as Haryanvi cuisines like makke di roti, sarso da saag, chhole bhature, rajma, lassi etc. People of Haryana usually communicate in Haryanvi, Punjabi and Hindi languages. The poetry that is famous in this state is Raagni. This poetry is not only popular in Haryana but also in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Rajasthan. Haryana has a nearby proximity to gorgeous Delhi that's why Haryana is getting modern day by day.

Best Time to Visit In Haryana

Climate Condition Of Haryana

Climatic conditions of Haryana depend on northern plains. Summers are excessively hot with mild winters and varied monsoons. Check out Haryana weather updates:

----Summers (March to June)----

During summers seasons, Haryana seems to have hot weather which is scorching and creates disturbance in travelling and hangouts. The maximum temperature is about 45°C. The hottest months of this season are May and June. You should avoid visiting during this season because it is not the perfect period to travel in Haryana regions. But if you are travelling here then you should come here with full preparation. Bring an umbrella, goggles, hat or cap, light clothes, water bottle and a bag pack with you so that you can protect yourself from taunting temperature.

----Monsoons (July to September)----

the state observes a relaxation because the temperature drops down. Varied rain falls are observed in Haryana. The region of Aravalli Hills becomes driest and Shivalik sites become wettest during this season. Sometimes, these variations creates disturbance in moving around. Thus, 80% of rainfall is observed in this state during rainy season. Sometimes, rain fall in Haryana causes flooding and is not an ideal time to make planning of tours in this season. Stay protected in your homes and be comfortable during this season. Avoid street food and have healthy food.

---- Winters (November to February) ----

In Winter season of Haryana, the state observes mild cold with a lovable weather is a perfect duration to make hangouts. If you are planning to visit Haryana places during this season then you should visit them. You will make you trip memorable during this season. The coldest months of this season are December and January. Thus, if you are planning to visit Haryana during these two months then you should carry woolens with you. Camping and bonfire arrangements will be allotted and trekking can be done to make your body warm.

Geography Of Haryana

Haryana is located at latitude between 27°37 N and 30°35 N and longitude between 74°28 E and 77°36 E. this state is the northern part of India is surrounded by Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh in east side, Rajasthan in south western direction, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab in north side and Delhi is situated in north, south western edge. Many regions of this state are counted on National Capital regions of this country. The largest city of Haryana is Faridabad. This state covers a vast area of around 44,212 km2 in which forest regions of 1,553 km2 are included. Forest covers add charm to the beauty of Haryana. The main attractions of this state are Shivalik hills, Yamuna-Ghagar plains, sandy plains of semi deserts and Aravalli range. Yamuna River, Satluj River, Ghaggar River and Tangri River flows on many regions of Haryana.

Economy Of Haryana

Haryana is the most economically developed state in India. This state is ranked as a third highest place for having largest per capita income and the highest foreign investment is received in this glorious state. BPO, agricultural activities, retails and manufacturing are the main economic activities in Haryana. It produces cars, motorbikes, refrigerators, bicycles, scientific instruments, plywood, steel, textiles, paper etc.
Gurgaon is the most popular city of Haryana which has established a BPO center or a software center in India. This city is also known as the hub of IT in India which holds famous IT companies like NIIT, Tata Consultancy Services, Dell, Hewitt Associates, IBM etc. Now we will know about the agricultural activities of this state. Many states contributed for 1960's Green Revolution in India and Haryana was one among them. This state has a lovely food grain production which produces maize, jawar, bajra, cotton, barley, oilseeds, sugarcane, pulses, jute, mustard, linseed, groundnut, tobacco, sesame, rapeseed and milk.

Government Of Haryana

Haryana has a unicameral legislation and is governed by a governor known as Jagannath Pahadia. He is a member of Indian National Congress and is managing this state since 2009. There are 90 members in Haryana's legislative Assembly. Haryana comprises of 50 seats in Rajya Sabha and 10 seats in Lok Sabha. The chief minister of Haryana is Bhupinder Singh Hooda who is also a member of Indian National Congress since 2005.

Education And Sports Of Haryana

The highest literacy rate in Haryana is found to be in Gurgaon. There are about 67% females and 79% of males who are literate in this state. Rohtak in Haryana is famous for its educational institutions which have 22 colleges, 32 primary schools, 101 high schools, 2 polytechnic institutions, 69 middle schools and 4 engineering collages. The next segment of Haryana is sports. In Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010, there are about 22 gold medals were won by Haryana out of 38. Haryana also won about 28 Bronze, 22 Silver and 30 Gold medals in National Games that was held in 2007 in Assam. Haryana has also won the national Championships in women's Hockey and men's Volleyball. People also play Judo, wrestling, kho-kho, boxing and kabaddi in Haryana.

Haryana Tour Packages

You can discuss with your travel agents about the package and about the pricess

Precautions To Visit In Haryana

1. Haryana has a very hot weather during summers.
2. Visiting in Haryana places should be ignored and avoided during this season.
3. This season is not an ideal time for tourists to move around.
4. Light clothes should be carried.
5. There is balmy and awe strucking weather during winters in Haryana.
6. Trekking in this season will make your body warm.
7. Woolens should be carried along with you.
8. Water bottle is important to keep.
9. Monsoons bring a change in temperature that leads to relaxing weather.
10. Avoid eating junk food and street food in his season.
11. Wash your hands properly before having a meal during monsoons.
12. Avoid visiting national parks and hill stations during this season.
13. Important documents should be kept safely.
14. Switch of water supply and electricity after its use.
15. City map should be carried.
16. Confusion about locations can be resolved after asking to locals.